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Sneaky windy and cool conditions made Hawthorne Hills a bit challenging. Doug Bowring won the event with a net -1. Carnini was second at E, and a cluster of Collins, Frenzel, Romanowski, and Saks tied for third at +1.

Apologies for any confusion on the target scores. I mistakenly used the old formula not the world golf handicap system formula on the spreadsheet. I've corrected this for future events. 



Good news, the target scores were correct, bad news, most of us played awful. These were the highest scores I can remember for any event and certainly for TOC.

Hats off to the few who battled the windy and wet conditions well. Dom Carini won the event with a 76, net -1. Lee Gardner was medalist with a 71. Alba, Cuthbert, Amble, and Boulware also played well and cashed. 4 skins were paid: Bouleware on #3, Carini on #5, Gardner on #7, Glinski on #17.

Next TOC event is scheduled for Saturday, May 30 at Hawthorne Hills.

The “Tour of the County” (TOC) is an opportunity to play in organized, competitive golf outings, outside of the regular club events. You must be a member in good standing in the Currie Park Men’s Golf Club to participate. Essentially, you compete against your personal handicap, in a relaxed and friendly setting. Pairings are varied for each outing. This is a good way to get to know other members of the club, to get in practice rounds, or to just play more golf. USGA rules apply and everyone is expected to maintain the appropriate pace of play. Carts are optional.

  • All Currie Park Men’s Golf Club members are welcome; handicaps range from 2 to 28
  • Play against your own handicap (Target Score), adjusted for the course and selected tee box
  • $50 entry fee for the season (100% paid out at end of season) for low net scores at each event, based on your Target Score, skins game at each event.  Top low net total paid at year end (your best 4 of 7 net scores)
  • No penalty for missed events, only four lowest scores count for year end 
  • If you would like to join, please pay the $50 entry fee to Brian Pederson, the Club Treasurer, and let him know you are joining the “Tour of the County”

Corey Mader

TARGET SCORES and PAIRINGS available via the Event Pages.

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