Sunday, September 15, 2019

Club Event at Deertrak Golf Club - Results

Currie Competitors,

I heard a lot of positive comments about the course today and I think most of us were pleasantly surprised by the nice layout and good conditions at Deertrak. It's definitely worthy of a return visit. We were paying out the top 3 teams today and interestingly we had 3 teams tie for the top spot at 18 under par. Teams, Cuthbert/Satula/Mader/Sauceda, Bruss/Olen/Wolter/Bowring, Levin/Boulware/Cristan/Alba will each get $80 per team or $20 per man.

Other highlights for the day included a sparkling round by Corey Mader firing a 35-37, 72 which began with 3 birdies. Jake Boulware turned in a 79 which also included 3 birdies in row (#'s 4, 5, and 6) and nearly missing a 4th on #7. Jesse Alba shot an exceptional 82 gross, net 63! Way to golf your ball, Jesse.

8 skins of $12ea. were won by Mader, 3 skins, Boulware 3 skins, Wolter 1 skin, and Sauceda 1 skin.

Thanks to all who participated. Hope you had fun. Thanks to Mark Cuthbert for assisting with the scoring and skins.

Link to full results

Phil Levin


Sunday, September 1, 2019

Currie Cup 2019 Results

Congratulations to 2019 Currie Cup Champions:

Team Yellow (Young Gunners)
Brock, Chris
Boulware, Jake
Clark, Matthew
Frenzel, Darrell
Garbers, Chuck
Hirsch, John
Jaeger, Steve
Mader, Corey
Olen, Bryan
Pederson, Brian
Posnanski, Hank
Posnanski, Henry
Romanowski, Bradley
Seflow, Jordan

They defeated:

Team Green (Geezers)
Saks, Richard
Baker, Richard
Barkow, Glen
Binder, Rick
Bowring, Douglas
Bruss, Jack
Gardner, Lee
Jardanowski, Tom
Loche, Gerald
Markos, Harry
Mattheis, Bernhard
Sauceda, Jim
Schreindl, Mark
Webb, Dan

By a score of 20.5 to 14.5 at Currie Park Golf Course.