Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hole In One - Steve Wolter!

Congratulations to Steve Wolter for his Hole In One on Sunday 10/04/15 at Evergreen Country Club North Course hole #9.  He used a 6 iron from 148 yards.  Playing in his foursome were Ken Collins, Brian Pederson and Bob Cristan.  In addition, this foursome won the event.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Season Ending Event: 1 Man Scramble - SIGN UP! Deadline is 10/5 at 9am

Don’t forget to sign up for the Season Ending Event: 10/10 Season Ending Event: 1 Man Scramble

After the event we hand out some plaques, vote on next year’s officers, payout season long earnings and say a few words about the season in general/vote on things if necessary.  

Deadline is 10/5 at 9am

9/27 Event at MEE-KWON: ***RESULTS***

2Man Bestball NET (payed out at end of season event)
  • Collins/Mattheis, -12, 58 ($30 per man)
  • T2: Brandt/Stella, Cristan/Wilkinson, Sauceda/Wolter, Bruss/Zwirlein, -9, 61 ($17.50 per man)
Skins GROSS (payed out at course, $15/skin)
  • S. Brandt on 4
  • J. Kapp on 6
  • D. Wozniak on 7
  • S. Wolter on 11
  • K. Collins on 14
  • T. Stella on 15
Honor Scores
  • Three low stroke play gross
    • K. Collins, +2, 72
    • B. Cristan and S. Wolter, +4, 74
  • Three low stroke play net
    • G. Zwirlein, -6, 64
    • J. Zupke, -5, 65
    • K. Collins, -4, 66

CPMC - 9/26 Event at MASCOUTIN: ***RESULTS***

Three low stroke play NET (paid out at season ending event)
  • Wilkinson, -1, 71 ($40)
  • Saks, E, 72 ($30)
  • Zupke, +1, 73 ($20)
Skins (paying $9/skin at the course)
  • Collins on 6, 11 and 13
  • Ullenberg on 7 and 16
  • Bruss on 14
Honor Scores
  • Three low stroke play GROSS
    • Collins, +9, 81
    • Ullenberg, +11, 83
    • Saks, +13, 85

Friday, September 25, 2015

CPMC - Season Ending Event: 1 Man Scramble - SIGN UP! Deadline is 10/5 at 9am.

Currie Men,
I’m sure this will not be the last email regarding the final event of the season on 10/10 but I wanted to get one out early to encourage registration: 10/10 Season Ending Event: 1 Man Scramble
  • Format: One-Man Scramble
    • Each player gets two extra shots per hole but must pick up at bogie
    • Can only use one extra shot per shot (example; cannot take three shots at birdie putt if on par 4 green in regulation without using any extra shots)
    • If extra shot is taken then you can chose the better of the two shots to hit your next ball from (aka SCRAMBLE)
  • This is the end of season event where we do the following
    • Payout out all winnings from the season (if you’re not there your winnings will be held in the treasury until the treasurer and you make contact)
    • Hand out awards for club championship flight champions and player of the year
    • Vote on club officers for the 2016 golf season
    • Say a few closing words to end the season and perhaps vote on a couple topics

Things of that nature!

Should be a fun event and a good close to the season.

Sign Up!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

9/27 Event at MEE-KWON: Pairings, Teams, Format and Payouts

Currie Men,
Here's MEE-KWON's event page: MEE-KWON Event Page
  • Event format: 2Man Best Ball (equitable partners)
  • Tees: WHITE
  • Payouts: 1st $60 team, 2nd $50 team, 3rd $40 team, 4th $30 team and 5th $20 team
  • An optional skins (gross and birdie or better) game will be available for $5 per golfer (pay envelope at cashier)
  • Pairings and Teams are on the event page AND below
The weather looks good for this weekend.

See you then!



9/26 Event at MASCOUTIN: Pairings, Format and Payouts

Currie Men,
Here's Saturday’s Mascoutin event page: Mascoutin Event Page
  • Format is Individual Stroke Play (NET)
  • We’ll pay out the top three spots: 1st $40, 2nd $30 and 3rd $20
  • We’ll play the silver tees at about 6,221 yards
  • There will be an optional gross SKINS game for $5/golfer
It’s a nice course and the weather looks good for this coming weekend!


Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Currie Men,

 The registration deadline is 9am on Monday, 9/21.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mascoutin Event (9/26): At Risk of CANCELLATION due to LOW REGISTRANTS!

Currie Men,
If you intend to register for the 9/26 event at Mascoutin we’d like to see you register without delay since we only have 6 people registered at the moment. It’s a nice course up near Oshkosh and if we don’t get around 16 players we’ll likely make a decision to abandon the event. So SIGN UP!

Also, we currently have 14 golfers signed up for the 9/27 event at Mee-Kwon . We have eight tee times and they were gracious to squeeze us in after we abandoned Whispering Springs due to their aeration schedule so we’d like to see a decent number there as well.

SIGN UP!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hawks Landing Event (9/5): RESULTS

Hawks Landing (9/5) results: RESULTS WEB PAGE
  • Individual Stoke Play - NET (paid out at season ending banquet)
    • 1st; Wozniak: -4, 68 ($60)
    • 2nd; Wolter: -3, 69 ($50)
    • T3; Garbers: E, 72 ($35)
    • T3; Binder: E, 72 ($35)
    • T5; Jaeger: +1, 73 ($10)
    • T5; Pederson: +1, 73 ($10)
  • Skins ($22/man paid out at course)
    • Pederson: Hole 4
    • Wolter: Holes 11 and 13
  • Honor Scores
    • Top 3 Gross Stroke Play
    • Wolter: +4, 76
    • Wozniak: +6, 78
    • Jaeger: +11, 83

Monday, September 7, 2015

Currie Cup 2015 Results

Congratulations to 2015 Currie Cup Champions:

Team Jardanowski (Paprika shirts) - Lee Gardner, Brian Pederson, John Dobroski, Phil Levin, Steve Jaeger, Bob Cristan, Jeff A. Camosy, Douglas Bowring, Rick Binder,Jesse Alba, Eric Schreindl, Mark Schreindl, Tom Jardanowski, Chris Brock, Bernhard Mattheis, Ben Meyers, Roger Gipp, Dave Ullenberg.

They defeated:

Team Collins (Blue shirts) - Ken Collins, Mark Cuthbert, William Zolandz, Jack Bruss, Steve Wolter, Corey Mader, Scott Brandt, Jim Fossett, Richard Saks, Jim Sauceda, Jordan Seflow, Dan Webb, Steve Amble, Jim Wilkinson, James Malson, Nathan Schlender, Wayne Suess, Jessie Weathersby

By a score of 24 to 21.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

History of the Currie Cup (reprint from 2012)

This is a reprint from 08/2012..........

Those of you unfamiliar with the history of the Currie Cup…

In 2008, Mike O’Neil had a great idea to creating an event for Currie Park Men’s Golf Club.  It was the year of the Ryder Cup with Paul Azinger and Nick Faldo as Captains playing at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky.  Mike prompted the event to the club while providing a format to keep all handicap abilities involved in the event.   Like the Ryder Cup, it was drawn up to have Morning foursomes and Afternoon fourball.  Unfortunately, Mike was unable to participate in the event.  The first Currie Cup in 2008 was at Evergreen Golf Course in Elkhorn, Wisconsin where only 16 members played in the event.   It was Team Nicklaus edging out Tem Hogan 8 ½ to 7 ½ in the first battle of Captain Jardanowski and Captain Webb.

In 2009, again Mike O’Neil drummed up the event.   The event took place at Brighton Dale Golf Course in Racine County.  Unfortunately, Mike was unable to participate.   It was the year of golf cart incident, where tree met golf cart head-on.   Fortunately, no one was hurt badly.   24 members played in the event in a lopsided Team Nicklaus 14 ½ to Team Snead 9 ½ where Jardanowski was nominated for Captain of the Year.

In 2010 another Ryder Cup year, the word was out that this event was a blast to participate in playing.  The event Directed by Jardanowski and backed by Webb and O’Neil was a unique event added and opened to other members of the club.   Promoting the event as fun, competitive, and feeling like you were playing at the Ryder Cup was successful in bringing 32 members to play at Brighton Dale Golf Course in Racine County.   After a third Team name for Captain Webb, Team Mickelson Machine made a late surge during the afternoon rounds to take a 16.5 to 15.5 win over Team Nicklaus.

In 2011, Mike O’Neil was finally able to participate in the event he created in 2008.  Oh, Mike took some heat for having a great idea, yet not able to participate in the event.  This was his first year for him in the event.  After the event Mike was quoted, “This felt like a real Ryder Cup, I really enjoyed playing and even felt a little nervous during the matches”.   The venue was moved north to Kettle Hills Golf Course, bordering property lines with the Gitter plantation.  Yes, PGA Professional Eric Gitter has property bordering a golf course.  It was the first year the event allowed a Professional to play.   Mike was part to the winning team where Team Mickelson Machine just crushed Team Nicklaus.   Even after the crushing defeat, Captain Jardanowski was quoted, “It’s all about heart!”.   It had nothing to do with a late block buster trade for the Brandts.   The speech provided to Team Nicklaus was crushing.   PGA Professional Eric Gitter before the matches, “Try hard, if we lose who cares.  Sound Good?  Let’s go hit some balls!”

This brings us to 2012, another Ryder Cup year.  The Ryder Cup being played in nearby Medinah Country Club in Medinah, Illinois (Are you going?).  Tom Jardanowski decides to step down from Director and Captain.   Jardo will remain in charge of the famous putting contest.   We want to thank you Jardo for all the hard work over the past 4 years.  Mike Kessler has taken the duties of Director and Ken Collins has relieved Tom as a rookie Captain for the challenging team against savvy veteran Captain Dan Webb.  

The 2012 Currie Cup has been brought to “the Battle at the National” this year.  The battle is providing some additional history with the team names.  Lawson Airliners, the first commercial flight into Milwaukee landed on the property of Currie Park.  Dickinson Line was the first airmail flight from Milwaukee to Chicago.  The Battle is schedule for September 2, 2012 with 40 members playing this year.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hawks Landing Event (9/5): Pairings, Format, Payouts, etc...

Hawks Landing Players,
  • Here’s the Hawks Landing Event Page and some details.
  • Please know that a cart is included with the cost for this event and I don’t think walking is even an option so please come prepared to ride.
  • Due to the small number of players this event will not be flighted.
  • It’s simply an Individual Stroke Play – NET event across all players with 5 positions being paid. 

Naga-Waukee Event (8/29): RESULTS

Naga-Waukee (8/29) results: RESULTS WEB PAGE

A Flight Stableford (paid out at season ending banquet)
  • T1; Collins: 9 points ($40)
  • T1; Boulware: 9 points ($40)
  • 3rd; Jaeger: 7 points ($25)
  • 4th; E. Schreindl: 6 points ($15)

B Flight Stableford (paid out at season ending banquet)
  • 1st; Pederson: 10 points ($45)
  • 2nd; Weathersby: 7 points ($35)
  • 3rd; Binder: 6 points ($25)
  • 4th; Saks: 5 points ($15)

Skins ($36/man paid out at course)
  • O’Neil: Hole 1
  • Cuthbert: Hole 3
  • Amble: Hole 18

Honor Scores
  • Top 3 Gross Stroke Play
    • O’Neil, +2, 74
    • Cristan, +6, 78
    • Collins, +6, 78
  • Top 3 Net Stroke Play
    • Pederson, -4, 68
    • Collins, -1, 71
    • Weathersby, -1, 71
    • Boulware, -1, 71

Thursday, August 27, 2015

WPLA 36 Hole Stroke Play Championship

Entries Close at Midnight September 3rd

64th Annual 36 Hole Stroke Play ChampionshipSeptember 12 & 13 – Naga-Waukee Golf Course &  Wanaki Golf Course

Monday, August 24, 2015

Naga-Waukee Event (8/29): Format, Flights, Pairings, Payouts, etc..

Currie Men,
The deadline for this Saturday’s Naga-Waukee event has passed and we have 31 players.
  • Here’s the event’s information page: Naga-Waukee Event Information
  • This Individual Stroke Play Modified Stableford NET event will be FLIGHTED. You can see what flight you’re in by looking at the results tab on the event information page.
    • A Flight has 16 players (indexes below 10)
    • B Flight has 16 players (indexes above 10)
  • We’ll pay out the top four positions in each flight: $45, $35, $25 and $15
  • The scoring system is as follows: Double Eagle or better: +8, Eagle: +5, Birdie +2, Par: 0, Bogey: -1 and Double Bogey or worse: -3
  • As usual for these club-wide events there will be an optional GROSS SKINS game for $5 per entry (find envelope at cashier, check your name and put your $5 in it before teeing off).
  • Everyone will play from the WHITE tees.
  • I’ll have official cards printed off for each pairing. Just record your gross score and hand your card in to me when you get to the club house (the computer will do all the work!). 


Currie Men,
The registration deadline for the 9/5 Hawks Landing event is Monday, 8/31, at 9am. So sign up if you want in!

This is a nice course, everyone liked it last year and mentioned they’d play it again even if it cost more! Mark got us a pretty good deal and the weather should still be nice this early in September.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1st Team Results - Whitnall Park 8/16

First of all I want to thank every one who played Sunday at Whitnall in our final 1st Team Match of the year..  We finished 4th in the match with 72 Points. Greenfield finished 1st for the year, Whitnall was 2nd, Oakwood was 3rd and we finshed 4th for the 2nd Straight Year.  See attached for all the scores and points. Please post your Scores for Handicap as well with it being a T score from the Blue Tees.
Standings 1 2 3 4 5 YTD
Greenfield 134 119  105   138  122 609
Whitnall 80 117 116  110  128 560
Oakwood  90 121   69  105  89 474
Currie 116  97  85  73  72 443
Brown Deer 85  61 108   81  63 398
Dretzka 35  19  57  33  60 204
540 534 540 540 534

Here are the leading Point Scorers from Currie in the Whitnall match:
Wayne Seuss - 82 - 17 points
Mike O'Neil - 73 - 13 Points
Jeff Kapp - 78 - 10 Points

No skins were won by any Currie Players today.
I want to thank everyone for playing this season on 1st Team. We had a very strong start to the season, but faded in each match.

Captain Jim


Currie Men,
The registration deadline for the 8/29 Naga-Waukee event is Monday, 8/24, at 9am.

So sign up if you want in! We currently have 27 registrants.
  • Naga-Waukee: 8/29; NAG Registration Page
  • Format: Individual Modified Stableford (NET)
    • Double Eagle or Better: +8
    • Eagle: +5
    • Birdie: +2
    • Par: 0
    • Bogey: -1
    • Double Bogey or Worse: -3

Monday, August 10, 2015

Naga-Waukee and Hawks Landing: REGISTRATION DEADLINES

Currie Men,
This note is meant to bring attention to two upcoming club events. Everyone has busy schedules in August and with everything else going on as we squeeze what we can out of the summer don’t forget to register for these two events!


We had good weather for this year’s Club Championship and overall most participants golfed pretty good. It was a fun couple days!

Here’s the results (paid out at end of season banquet)
  • Champ Flight (gross, blue tees)
    • 1st place: O’Neil (141), $75
    • 2nd place: Gardner (150), $50
    • 3rd place: Ullenberg (151), $30
    • 4th place: Levin (152), $20
  • A Flight (gross, blue tees)
    • 1st place: Mader (154), $75
    • 2nd place: Jaeger (158), $50
    • T3 place: Schreindl E. (160), $25
    • T3 place: Frenzel (160), $25
  • B Flight (gross, blue tees)
    • 1st place: Bruss (161), $75
    • 2nd place: Saks (164), $50
    • 3rd place: Pederson (166), $30
    • T4 place: Amble (171), $10
    • T4 place: Bowring (171), $10
  • C Flight (net, white tees)
    • 1st place (Won via 2 hole playoff!) : Zwirlein (132), $75
    • 2nd place: Brock (132), $50
    • 3rd place: Garbers (133), $30
    • 4th place: Gipp (136), $20

Skins (paid out on Sunday, 8/9)
  • Saturday Skins ($39 per skin)
    • Hole 3: Kapp
    • Hole 5: Levin
    • Hole 10: Stella
    • Hole 13: Bruss
    • Hole 14: O’Neil
  • Sunday Skins ($27 per skin, $6 left over and used to tip the cart girls)
    • Hole 2: Kapp
    • Hole 7: Gardner
    • Hole 10: Dobroski
    • Hole 11: O’Neil
    • Hole 16: Schreindl
    • Hole 17: Amble
    • Hole 18: Levin
Honor Scores
  • 5 low Gross
    • O’Neil (141)
    • Gardner (150)
    • Ullenberg (151)
    • Levin (152)
    • Dobroski (153)
    • Kapp (153)
  • 5 low Net
    • Bruss (135)
    • Brock (136)
    • Zwirlein (136)
    • Mader (136)
    • Garbers (137)
    • O’Neil (137)

A special thanks to NICOLE CAMOSY and MARK CUTHBERT for coming out to spot on SUNDAY!

Thanks to Scott Walecki for keeping Currie under control and all the moving parts moving along!

Start prepping your game for 2016!!!