Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sign Up To Volunteer at the Top Womens' Golf Event in Milwaukee

The PHC Classic, presented by Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, is returning to Brown Deer Park Golf Course for the fourth year from August 7-12. The tournament is part of the Symetra Tour - the Official Qualifying tour for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA).

We're seeking volunteers for a variety of positions at this year's tournament, and as well as getting prime viewing spots for the tournament, all volunteers will receive a voucher for a free round of golf at Brown Deer Golf Course, a free volunteer golf polo shirt, lunch and bottled water.

Recruit your friends and family to volunteer as a team too!

Positions include: 
Caddies. Cart drivers. Score keepers. Driving range attendants. Marshals. Spotters. Scoring Tent. Scorecard runners. Standard bearers. Event set up.

To Sign Up send an email to: with the Subject Line of: PHC Classic volunteering

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

MCPLA Senior / Mid-Am Championships

Milwaukee County Public Links
42th Annual Senior Championship and 25th Annual Mid-Am Championship
May 19th & 20th at Greenfield Park Golf Course
Entries close at 5:00pm, Friday May 4th.

Link to sign-up document

Monday, January 8, 2018

2018 Kick Off Meeting

The 2018 season kick off meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 6th, at 7:30pm (following the MCPLA board meeting which starts at 6:30pm) at the Currie Park Clubhouse.

On behalf of the club officers, chairmen and captains, we look forward to seeing you on March 6th and for a new golf season!

If you plan on joining in 2018 but can’t attend the March 6th kick off meeting, please respond to Phil Levin with the fact you intend to join and which of the following you’d like to sign up for, so we can get a reasonably accurate count.

o General Membership (minimum requirement for joining)
o Tour of the County
o Season long Match Play event

If you have any specific questions please feel free to respond to Jeff Brandt or Phil Levin, one of us will get your question addressed.

If you do not plan on joining for the 2018 season please let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments to our records.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

End of 2017 Season Meeting Minutes

Treasurer's Report - Brian Pederson

$7,135.74 ending checking account balance, of which $4,514.10 is left in by players for 2018 season.

Club Championship Plaques awarded to:

Lee Gardner - Championship Flight
Larry Dake - A Flight

Dan Webb - B Flight
Jesse Alba - C Flight

Player of the Year Plaque:

Dave Ullenberg

Election of 2018 officers:

Jeff Brandt - President
Phil Levin - Vice President
Bill Zolandz - Secretary
Brian Pederson - Treasurer


MCPLA 1st team competitions will be eliminated in 2018, 2nd team competitions will continue in its present format.

10/7 Season Ending Event at Currie: 1 Man Scramble: RESULTS

Here are the full RESULTS from the season ending event at Currie.

1 Man Scramble (payed out in cash day of)

Champ Flight
  • Carini, Gardner and Cristan, 68, -3 (Split $75, $25 each)
A Flight
  • Pederson, 72, +1 ($35)
  • Barkow, 73, +2 ($25)
  • Frenzel, 74, +3 ($15)
B Flight
  • Camosy and Zwirlein, 72, +1 (split $60, $30 each)
  • Binder and Alba, 76, +5 (split $15, $7.50 each)

Monday, October 2, 2017

10/7 - Season Ending Club Event at Currie - Format, Pairings, Payouts, etc..

Click here to see all the detail you need for the upcoming ONE MAN SCRAMBLE at Currie.

Please know this is our season ending event and after the round we'll take care of club business, such as; distribute winnings, hand out some awards, vote on next year's club officers, etc...

Please know this is a an unusual format so please make sure you know what flight you are in (Champ and A play from the Blues and B flight plays from the Whites), what hole you are starting on (this is a Shotgun start) and HOW THE FORMAT WORKS....Read below for format description and recommended strategy.

Format: One-Man Scramble - Each player gets two extra shots per hole but must pick up at boggie. Can only use one extra shot per shot (example; cannot take three shots at birdie putt if on par 4 green in regulation without using any extra shots). If extra shot is taken then you can chose the better of the two shots to hit your next ball from (aka SCRAMBLE)
Recommended strategy: Hit tee ball in fairway! If you miss the fairway and it is in the trees, walk to your ball and hit a second shot (save your scramble shots) - get the second shot close to the green or back into play! Use your first scramble shot (one of the two extra shots) to hit your second or third shot close to the pin, Use your second scramble shot (two of the two extra shots) on taking two putts at making par or birdie, Key is to attempt to hit fairway on your tee shot or at least give yourself a shot at hitting it near the green.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

9/30 Club Event at Mee-Kwon - RESULTS

Here's the full results from today's Flighted Individual Stroke Play club event at Mee-Kwon: Results

A Flight
  • T1: Mader, Carini, Ullenberg, -2, Split $90 ($30 per man)
  • 4th: Gardner, Even, $10
B Flight
  • 1st: Pederson, -8, $40
  • 2nd: Jardo, -5, $30
  • 3rd: Saks, -2, $20
  • 4th: Binder, -1, $10
Skins (paid $20 per skin)
  • Pederson, hole 5
  • Jaeger, hole 7
  • Cuthbert, hole 9
  • Gardner, hole 13
  • Mader, hole 16
Honor Scores
  • Three low Gross
    • Gardner, +2, 72
    • Ullenberg, +3, 73
    • Carini, +5, 75

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

10/7 Club Event at Currie Park: One Man Scramble/Season Ending Event: REGISTRATION DEADLINE APPROACHING

The registration deadline is approaching for the final Currie Club Event of the 2017 season.

The deadline to register for the 10/7 Season Ending One Man Scramble is at 9am on 10/2. If you are not currently registered and would like to play then please go out here and register: Currie Park - One Man Scramble - Season Ending Event

Detail regarding the format can be found in the NOTES section of the web page.

This is our final event of 2017 and this is when we
  • Distribute any financial winnings
  • Hand out plaques for Club Championship flight champions
  • Hand out plaque for Player of the Year
  • Vote on officers for 2018
  • Complete any final club business for the year

Here's who is registered as of 9/26 at 2pm

9/30 Club Event at Mee-Kwon - Format, Pairings, Payouts, etc...

This event will be a flighted stroke play event. See pairings, tee times, payouts, etc... here: Mee-Kwon Event Site

Last chance to earn Player of the Year points!!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

First Team at Currie Results

1st Team All-Stars:

Thanks to all of you who participated throughout the season.  I appreciate the spirited effort and particularly the great showing defending our home court. For the match, we finished in 3rd place, 6 points behind  2nd place Whitnall.  I originally thought we finished second, but, in reviewing the scoring matrix I noticed some problems with the totaling and did my own calculation, manually.  The Currie match and the season was won by Greenfield with 653 points for the 5 matches.  This averages out to be 130 points per match or 13 points per man for the season.  Something for us to target for next year.  I revised the totals summary for the season and we finished in 4th place, only 27 points behind Oakwood.  Considering that we didn't always have our lowest handicap players available I think this is a pretty outstanding accomplishment for Team Currie.  Thanks to Dave Labinski and his staff for all the help with scoring and the challenging course setup.   

Match Highlights:

John Dobroski shot an outstanding 1 under par 70 and got 15 points.  Congrats, John, for that amazing round!  Not far behind was Dave Ullenberg with a 74 and 14 points, Steve Wolter with a 75 and 15 points, Ken Collins with a 77 and 13 points, and Dominic Carini with a 77 and 12 points.  

Other leaders in the points column were the ever reliable Rich Saks with an 82 and 12 points and yours truly with an 85 and 14 points.

Ken Collins got a skin on #6 with a birdie and Dave Ullenberg got a skin on #11 with a birdie.  

Thanks to everybody who played and grinded out every point you could get.  We represented ourselves well and we can take this competitive spirit into next season.

Phil Levin
Captain, 1st Team

9/24 Club Event at Wanaki - RESULTS

Click here for full RESULTS

2 Man Best Ball (Net)
  • Sauceda/Wolter, -9, split $60 ($30 each)
  • Amble/Anderson & Bowring/Zupke, -8, Split $90 ($22 each)
  • Reiter/Wilkinson, Baker/Dake & Cuthbert/Pederson, -7, Split $50 ($8 each)
Skins (Gross)
  • Silkey, hole 3, $23
  • Wilkinson, hole 8, $23
  • Wolter, hole 13, $23
  • Frenzel, hole 16, $23
  • Zupke, hole 18, $23
Honor Scores
  • Three low gross
    • Wolter, 75, +4
    • Dake, 78, +7
    • Silkey, 78, +7
  • Three low net
    • Wolter, 68, -3
    • Dake, 70, -1
    • Anderson, 70, -1
    • Levin, 70, -1

Monday, September 18, 2017

9/30 Club Event at Mee-Kwon: REGISTRATION DEADLINE

The REGISTRATION DEADLINE for the 9/30 Club Event at MEE-KWON is 9/25 at 9am. 

Click here to register: MEE-KWON REGISTRATION PAGE

Here's a list of people registered on 9/18 at 5:43 PM

9/24 - Club Event at Wanaki: Format, Teams, Pairings, etc..

All the details you need for the Wanaki event can be found here: Event Page

9/17 New Berlin Hills Event: RESULTS

Click here for NBH RESULTS

Net Partners (WSGA Stableford Format)
  1. Barkow/Kloss, 120pts, split $60 ($30 each)
  2. Jaeger/Waldera, 114pts, split $50 ($25 each)
  3. Cuthbert/Silkey, 113, split $40 ($20 each)
  4. Anderson/Binder, 111, split $30 ($15 each)
  5. Draw (Esser)/Loche, 109, split $20 ($10 each, draw does not get paid)
Skins (Gross)
  • Frenzel, 3rd hole, $27
  • Waldera, 10th hole, $27
  • Mader, 13th hole, $27
  • Condella, 18th hole, $27
Honor Scores
  • Three low gross
    • Silkey, +4, 75
    • Gardner, +5, 76
    • Kloss, +7, 78
  • Three low net
    • Kloss, -6, 65
    • Binder, -3, 68
    • Silkey and Jaeger, -2, 69

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9/24 Club Event at Wanaki: Registration Deadline Approaching

Currie Men,
The registration deadline for the 9/24 Club Event at Wanaki is 9/18 at 9:00am.

If you want to play in the Wanaki event on 9/24 then click here to register if you're not already registered: 9/24 Club Event: Wanaki Registration Page

Please know that Wanaki just aerated their greens..........they did the small holes, with sanding and are expecting them to heal quickly but they want us to know that the greens will not be "perfect". In consideration of our keeping the event at Wanaki, they have dropped their greens fees to $25 walking.

These people are registered as of 9/12 at 4:30pm

9/17 Club Event at New Berlin Hills: Format, Pairings, Payouts, etc...

Currie Men,
All you need to know about the 9/17 Club Event at New Berlin Hills can be found here: New Berlin Hills Event Page

In celebration of the Wisconsin State Golf Association's NET PARTNERS Championship on 9/20 we will be playing a NET PARTNERS (WSGA Stableford Format) on 9/17 to GET IN THE SPIRIT for Currie to represent at the championship.

All teams, pairings and important details are on the event page.

Back 9 Bunker Issue

Please know that I spoke with the course today and there are some bunkers on the back nine that are not playable and therefore we'll have a special rule to allow a drop outside of the bunkers but no closer to the hole (regarding those particular bunkers). They are repairing/filling some of the bunkers between now and Sunday and we will find out, on Sunday morning, which ones we will allow a drop from. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

9/17: Club Event at New Berlin Hills - REGISTRATION DEADLINE

The registration deadline for the 9/17 Club Event at New Berlin Hills is Monday, 9/11, at 9:00am. Click here to register: New Berlin Hills

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Currie Cup 2017 Results

Congratulations to 2017 Currie Cup Champions:

Team Mader (Dark Blue shirts) - Brian Waldera, Chad Kloss, Corey Mader, Dave Labinski, Dominic Carini, Jason Zupke, Jeff Brandt, Jeff Camosy, Jeff Kapp, Jesse Alba, Jim Wilkinson, Jordan Seflow, Mark Schriendl, Richard Saks, Scott Brandt, Steve Wolter.

They defeated:

Team Brock (Light Blue shirts) - Bob Cristan, Brian Pederson, Chris Brock, Chuck Garbers, Dan Webb, Darrell Frenzel, Glen Barkow, Hank Posnanski, Henry Posnanski, Jim Sauceda, Lee Gardner, Mark Cuthbert, Rick Binder, Rick Reiter, Steve Amble, Steve Jaeger.

9/2: Naga-Waukee Club Event: RESULTS

Click here for full Naga-Waukee: RESULTS

Individual Modified Stableford (A-Flight)
  • Jaeger, 12, $45
  • Dobrowski & Collins, 9, $30 each (split $60)
  • Schreindl, 5, $20
  • Ullenberg, 4, $10
Individual Modified Stableford (B-Flight)
  • Frenzel, 11, $45
  • Binder, 10, $35
  • Alba, 9, $25
  • Camosy & Rivas, 8, $15 each (split $30)
Skins ($25/Skin)
  • Cristan, hole 8
  • Camosy, hole 9
  • Collins, hole 10
  • Dobrowski, 11
  • Wolter, 12
  • Ullenberg, 16
Honor Scores
  • Low 3 Gross
    • Collins & Dobrowski, +3, 75
    • Ullenberg, +6, 78
  • Low 3 Net
    • Binder, -4, 68
    • Jaeger, -3, 69
    • Collins, Alba, Rivas, -2, 70

Monday, August 28, 2017

9/2 Club Event at NAGA-WAUKEE - Format, Pairings, Payouts, Etc...

Click here to see all details for the 9/2 Club Event: NAGA-WAUKEE

This is an individual flighted event.

See results page to see which flight you are in. Handicap indexes will be revised on 9/1, so there is potential for your flight assignment to change if you are on the cusp! 

We will use this MODIFIED stableford scoring system. Just record your gross score on your scorecards, the computer will do the math!
  • Double Eagle (or better): +8
  • Eagle: +5
  • Birdie: +2
  • Par: 0
  • Bogey: -1 
  • Double Bogey (or worse): -3


Sunday, August 27, 2017

2017 MCPLA Arnold Walker County Championship Results

Currie Park Men's Club was well represented at the 2017 MCPLA Arnold Walker County Championship, 22 of 94 entrants were from Currie.

Jeff Camosy won the C flight, after a 1 hole playoff.

Jake Boulware finished second in the A flight after a 1 hole playoff.  Tom Condella finished third, and Dominic Carini fourth.

Gerry McGrath finished third in the B flight, Doug Bowring finished fourth, and Steve Jaeger sixth.

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