Monday, October 20, 2014

10/19 Hawks Landing; 2 Man 1 Best Ball Event - RESULTS!

Hawks Landing Players,
The weather was cooperative and the course was a really nice one. Most people mentioned they’d like to go back, even if it cost a little more and was during the summer. Click here for the full results: Hawks Landing Results . Highlights are below.  

The top three positions (in the Money!) are as follows and were paid out at the course.
  • T1; Camosy/Cuthbert (-6), 66 (paid $20 each)
  • T1; Collins/Blind Draw (Amble) (-6), 66 (paid $20 to Collins)
  • 3; Brandt/Pederson (-5), 67 (paid $10 each)
Skins (Gross)
  • Hole 2; Darrel Frenzel (paid $30)
  • Hole 10;  Mark Cuthbert (paid $30)
  • Hole 4; cut by Frenzel and Hawks
  • Hole 8; cut by Saks, Hawks and Amble
  • Hole 12; cut by Cuthbert, Pederson, Jaeger, Collins and Wolter
  • Hole 14; cut by Collins and Wolter
Honorable Mention
Low Three Stroke Play (Gross)
  • Collins, +8, 80
  • Wolter, +10, 82
  • Jaeger, +11, 83
Low Three Stroke Play (Net)
  • Pederson (E), 72
  • Saks (+2), 74
  • Collins (+2), 74
  • Wolter (+2), 74

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jerry Loche - Hole in One

"On behalf of the entire Currie Men's Club I'd like to congratulate Jerry Loche on his recent hole-in-one at the Bib Cup Scramble held at Lawsonia on October 11th. Jerry aced the 14th hole of the Links course using a 9-iron on the 125 yard hole.

Well done, Jerry!!!"


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/19 Hawks Landing Event: Format, Teams, Pairings, Payouts, etc...

Hawks Landing Players,
The final sanctioned Currie event will take place this Sunday (10/19) and the first (of four) tee times is 9:40am. Visit the event’s web page for all pertinent details: Hawks Landing Event Page

Here’s some of the highlights
  • Format: 2 man 1 best ball (net)
  • Teams: 2 man teams comprised of high and low handicaps then next high and low, etc…
  • Tees: everyone will play from the MEMBER tees (6,330 yards)
  • We’ll pay 3 of 7 teams ($50, $30 and $20 to split 50/50 between team mates)
  • An optional skins (gross) game will be offered (envelope will be at cashier)
  • One official score card (per team) will be provided with handicap dots (100% handicaps)
  • This round will be posted as a T-score to the WSGA handicap system for you (no need to post your own)
See you on Sunday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hawks Landing Event - Registration Deadline Approaching!

Currie Men,
Our last official event of the season at Hawks Landing is on Sunday, 10/19 and the registration deadline is this coming Monday, 10/13, at 5pm.

Currently 10 people are registered, get signed up! Hawks Landing Registration Page

Monday, October 6, 2014

10/5 - One-Man Scramble - RESULTS

One-Man Scramble Players,
Full results can be seen on the event’s web page: One-Man Scramble Event Web Page

Congrats to the money winners:

Champ flight
  1. Ken Collins (-6) 65; $35
  2. Lee Gardner (-3) 68; $25
  3. Jim Fossett (-2) 69; $15

A Flight
     T1.   Mark Cuthbert (E) 71; $25
     T1.   Darrell Frenzel (E) 71; $25
     T1.   Steve Jaeger (E) 71; $25

B Flight
  1. Steve Amble (+3) 74; $35
  2. Chris Brock (+4) 75; $25
  3. Bill Zolandz (+8) 79; $15

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10/5 One-Man Scramble - End of Season Banquet - Pairings/Tee Time/Other Detail

One-Man Scramble/Banquet Players,
  • This event is a SHOTGUN start at 8:30am sharp! Please be at your respective tee boxes by 8:15am.
  • In addition to the county greens fee there is a mandatory $10 banquet charge for each player (pay it to Jeff Camosy when you get to the course in the morning). This gets you 1 burger, 1 bag of chips and 2 drink tickets.
For all details please see the One-Man Scramble Event Web Page but in general
  • This event is a shotgun start at 8:30am at Currie Park
  • We’re starting on holes 1, 18, 17, 16, 15 and 14 (there are A and B groups on 1, 18 and 16)
  • This is a flighted (Champ, A and B) individual stroke play GROSS score event
  • Indexes were used to place players in flights but other than that no handicaps will be used for the event itself
  • We’ll pay out the top three positions in each flight
  • A one-man scramble means you get two mulligans on each hole (see the notes section of the event web page and click ‘View All’ for details including a recommended strategy for this format.
  • At bogie, PICK UP and move on!
  • Official blue golf score cards will be provided for each person (please swap cards in your group, record gross score and hand in to Scott Walecki or Mark Cuthbert as soon as your done golfing…I’ll be coming in, in a later group).
  • This score does NOT qualify to be posted to the WSGA handicapping system (this will be a FUN day!)
After golf
  • We’ll hold the end of season banquet where we do things like hand out plaques, point out accomplishments and vote for next seasons officers. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

9/27 Watertown 2 Man Best Ball - RESULTS

Visit the event’s web page for full results but here’s the highlights:  Watertown Event Site

Top 6-of-12 2 Man Best Ball Teams (the payouts)
  1. Barkow/Brock - split $60 (-13)
  2. Pedersion/Ullenberg - split $40 (-8)
  3. Cutherbert/Zolandz - split $30 (-6)
  4. Amble/Webb - split $25 (-5)
  5. Jaeger/Loche - split $20 (-4)
  6. Gardner/Wozniak - split $15 (-3)

Skins (gross) – paid $11/skin
  • Ullenberg; holes 1 and 7
  • Pederson; holes 9 and 14
  • Gardner; hole 12
  • Wilkinson; hole 5
  • Amble; hole 6

Honorable Mention

Top 3 stroke play gross
  1. Gardner +6, 76
  2. Ullenberg +7, 77
  3. Pederson +11, 81

Top 3 stroke play net
  1. Brock -4, 66
  2. Pederson -3, 67
  3. Barkow +1, 71


Chris Brock, 7th hole, 110 yards with a Gap Wedge!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Currie / Wanaki Challenge Results - Currie Wins 30 - 18!

Currie wins the 2014 Currie / Wanaki challenge 30 -18!

Ken Collins was medalist shooting 72, skins won by Darrell Frenzel on #6, Ken Collins on #9.

Currie now leads this annual event 2-1.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

End of Season Banquet (1-Man Scramble) - REGISTRATION DEADLINE APPROACHING (9/29 at 5pm)

The end of season banquet is on 10/5 and the registration deadline is this coming Monday (9/29) at 5pm.

22 people are currently registered and we have 54 members…get registered! Banquet (1-Man Scramble) REGISTRATION

In general
  • It’s a fun format: 1-Man scramble
  • There will be food
  • We’ll give out some plaques
  • We’ll hold voting for club officers
  • We’ll say a few words about the 2014 and 2015 season
Packers do not play on this Sunday

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Watertown Event (Saturday, 9/27) - Format, Teams, Pairings, Payouts, etc...

Watertown Players,
All the detail you need for this Saturday’s event at the Watertown Country Club can be found on the Event’s web site: Watertown
  • We’ll play from the WHITE tees
  • The format is a 2 Man 1 Best Ball
  • I’ve made the teams by pairing the highest handicap player with the lowest handicap player, 2nd highest with 2nd lowest and so on.
  • There is an odd man out so if we don’t get a 24th player we’ll do a blind draw for that individual (Brian Pederson)
  • Some of you have asked for early tee times due to afternoon commitments and I have honored those requests
  • We’ll pay ½ the teams (6 places)
  • An optional Skins (Gross) game will be offered
For those interested in breakfast, we're meeting at PERKINS FAMILY RESTAURANT & BAKERY at 1727 S. Church Street, Watertown, WI 53094 at 8:00am

See you Saturday, the weather looks pretty good so far. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Currie/Wanaki Challenge (9/28) - Time and Cost

Dan Webb would like everyone who signed up for this Sunday's Currie/Wanaki challenge to know he'll have the pairings and tee times available shortly but please know these facts at this time.

Cost per person is $60

Course is WANAKI

Event begins at 9:00am on Sunday, 9/28

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

9/27 Watertown Event - Registration Deadline is 9/22

The registration deadline for the Watertown event on Saturday, 9/27, is Monday, 9/22, at 5pm.

Here’s the registration page: Watertown Country Club REGISTRATION Page

The format will depend on the number of people that sign up. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

9/13 Modified Stableford - Johnson Park

Thanks for making it down to Johnson park after the venue and time change….here’s the results and some highlights!

We’ll pay out the top 7 modified stableford results and here they are
  • Mark Cuthbert (1st place with 20 points): $50
  • Brian Pederson (2nd place with 17 points): $40
  • Gerald Loche (3rd place with 12 points): $30
  • Terry Stella (4th place with 10 points): $25
  • Dan Globig (T5 with 5 points): $15
  • Gary Zwirlein (T5 with 5 points): $15
  • Dave Ullenberg (T5 with 5 points): $15

Honorable Mention
  • Eagles
    • Brian Pederson (hole 8): Second shot within three feet.
  • Low three stroke play GROSS
    • Mark Cuthbert (75, +3)
    • Dave Ullenberg (77, +5)
    • Chuck Silkey (78, +6)
  • Low three stroke play NET
    • Mark Cuthbert (65, -7)
    • Brian Pederson (68, -4)
    • Gerald Loche (68, -4) 

Skins winners were
  • Jim Sauceda (hole 2): $25
  • Lee Gardner (hole 3): $25
  • Brian Pederson (hole 8): $25
  • Steve Jaeger (hole 15): $25

Skins Cut
  • Hole 4, Hole 10, Hole 12, Hole 14 and Hole 18

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beer and Brats after New Berlin Hills TOC Event

Gentlemen – 

I’ll provide free beer, soda, and brats for anyone who wants to come over to my house after the New Berlin Hills TOC event tomorrow.  I’m only 10 minutes away from the course.   I’ll have enough food and drink for all 16 players, so hopefully you will all come over.

Directions are simple, even Darrell could follow them if he were playing.  Go straight out from the course north to the end of the road, and then turn left on Honey lane.  Go a half mile to the stop sign at Sunny Slope and turn right.  Go 2.1 miles to Watertown Plank and turn right (East).  Go .8 miles through the village, across the tracks and turn left at Blue Ridge.  Go to the second intersection and my house is on the Northwest corner of Blue Ridge Blvd and Elmhurst Parkway – 1605 Blue Ridge.

The weather looks plenty good enough to sit out on the deck.  Hope to see you all there.