Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still time to post scores!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Abbey Springs Golf

Par 3 #2 - Collins put it in the water!
Abbey Springs event had 15 guys making a choice not to watch the Packer Game. The weather was almost ideal for fall golf with the occasional cool breeze when atop the overlook of Lake Geneva lovely blue water. Greens were much undulated, perhaps more than I remember. Rumor had it that a single digit handicapper 5 putted (I don’t believe it). Another rumor was someone hit the wrong ball; I could see that happening with the number of leaves on the course (“did you call leaf rule?”).  Jerry finally collected has skin $ from Whipsering Springs. I hope it bought a round for his foursome.

The course was beautiful along with very accommodating and looking forward to have us back next year. Camosy was only knucklehead in shorts, go figure. Collins kept throwing and leaving golf balls for the grump foursome beyond them as the Packers score kept getting worse. Thank you to the guys who played, if you did not play let us know whether it’s too far to drive, a Packer game, too cool of weather, and just plain had enough this year as we prepare next year’s schedule of events and golf courses. See you at The Bull, let’s hope the weather is at least as nice as Sunday.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Abbey Springs Pairings

As you stand on that first tee at Abbey Springs, get ready to see some of the most breathtaking scenery you'll ever experience while golfing in the state of Wisconsin. As you play our course, you're going to meander up and down rolling hills and travel wooded fairways. On several holes, the elevation changes will provide you with panoramas of beautiful Geneva Lake.

Our semi-private club is located on the southwest shores of the lake in Fontana, about 15 miles from the town of Lake Geneva.

We're in the heart of one of America's favorite resort areas where you can come to play for a day or spend a week or more golfing, sightseeing and enjoying water sports.

The golf course at Abbey Springs was built in 1971 and was designed by Killian & Nugent, a well-known golf design firm that has laid out many renowned courses in the Midwest, including Kemper Lakes. We are now a four 1/2-star rated golf course by Golf Digest "Places to Play".


12:00 pm Sean McIrvin Jeff Camosy Quentin (Camosy Guest)
12:10 pm Bob Freuck Mark Nelson Jerry Loche Bob Cristan
12:20 pm Doug Bowring Dick Baker Steve Wolter
12:30 pm Jack Bruss Bill Zolandz Brian Pederson Darrell frenzel
12:40 pm Damian Wozniak Damian's Guest Ken Collins