Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eric Gitter PGA Pro & Czabe "T2"

Some of you may have listen to Bob & Brian on the HOG 102.9.  Steve Czaban a good friend of our PGA Professional Eric Gitter runs an event while Steve is here for the Bob & Brian Open.  The Event is called the Bloody Horns at the Bull at Pinehurst Farms.   Eric hit the ball the best he has all season to carry a injured Steve Czaban.   Read Czabe's post to hear about the event and see the results.

Two teams from the Currie Park "the National" made the trip to the Bull to test their skills against the over 7300 yard course with pins in ridiculous locations.

Good showing Collins & Webb 78 with triple on their last hole.   Kessler & Frenzel 80 as Frenzel just could not get it going with the putter.   Event somewhat underwhelming (as Currie Park Pro demands such high standards) though no fault of Czabe provided us opportunity to check off another bucket list item checked off (course at 7300 yards PRICELESS).   Collins is requesting Gitter as partner next year.

Kessler smiling as Frenzel caught a nap before we teed off - Bob Madden from the HOG 102.9 in the background

Monday, July 30, 2012

TOC at Oakwood Park

Results from TOC at Oakwood Park and YTD standings are attached.

Steve Jaeger shot 80 (-2 to target score) to win this event, second Gary Zwirlein 86 (-1), third Wayne Suess 78 (-1), fourth Tom Condella 83 (E), and fifth Brain Pederson 87 (+1).

Skins were won by Lee Gardner on #9, James Kosharek on #10, Tom Condella on #12, and Steve Jaeger on #15.

Skins were cut on #2, #6, #11, and #17.

Honorable mention to all that survived this 5.5 hour event. Oakwood Men's Club was in front of us playing their club championship, too bad they don't practice pace of play like Currie Men's Club does.

Our next TOC events are this weekend. Saturday August 4th at Grant, and Sunday August 5th at Currie.

I'll be sending out Grant tee times by Tuesday, Currie tee times will be based on YTD standings after the Grant results - so I will not have those until Saturday night.

I'll be using the August 1st handicap revision for both of these events.


Detailed Oakwood Results here

YTD Results here

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Results from Brown Deer Event

Saturday, July 28th at Brown Deer.   Our event had two flights, overall gross and net.   (no flag events)
Great day for golf, sun was shining with a slight breeze with Brown Deer in solid shape.
We had 28 players signed up (26 showed)  Thanks to Mr Gitter for the good work on the scoreboard.   Thanks as always to Mr Collins for the scorecards (with perforation) and Blue Golf scoring and Mr Cuthbert in helping with the scoring.   We also had a Rich Saks sighting!

Gross Results:
1. 72 - Lee Gardner (30.62)
2. 76 - Michael Kessler ($26.24)
3. 80 - Ken Collins ($17.50)
4. 81 - Dan Webb ($13.14)

Net Results:
1. 67 - Bob Breul - 67 ($30.62)
2. 70 - (tie) Bill Zolandz ($21.87) & Brian Pederson ($21.87)
4. 74 - (tie) Mark Cuthbert (4.38) Jim Wilkinson ($4.38) Glen Barkow (4.38)

We had a gross skins game (birdies or better) 16 players.
Glen Barkow won skins on #3 (2) and #17 (3)
Michael Kessler won a skin on #8 (3)

Terry Stella was the only Birdie on #6 but was not in the skins game.

Skins were cut on #4 - #18

DNS x Rick Binder and Jeff Brandt, hope everything is ok as we had you scheduled to play.
NC y Gerry Loche

Please remember you (we) are responsible for green fee's per our by-laws.   Luckily we have not been charged yet this year by any of the courses but we are starting to see a pattern.   Please let Mike Kessler or Ken Collins know if you can not make the event after tee times have been turned in.  

thanks again to everyone for coming to experience the Jewel of the County.

Friday, July 27, 2012

July 28st at Brown Deer Park Golf Course

Currie Park Men’s Golf Club
Event Information Sheet

July 28st at Brown Deer Park Golf Course
The Main Event:  Individual Flights

- Exchange score cards with playing partners
- Mark gross scores neatly for each player
- There are two Events

Everyone is playing from the White Tees

Yardage on the scorecard is from White tees

Paying 1st ($27.50) 2nd ($20) 3rd ($15) and 4th ($10) place in Net & Gross

Flag Events –

GROSS Skins Event (optional)

- $5 additional (please pay when checking in)

USGA Rules govern all play

Please turn scores into Mike Kessler at the end of the round

Here are the tee times:

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Busy weekend on the Links

Busy weekend on the Links this weekend for The National Mens Club.   We have a full field (28) on Saturday at the Crown Jewel of the County, Brown Deer Park in our individual gross / net event.   Sunday is TOC at Oakwood and with only two more events after this one, time is running out to get those 4 best scores posted for the season long event.   Our friend on the airways Steve Czaban (along with Mr Gitter) is hosting his 2nd annual 2-man scramble from the tips "Bloody Horns Event at the Bull" on Sunday.   Hold on tight, this one could get a little bumpy.   Last but not least the WPLA is hosting the 41st Billy Sixty 36 hole 2-man Best Ball at Whitnall Park.   Always a strong field at this event.   Looks the weather is going to be ideal for a nice couple days on the links.   Best of luck to all this weekend.. 

Monday, July 23, 2012


m Schreindl, Zwirlein, Boulware, Glinski, Binder, Silkey, Welcenbach, Loche, Kosharek, Cywinski, Cristan, Fechter, McGrath, Gardner, Saks, Johnson, Garbers, Globig, 
Jardanowski, G Jaeger, McArdle, Collins

CURRIE CUP: We have 33 signed up for Currie Cup....Looking for 3 more..get in while you can..

thanks for YOUR supprt

Another Currie Match Play “On the Links”

On the links with a Championship flight match played between Mike O’Neil (Big Wheel) and Zak Zuba (Johnson), playing at the nature like New Berlin Hills Golf Course on July 21, 2012 at 8:00am.

Today, at New Berlin Hills the Course conditions are wet and slow from the overnight rain. Greens holding nicely allowing for some darts to be thrown, fairways are wide allowing for big hitters to swing away. Big Hitters are playing from the Blue Tee markers at just over 6500 yards on the par 71 course in New Berlin, WI just a driver, wedge away from the “The Green Monster” Greenfield Park Golf Course.

Let the match begin, “Left, Right, Right, Left, look out” off the tee goes the ball with the big hitters trying getting a feel for the “no wind” and “wide” landing areas. It is a battle of likely the two longest bombers in the club. Both hitting 300 yard drives left and right for the first few holes. All square after 3 holes of scrambling pars.

On #4, Mike bombs left and Zak bombs to right side of fairway (first fairway hit by either). Mike plays first and pulls his second into the bunker left up near back edge (advantage Zak). Zak flares his shot left into the same banker on the flatter part of sand. Mike being somewhat tall has to bend (bad knee and all) down to reach tough bunker shot. Mike hits his shot just out, giving him a about a 20 footer downhill to save his par. Zac flips a nice sand wedge to about 5 feet. Mike rolls by downhill about 6 feet, and then makes a good comebacker for bogey, forcing Zak to make five foot putt for par. First blood Zak, as he pours putt into the middle of the cup for a “sandy”; 1-up Zak.

#5 was an adventure where nobody wanted the hole. Chunk iron tee shot by Zak leaving him about 180 yards to green; Skank Hybrid tee shot by Mike runs through trees into the middle of the fairway (advantage Mike). Zak pulls second bouncing off cart path onto next tee box (bigger advantage Mike); Mike blades wedge flying over green into tall stuff (hit a provisional to 20 feet). Zak chili dips short of green; Mike finds his ball in tall stuff and whacks out to about 35 feet. Zac pitches to a gimme bogey. Mike makes two-putt bogey, after 5 holes Zac remains 1-up.

Fore RIGHT! Wait that is “thru-the-green” right of number 6 at New Berlin Hills, Zac just made a swing very uncharacteristic of him. Mike bails safe left. Zac hitting three from tee (after lost ball) bombs into the green side banker of #8 (advantage Mike). Zac bunts short out of sand. Mike wins hole. All square after six; finishing up the remaining fairly uneventful front nine holes all square.

Starting back nine, Mike hits bomb to right (mumbles to himself aloud “oh that is gone”) wait it’s just on the hill about 200 out. Zac tee shot has tour ball flight to right edge of fairway about 150 out. Mike hits 7-iron coming just short of the green, his ball with huge chuck of mud (mumbles to himself aloud again “story of my season”). Mike makes bogey after half hazard effort at making his chip shot and tapping in for bogey; Zac just misses birdie. Zak goes to 1-up.

#11 like hole #5 on the front; nobody wanted that hole. After a violent lip out for bogey by Zac, Mike gets it back to even. Mike, with honors, hits a great tee ball onto the par 3 #12 to about 20 feet. Mikes makes the birdie putt to quickly take a 1-up lead into the par-5 thirteenth.

Two good tee shots on short par-5 #13, Zac hits 6-iron chucky just short of green with pin up front; Mike makes a no so good swing at 7-iron but shoved it right. The ball bounces right in middle of trees making up and down “impossible”. Zac continuing to experience difficulty with short-game bumps his 3rd shot short of green. Mike gets on the green near back edge giving him about fifty-footer downhill. Mike makes good 2-putt par; Zac chip just misses for birdie. Mike holds 1- up lead.

The par-4 number fourteen both players step up their game. Down the middle drives, both hit to middle of green for chances to make birdie. Mike makes a two-putt par. Zac with a great opportunity to get match back to square, just can’t find the speed of the greens today leaving his put one-inch short for a birdie.

Coming to the challenge long par-3 #15 into the prevailing wind playing at 210 yards, Mike’s hybrid tee ball comes up just short. Zac over cooked his 3-iron natural drawing shot, just staying in play way left of the green. Zac hits his second shot long onto the right fringe which is above the cup; while Mike hits his chip just on the green near the left fringe which is under the cup. Zac with some short game demons hits his shot halfway to the cup. Mike makes a good putt, and then taps in for bogey. Zac just misses to make double-bogey. Mike goes to 2-up with three to play.

#16, Mike peers one down middle while Zac blows tee shot right. Zac finding his ball near edge of the tall grass does have an open shot to the green, but comes up short right. Mike with a sand wedge in up the hill also comes up just short of the green. Zac bunts ball just on the green for his 3rd while Mike pitches to gimme par. Zac needing the par putt to continue the match leaves in the middle of the cup short.

Mike wins 3 and 2.

I enjoyed playing along the big hitters (and Tommy Condella); wishing all others the best of luck with their matches.

TOC is at Oakwood Sunday, July 29th

TOC is at Oakwood this Sunday, July 29th. Tee times are attached.

After that it's TOC weekend; Saturday August 4th at Grant and Sunday August 5th for the finale at Currie.   The Currie Cup draft date is also August 5th, so plan on staying for the Big Draft.  If you are not signed up GET SIGNED UP.


Target Scores
Tee Time Member White Blue Black

Ferguson, Robert 84 86 88
Gardner, Lee 71 73 75
Glinski, Chris 80 83 84
Pederson, Brian 84 86 88

Bruss, Jack 82 84 86
Jaeger, Steve 80 82 84
Kosharek, James 86 88 90
Zwirlein, Gary 85 87 89

Condella, Tom 81 83 85
Johnson, Rayfield 90 93 95
McGrath, Gerry 78 80 82
Nowotny, Michael 90 92 94

Cuthbert, Mark 80 82 84
Jardanowski, Tom 94 97 99
Reiter, Rick 84 86 88
Zolandz, William 92 95 97

Camosy, Jeff 89 91 93
McIrvin, Sean 92 95 97
Suess, Wayne 79 81 83

9:44 Binder, Rick 90 92 94
Cywinski, Brian 93 96 98
McArdle, John 94 97 99

2nd Team Results Whitnall

Gentlemen –

Well, we had a decent day today, but we lost some more ground to second place Brown Deer for the season championship.  Brown Deer won the event with 239 points, and we finished third with 214.   Grant was second with 233 points today.  With the 25 points Brown Deer gained on us today, we now hold a 38 point lead over them heading into the final event, which will be held at Currie on Saturday, August 11.  Grant is 3rd, another 40 points behind Brown Deer.

High point men today were Rich Saks and Ken Collins with 24, yours truly with 22, and Brian Pederson with 21.  Jeff Camosy, Rick Binder, Jim Seamandel, and Rayfield Johnson all took 15 or more. In addition, Kenny took medalist for the whole group with a very nice 71!  Saks shot 79, Dan Webb 81, Pederson, Steve Jaeger, and Mark Cuthbert 83, and your humble captain 84.

Darrell Frenzel took a skin with birdie on the 6th hole and Johnson took one on the 12th.  Bill Zolandz won a flag event, closest to the pin on the 9th, as I recall.

In the battle for season high point man, Johnson leads with 77 points, Camosy has 75, Bruss 71, and Jaeger and Cory Mader 68.

Kudos to our own first teamer Lee Gardner for coming out and spotting on the 13th hole.  His help was much appreciated.

Today’s results and season standings are listed below and attached in 2 spreadsheets for those of you who want all the numbers.

The next and final match is Saturday, August 11 at the National. Should be exciting.  For this one, I’ll be recruiting not only players but spotters and starters.  Let me know if you’d like to volunteer.


See Detailed Results

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Bull Event for October 14th

Sign up sheet is filling up fast for The Bull Event for October 14th.   Please enter your guests name on the sign up sheet.  This is a member-guest event that is a great way for the club to showcase what we are about to potential new members.  We would like to know who these people are prior to the event.  Thanks

Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Berlin Hills Results

Results from our Currie Event at New Berlin Hills July 21, 2012

1st Place - Chuck Silkey (68)  $27.50
2nd Place - Cory Mader & Doug Bowring (71) $17.50
4th Place - Frenzel, Webb, Schreindl (72)  $8.33

1st Place - Zwirlein & Pederson (63) $23.75
3rd Place - Mattheis (64) $15.00
4th Place - McIrvin (65) $10.00
5th Place - Baker (66) $7.50

Skins  $14
Chuck Silkey   #2 Eagle, #8
Mike O'Neil #12
Tom Condella #3
Zak Zuba #17
Brian Pederson #16
Corey Mader #7
Dick Baker #10

See the detail results here

Currie Cup Sept 2

29 players so far for the Currie Cup.   7 more open spots...time is running out fast..

Sign up now

Friday, July 20, 2012

New Berlin Hills Tee Times & Rules

Currie Park Men’s Golf Club
Event Information Sheet
July 21st at New Berlin Hills New Berlin, WI

The Main Event:  Individual Flights

-          Exchange score cards with playing partners
-          Mark gross scores neatly for each player
-          There are two Flights
o   A-Flight (blue tees) approx.  6517 yards
o   B-Flight (white tees) approx.  6142 yards
o   Scorecards indicate tee marks players are to play (look at your scorecard)
-          Failure to play from scorecard tee marks is a 2 shot penalty for each
-          Yardage on the scorecard is from White tees
-          Paying 1st ($27.50) 2nd ($20) 3rd ($15) 4th ($10) and 5th ($7.50) place in each flight

Flag Events – No Flag Events today

GROSS Skins Event (optional)

-          $5 additional (please pay when checking in)
-          All players entering regardless of tee marker position
-          One big skin game

Course Information

-          Local Rule:  Creek is a NO SEARCH lateral hazard defined by YELLOW stakes
o   Take drop where ball crossed into Hazard; keeping that point and the flag in line.
-          White stakes define out-of-bounds (hit a provisional)
-          Marshals have full authority to keep play moving
-          Check your pace by staying in position check your pace compared to the scorecards pace to measure your group.   Talk amongst yourselves to get back into position.

USGA Rules govern all play

Please turn scores into Ken Collins at the end of the round

Here are the New Berlin Hills tee times:

pressure is extreme

in the mind of ken collins...currie cup, the pressure is extreme.

currie cup 2012 awaits

knowing thy enemy is the key to victory.  currie cup 2012 awaits

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2nd Team Match at Whitnall


The pairings for our next match are listed below.  As sent out earlier, our lineup is Collins, Webb, Mader, Bowring, Frenzel, Cuthbert, Freuck, Jaeger Steve, Bruss, Saks, Pederson, Camosy, Binder, Johnson, Zolandz, and Seamandel.  Chris Glinski is our alternate.   If you are on the list, you have already confirmed that you will be there, and you don’t need to confirm again.  But if something comes up and you can’t make it, let me know immediately please.

As usual, we will we tee off from 6 AM until 8 AM using both the 1st and 10th tees, so make sure you go to the correct tee at least 10 minutes before your start time.

The cost is $31, and as usual, Currie will prepay the county, so you won’t pay at the desk.  You can mail a check to Tom Condella before the match to his home at 8111 W Wright St, Wauwatosa, 53213, or you can pay me at Whitnall.  I will be around until everyone is done and for a while later.  If you haven’t sent a check to Tom, then please don’t leave Whitnall until you pay me

We hold a 59 point lead over second place Brown Deer, which is significant.  But they just beat us by 66 points last month, and obviously we can’t let them do that again in this upcoming match.  If we hold onto our lead, or better yet, increase it, we will be in a good position to cap the season with our 4th straight championship in the finale at Currie next month.  So, grind and grind for every point you can win, and we’ll see where we are at the end of the day Sunday.
Thanks, and see you there,

Monday, July 16, 2012

WPLA Senior and Mid Am Currie Members did well...

Some people were asking about scores.

Congratulations Steve Jaeger for winning Mid Amateur Low Net.

Congratulations John Dobroski for winning Overall Senior Low Net

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Currie Match Play “On the Links”

On the links with a B flight match played between Bob Ferguson and Steve Jaeger, which was played at Wanaki Golf Course on July 12, 2012 at 7:00am.

Today, at Wanaki the first hole is actually #10. The nines were flipped in the morning to allow the Greens crew to work on the Fairways on the front nine. Course conditions are dry and burnt in the rough, fairways a bit longer than normal (they had not mown the fairways much), and greens holding and quick; super quick downhill. Play will commence from the White tee markers.

Jaeger jumped out to an early 1-up lead after one; however Ferguson earned it back quickly on two. Jaegers tee shot on the third hole (which is #12 a par 3) sent his hybrid almost as far as the ball. No, this was not a club toss, but a malfunction shaft which allowed the head of the club to sail through the air for over a hundred yards. The incident did not bother Steve; however Bob was confused and lost the hole.

On the fifth hole (#14), Jaeger rolls ball into the hazard behind the trees (advantage Ferguson). Steve punched out and put his third shot on the front of the green. Ferguson, perhaps still thinking about the club head flying off, joined in the rolling one for fun time; then putting his third shot on the green. Remember “super quick downhill”, Bob was above the hole and rolled past about 4 feet and missed the comebacker allow Steve to make five to go 2-up. Shockingly, Steve was so excited his next tee shot went in the middle of the pond on the right; took a horrible drop in the burnt rough; chop, chop! Ferguson played hole like a pro making a par to win hole. Ferguson stumped as Jaeger pared the 3-par to jump 2-up.

Finishing up the first nine (which was the back nine at Wanaki), Jaeger shows off his pro-ness by making birdie to tie another solid par by Ferguson, who was getting one shot for the #2 handicap hole. Ferguson pars the last to bring the match back to Jaeger 1-up. This concluded the first nine holes in 1 hour 57 minutes.

On the tenth hole (now this is the front nine at Wanaki), Ferguson getting a shot makes par to beat Jaegers par; the match is All Square after 11 holes of play. A mini-marathon starts playing with #2 (eleventh hole in match) through #5 (fourteenth hole in match). After playing these 4 holes in just over 45 minutes, Jaeger, after hitting from two sand traps, emerges with a 1-up lead after Ferguson air-mails a shot long over the green into the junk.

Match moves to the par-5, playing the hole even up (no shots). Wait, look out, Duck! Jaegers tee ball goes 55 yards right OB and his driver (yet in one piece) hurling through the air for about 50 yards (advantage Ferguson, Jaeger lost it). A solid par putt by Ferguson squares up the match with two holes to-go, is there going to be over-time? Wait, Ferguson does not want overtime, so he dumps his second shot on the #8 into the water. Yes, I said water. There is now water in those two marsh lands surrounding the green, Jaeger goes to 1-up with one to go. However, Ferguson is getting a shot on the long 5-par finishing hole.

Ferguson tee ball gets hung up in the trees on the right making impossible to clear water on second. He plays smart and punches out down the fairway to get him a chance to fly the water on his third; oops he rolled a shot near the water; there goes the one shot advantage. But, wait Jaeger hit his third shot into the greenside bunker. Steve had played well from sand all day until “pressure”! Just barely limbs it out of the sand short of the green. While Ferguson is now back in the hole just over the green, remember “super quick downhill”, Bob forgot, zing! there goes the ball rolling, rolling, rolling almost 35 feet past the hole. Bob needs to make this putt to win the hole; a firm putt rolls past 5 feet just inside of Steve’s putt for Bogey. Jaeger, who was putting well all day, including a 360 degree lip out that rolled back at him, calmly rolled in about an 8 footer for bogey to close out the match in 4 hours 8 minutes; Jaeger 1-up.

Enjoyed marking and playing along in this close match; wishing others the best of luck with their matches.

07/11 Meeting at Currie Park

NEXT MEETING scheduled August 8th @ Currie Park 6:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  All meetings will be held at the Currie Park Club House, at 6:30pm.  In the past, Currie used to have meetings to share information and allow for some discussion.  We are attempting to restart those meetings which will be conducted the second Wednesday of each month.

Past Event Summary (Mike Kessler)

Currie Irish 4 ball
Hawthorne Hills Net Partners
Whispering Springs 2 ball of 4 man

Upcoming Events Explored

New Berlin Hills – sign up
Brown Deer – sign up

Club Championship (Mike Kessler) - Discussion about the event options to change from Flights to Gross & Net or a combination of all of the above.   Watch for a Survey questionnaire to be sent to the membership.  Questions like are you playing for the money, plaque, find out who is the best player in the club or flight.   At the August 8th meeting, there will be an open discussion to allow members to voice their concerns with the different options.  Concluding the August 8th meeting a decision will determine what the Club Champion setup.
1st Team Report (Jim Fossett) – Where are low handicap players?  Events are falling on unfavorable dates for Currie players, format is not liked by some, and pace of play is ridiculous.  With Dretzka waffling that they would have a team; allowed for the format to be tweaked back to the old format minus stroke play.  Informally, there are number of first team players across the county which prefers the head-to-head matches.
2nd Team Report (Jack Bruss) – 62 point lead; Captain Jack says get busy to win more points!  Next two matches are at Whitnall (lineup set) and Currie (We need some volunteers to do some spotting).
Tour of the County (Bill Zolandz) – Handicap rating and slopes different from Blue Golf and scorecards; Bill is going to use slope and rating on Blue Golf
Currie Match Play (Michael O’Neil) – matches are on schedule 2nd round is underway
MCPLA (Bob Freuck) – Arnold Walker @Brown Deer, the applications are available – 12 players have signed up already.
WPLA (Steve Jaeger) – 90 players signed up for the State @Glen Erin there are about 12 Currie players – Good Luck!  see who is playing?
Membership Report (Rich Saks) – no report
Treasury Report (Tom Condella) – no report
Handicap Report (Mark Cuthbert) – no report (Player of the Year Points continue to be tallied)

New Business

No shows at events after tee times have been published – there have been some folks missing tee times after the tee times and pairings have been finalized.   If you are unable to play, please notify somebody that you are not going to be there.   For NO SHOW; NO CALL players you’ll need to pay Green Fees, payable to Currie Park Men’s Club (see ByLaws  Article X – Club Events Section 2. “…must find a substitute or pay the associated event fees.”)

Events allowing selection of tee markers discussion – Tournament Director Kessler will determine the tees based your handicap and the event format.  This is in attempt to simplify the handicap calculations for events similar to those events played throughout the State and County. Survey Results regarding desired tee to play. 17% A Must; 36% No Matter; 19% Tell People; 28% Two Divisions.

Currie Cup (Director Kessler) – there is not a number of players that we will cut-off at; the target is to get as many as possible to participate. August 4th is the sign up cut-off date. On August 5th, there will be a draft following the TOC Event at Currie. Mark your calendar to play and stay for the draft. Get signed up – we are currently at 23 players.

You are all invited to play in 37th Annual Challenge Match MCPLA vs. NIMAGA.   print application

Monday, July 9, 2012

Results from TOC at Whitnall Park

Here the Results from TOC at Whitnall Park and YTD standings

Dick Baker shot 85 from the black tees (-4 to target score) to win this event, second Brian Pederson 80 (-3), third Lee Gardner 70 (-2), fourth James Kosharek 83 (-1), and fifth Rayfield Johnson 90 (-1).

Skins were won by Lee Gardner on #4 & #10, Rick Reiter on #11, and James Kosharek on #13.

Skins were cut on #9, #12, #14, #17 and #18.

Honorable mention to Dan Webb for the only par on #16 (and one of only two to par #1 - Lee was the other).

Our next TOC event is Sunday July 29th at Oakwood Park.

Here's the link to sign up for future TOC events, please enter your name then select "yes" or "no" if you plan on attending that event.


1st Team Match at Dretzka


Thanks again for playing in our 1st Team Match yesterday at Dretzka. We had a good showing with 107 points and ended up 4th. We are currently in 5th place in the standings after 3 matches, but are only 15 points behind Oakwood who is currently 4th.

I also attached everyone's scores and points. Congrat's to Ken Collins who got a skin on #13 and to Steve Jaeger who got 16 points in his match!

Our next Match is Sunday - August 12th at Oakwood. If you are available to play please sign up on the Currie Website.

Jim Fossett

Players       Total Points
Zak Zuba         80 7
Jake Boulware 84 6
Ken Collins 76 11
Bob Cristan 86 5
Phil Levin        84 4
Jim Fossett 80 13
Jeff Kapp         85 10
Gerry McGrath 86 10
Dan Webb         87 6
Derek Dahlgren 91 11
Corey Mader 89 8
Steve Jaeger 82 16

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good luck to the following Currie National members next week at the WPLA 2012 ED HOFFMAN SR & MID AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIPS at Glen Erin Golf Club.   We have 12 guys making the trip down to the Janesville area.   Jack Bruss, Ken Collins, Mark Cuthbert, John Dobroski, Darrell Frenzel, Steve Jaeger, Michael Kessler, Gerry McGrath, Mike O'Neil, Brian Pederson, Chuck Silkey, and Dave Ullenberg.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

TOC at Whitnall - Sunday July 8th

Target Scores & Tee Time

Member White Blue Black

Camosy, Jeff 87 89 90
Cuthbert, Mark 79 80 82
Kessler, Michael 73 74 75
Pederson, Brian 82 83 84

Collins, Ken 74 75 76
Cywinski, Brian 93 94 96
Ferguson, Robert 82 84 85
Webb, Dan 76 78 79

Binder, Rick 88 89 91
Jaeger, Steve 80 81 82
McIrvin, Sean 90 92 93
Nowotny, Michael 88 89 91

Bruss, Jack 80 81 83
Glinski, Chris 78 80 81
Johnson, Rayfield 89 91 92
Zolandz, William 90 92 93

Baker, Richard 86 88 89
Gardner, Lee 70 71 72
McGrath, Gerry 76 77 78
Reiter, Rick 82 84 85

Jardanowski, Tom 91 93 94
Kosharek, James 84 85 87
McArdle, John 92 94 95
Suess, Wayne 77 79 80

Frenzel, Darrell 77 79 80
Zwirlein, Gary 83 84 85
Mader, Cory

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

1st Team Saturday - July 7th at Dretzka Park



Here is our line-up for the 1st Team Match on Saturday - July 7th at Dretzka Park . I have sent our line-up in to Pat Lotzer who is the 1st Team Director. We have no extra available players.

In regards to payment. Please send Tom Condella $30 cash or check payable to Currie Park Men's Club before Friday - July 6th. I will follow up with Tom to make sure everyone has paid. I will not be collecting money at the course the day of the event. Here is Tom's Address:

Tom Condella
8111 W. Wright Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Here is our line-up and tee time in Handicap Order as of 7/1/12 Handicap Posting:

1. Zak Zuba - 7:00 AM
2. Jake Boulware -7:09 AM
3. Ken Collins - 7:27 AM
4. Bob Cristan - 7:36 AM
5. Phil Levin - 7:54 AM
6. Jim Fossett - 8:03 AM
7. Jeff Kapp - 8:21 AM
8. Gerry McGrath - 8:30 AM
9. Dan Webb - 8:48 AM
10. Derek Dahlgren - 8:57 AM
11. Corey Mader - 9:15 AM
12. Steve Jaeger - 9:24 AM

Any questions please let me know. Thanks!

Jim Fossett
1st Team Captain 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Whispering Springs Results

A one hour drive from Currie Park to Fond du Lac to visit Whispering Springs Golf Course with 23 golfers.   Greens were running about 11 on the Stimpmeter.  Weather was a cool 90 plus degrees, grass was green on tees, fairways, and greens.   A bit brown in the rough.  Many golfers took motorized golf carts however, there were some men that walked (God Bless them!).

After some auditing of the scores along with checking scorecards (and the help of Blue Golf - thank you Eric Gitter), there were a few adjustments required.  However, only the NET skins game was miscalculated which effect the payout**.   The winning teams total was incorrect (Jaeger, score keeper likely needed a spreadsheet lol).   We ran a NET skins event in attempt to get more participation.  There were 20 of the 23 players that entered the skins game, one player said they would have entered knowing it was NET; another player said they would not have entered know it was NET.

Here are the numbers:

Main Event was 2 of 4 Net Scores - see Blue Golf system for results - click here
1 Pederson/Kartz/Jaeger/Collins           -21F 123 ($23.25 per player)
2 Brandt/Brandt/Mattheis/Glinski         -16F 128 ($13.00 per player)
3 Cuthbert/Seamandel/Bruss/Wozniak  -14F 130
4 Breul/Camosy/Loche/Stella               -13F 131
5 O'Neil/Zolandz/Frenzel/Webb           -10F 134
6 Boulware/Dobroski/Levin/(Bruss)      -8F 136

Flag Event winners: ($7.50)
#3 Closet to the pin in one shot (first shot)  -- Steve Jaeger
# 6 Longest Putt (first putt) - Kenny Collins
#13 Longest Putt (first putt) - Jeff Brandt
#15 Closet to the pin in one shot (first shot) - Damian Wozniak

NET Skins Event (optional $5) - see Blue Golf system for results - click here
Hole Par NetScore Won ($16 per skin)*
1 4 2 Gerald Loche (White) 25
2 5 3 Dan Kartz (Blue) 19
6 3 1 Jack Bruss (Blue) 13
13 3 2 Steve Jaeger (Blue) 14
15 3 2 Gerald Loche (White) 25
17 4 2 Phil Levin (Blue) 8

**Note:  Payout should be $16 per skin (however $20 was paid out; therefore everyone who collected need to pay Ken $4.   Jerry Loche, Ken Collins has your money.   Ken is using the $4 to print next events scorecards again.

Special Thanks goes to Dan Webb and Mike O'Neil for marking scores on the scoreboard.  Thank you for helping out while Michael Kessler was enjoying a rooftop Cubs game.