Sunday, October 2, 2022

End of 2022 Season Notes

End of 2022 Season Notes

Club Championship Plaques awarded to:
Dominic Carini - Championship Flight
Scott Brandt - A-Flight
Rich Saks - B-Flight
Chuck Garbers - C-Flight

Player of the Year Plaque:
Steve Jaeger

Election of 2023 officers:
Mark Cuthbert - President
Steve Wolter - Vice President
Brian Pederson - Treasurer
Bill Zolandz - Secretary

Match Play Winners - Dave Ullenberg Championship Flight, Steve Jaeger A-Flight, Jack Bruss B-Flight.

Tour of the County (TOC) - Season won by Brian Pederson

MCPLA Second Team - Final standings; Currie 649, Oakwood 620, Greenfield 589, Whitnall 559, Brown Deer 524, Grant 480, Dretzka 359.

Treasurer's Report Brian Pederson - $6,917.21 ending checking account balance, of which $4,824.55 is left in by members for 2023 season.

Special Contributions & Leadership honor presented to Captain Jack Bruss

Club Event at Wanaki Golf Course - Results

Sundays event at Wanaki was a 2 man scramble and everyone seemed to like the format. So this might be our event format for our end of the year event from here out!!

Winners on Sunday were:

Zolandz/Gorski     Net 63      $65/team
Collins/Olen       Net 64      $55/team
Hirsch/Cuthbert    Net 66      $35/team
C. Mader/Ferrera   Net 66      $35/team
Sweeney/Tarantino  Net 66      $35/team

Congrats to all this weekend!!!

It has been a pleasure serving the CPMC and as Jack stated Sunday "The best men's club in the county and the best group of guys"!!!!

Hoping all of you will return to join us again next year.

And just one more time I would like to thank Phil Levin and Jeff Camosy for helping me out during the season!!!

Steve Wolter

VP and Tournament Director

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Club Event at South Hills Golf and Country Club - Results

I want to thank Phil Levin for handling my duties on Saturday at South Hills in Fon Du Lac on Saturday. Sounded like everybody enjoyed the course and the fast country club greens!!!

Results from Saturday in the Low Net event:

Larry Dake        -1    $60
Jeff Camosy      +1    $45
Darrell Frenzel    +1    $45
Corey Mader     +4    $25
Henry Mayer     +4    $25
Phil Levin        +5    $15
Rich Saks        +6    $10

Corey Mader had 2 skins, Larry Dake had 2 skins and Henry Mayer and Jeff Camosy each had 1 skin!!

Steve Wolter
VP and Tournament Director