Tuesday, March 10, 2020

2020 Kick Off Meeting Minutes

Scott Walecki - Head PGA Professional at Currie and Dretzka
Introduced his new assistant manager Ben Ciha.  Currie pro shop and dining area is currently being remodeled with an aviation theme (it was Milwaukee county's first airport); new cashier counter, flooring, ceiling, and a 70 inch television with YouTube TV.  Also, Scott stressed to see him for all golf equipment needs, from shoes to clubs he can get you a great price, and if it is not in the pro shop he can order it for you.  All computers at all Milwaukee county golf courses that were once used for posting of scores have been removed, use the WSGA App to post your scores (Phil and Corey will continue to post Currie event and TOC event scores)

Jeff Brandt - President
Glen Barkow and Corey Mader are our Currie Park MCPLA delegates.

Brian Pederson - Treasurer
Checkbook balance $3,246.99 plus member carry over $4,563.29 for a total of $7,810.28 on hand.

Corey Mader - Tour Of the County
7 events; Naga-Waukee, Oakwood, Hawthorne Hills, Currie, Whitnall, Dretzka and Brown Deer.

Currie / Hon-E-Kor Challenge - 27 holes at Hon-E-Kor June 27th - Any questions, ask Steve Wolter

Currie Cup - 36 holes at Currie Park September 6th - Any questions, ask Dan Webb

Jack Bruss - MCPLA Second Team Captain
Second team events have increased from 4 to 5, players have decreased from 16 to 12, match play only, medal play component has been removed.  Currie will be going for their 10th championship in 12 years.

Rich Saks - MCPLA President
MCPLA First team has been cancelled.  Replacing the First team events will be something called MCPLA Team Challenges or MCPLA North Vs South - more details to follow.  Phil Levin and Chris Glinski will be Currie captains.

Phil Levin - Vice President
All club events are now open for registration via BlueGolf.  Sign-up deadlines will be just like last year, the Monday prior to the event at 9am  
Presented and handed out coupons for The Practice Station, a golf improvement facility in New Berlin.

Thursday night golf league at Currie?  If interested contact Scott Walecki or Steve Jaeger.
Hole-in-One Club?  Should we start a pool (to help cover all the beverages you will need to buy?)
For those that did not attend, pay your club dues ($110 Club Membership, $10 Match Play (optional) $50 Tour Of the County (optional)) to Brian Pederson.