Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still time to post scores!

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WSGA Handicap Revision Schedule & Active/Inactive Season -
The active season in Wisconsin for posting scores is April 1 through October 31. Scores made prior to April 1 and after October 31 in Wisconsin are not acceptable scores for handicap purposes.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Abbey Springs Golf

Par 3 #2 - Collins put it in the water!
Abbey Springs event had 15 guys making a choice not to watch the Packer Game. The weather was almost ideal for fall golf with the occasional cool breeze when atop the overlook of Lake Geneva lovely blue water. Greens were much undulated, perhaps more than I remember. Rumor had it that a single digit handicapper 5 putted (I don’t believe it). Another rumor was someone hit the wrong ball; I could see that happening with the number of leaves on the course (“did you call leaf rule?”).  Jerry finally collected has skin $ from Whipsering Springs. I hope it bought a round for his foursome.

The course was beautiful along with very accommodating and looking forward to have us back next year. Camosy was only knucklehead in shorts, go figure. Collins kept throwing and leaving golf balls for the grump foursome beyond them as the Packers score kept getting worse. Thank you to the guys who played, if you did not play let us know whether it’s too far to drive, a Packer game, too cool of weather, and just plain had enough this year as we prepare next year’s schedule of events and golf courses. See you at The Bull, let’s hope the weather is at least as nice as Sunday.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Abbey Springs Pairings

As you stand on that first tee at Abbey Springs, get ready to see some of the most breathtaking scenery you'll ever experience while golfing in the state of Wisconsin. As you play our course, you're going to meander up and down rolling hills and travel wooded fairways. On several holes, the elevation changes will provide you with panoramas of beautiful Geneva Lake.

Our semi-private club is located on the southwest shores of the lake in Fontana, about 15 miles from the town of Lake Geneva.

We're in the heart of one of America's favorite resort areas where you can come to play for a day or spend a week or more golfing, sightseeing and enjoying water sports.

The golf course at Abbey Springs was built in 1971 and was designed by Killian & Nugent, a well-known golf design firm that has laid out many renowned courses in the Midwest, including Kemper Lakes. We are now a four 1/2-star rated golf course by Golf Digest "Places to Play".


12:00 pm Sean McIrvin Jeff Camosy Quentin (Camosy Guest)
12:10 pm Bob Freuck Mark Nelson Jerry Loche Bob Cristan
12:20 pm Doug Bowring Dick Baker Steve Wolter
12:30 pm Jack Bruss Bill Zolandz Brian Pederson Darrell frenzel
12:40 pm Damian Wozniak Damian's Guest Ken Collins

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Year End One-man Scramble Event and Banquet

Click to hear Jack
First of all, the officers would like to apologize for some communication mix-up with getting some grub for the event. We, in the past, had collected some additional monies to cover food. There was discussion at our September meeting, which you all are always invited to attend, that we decided to allow everyone to decide to order something from the grill, if you desired. We (the Officers) did not communicate this clearly. Lessons learned.

On to the One-man scramble plus team event results… Team Event winners Kapp, Jaeger, Zwirlein, Nowotny. Gross winner: Mike O’Neil Net winner: Bob Breul See details from event. Flag event winners included: O’Neil #7 & #12; Johnson #10 & Cuthbert #18. Pace of play was a bit slower than expected; we will have to work on helping get this event done a little quicker next year.

With President Dan Webb unable to attend, Michael Kessler your VP stepped up and ran the year end meeting. As a first year VP, Michael did a fantastic job with the meeting by keeping things moving and handling the business and heckling members.

Awards where distributed by Michael Kessler and Tom Condella:

Club Championship A Flight Low Gross - Mike O’Neil (Championship Flight*)
Club Championship B Flight Low Gross - Tom Condella (B Flight*)
Club Championship A Flight Low Net - Doug Bowring (A Flight*)
Club Championship B Flight Low Net - Jim Seamandel (C Flight*)
Tour of the County Co-Champions - Brian Pederson
Tour of the County Co-Champions - Rayfield Johnson
Match Play Champion Championship Flight – Mike O’Neil
Match Play Champion A Flight – Damian Wozniak
Match Play Champion B Flight – Glen Jaeger
Match Play Champion C Flight – Rayfield Johnson
Player of the Year – Brian Pederson   -- P.O.Y. Point System
First Team Most Points Scored – Kenny Collins
Second Team Most Points Scored – Corey Mader & Jeff Camosy

Second Team Trophy was presented to Jack Bruss for the 4th year in a row by John Haeflinger. Congratulations to all the 2nd team players and Captain Jack Bruss. Did I hear some chanting in the background “Five, Five, Five”.

A nomination to retain all the current officers for 2013 was made and voted unanimously to keep the cabinet in place for 2013.


Club championship format for 2012 was recommended to return to the flight format. Discussions will continue next year to resolve.

Recommendation to think about a prepay system for events similar other clubs. Discussions will continue next year to see how that may work.

Tour of the County has dropped Grant and Greenfield in favor of some different courses for 2013 season.

Mike Kessler and Jack Bruss will be securing golf courses for 2013, if you have suggestions please share them.

As a club, everyone felt there was a little improvement with slow play. We still have to work harder to get our rounds closer to 4 hours. Read the Ready Golf Mission Statement.

There are two events remaining this year. Abbey Springs and The Bull

Special Recognition to our PGA Professional ERIC GITTER for all his work in providing his services to the club. OUTSTANDING work Eric! Also, recognition to our new superintendent, MATT SULLIVAN, for all the work in keeping Currie Park Golf Course conditions, with a very difficult summer, in good playing condition.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dan Webb save check for 2013

Well Guys YOU Did It.

MCPLA     64 1/2 points
NIMAGA    49 1/2 points

I want to thank everyone who participated. The breakdown of clubs is:

        Brown Deer (15)
        Grant (9)
        Currie (8)
        Oakwood (5)
        Greenfield (1)

Dan Webb was injured prior to the match and was unable to play (I was able to work it out with Evergreen that we were not charged for Dan) I want to thank Joe Jurkowski from Oakwood who stepped up and played his opponent as well as Dan's and did quite well. Dan this just means you can save your check for next year. You are first on my 2013 List. The 2013 NIMAGA will be Saturday September 21 at Evergreen. I hope to see you all there to defend.

A special thanks to Terry Winiarski from Oakwood who has offered to get the Trophy engraved and hopefully have it at the October MCPLA meeting. This year the Trophy will be displayed at Brown Deer as the had the most participants(Thanks Ray). Future years I will try to Rotate it.

Best Regards

John/NIMAGA Chairman/MCPLA President

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7 Currie Players in NIMAGA



Here you will find the pairings for Saturdays NIMAGA. It is a Shotgun Start at 8:00AM please arrive no later than 7:30am. Lunch will follow and presentation of the Trophy. I sure would like to get it back.
If you have any question you can call me during working hours at 262-554-5822  and at night, 414-422-2793

See you there.

Best Regards,


2012 Winnings

Our crack team of all the Directors have submitted the final 'pay out' schedule which are Milwaukee County Gift Cards.   The Cards will be handed out by Tom Condella, so please find him and identify yourself to receive your Gift Card.   You are able to view the pay out schedule on our secure site as requested by some who may be "wanted" (no sure, just sayin').

Nonetheless, see you all at the Banquet on Sunday.  Remember to find Tom!

If you questions about the numbers, please contact Tom. 414-507-1828

Monday, September 17, 2012

1st Team Final Results 2012

Thank Jim for helping run the 1st team in 2012.   Congratulations to all the Currie Members who earned points in the 1st team matches.     Also posted are the final results for the year.   For all the details for the matches for the season read on...

Modified Stableford Naga-Waukee Results

Great weather for golf!   Rumor was pace may have been a challenge; let's keep working on our Ready Golf playing golf mission Read on.

Special thank you to Steve Wolter and others who were able to step in and help with scoring and collecting the information for the event.   Scott Brandt congratulations!

1    Scott Brandt F 13
T2  Chuck Garbers F 9
T2  Rick Reiter F 9
T4  Mark Cuthbert F 8
T4  Gerald Loche F 8
T6  Jeff Kapp F 5
T6  Damian Wozniak F 5
T6  Brian Pederson F 5
T6  Phil Levin F 5

Click to see details in Bluegolf

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 12th Meeting

MEETING minutes from scheduled September 12th @ Currie Park 6:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  All meetings will be held at the Currie Park Club House, at 6:30pm.  In the past, Currie used to have meetings to share information and allow for some discussion.  We are attempting to restart those meetings which will be conducted the second Wednesday of each month.

Discussion Items

Final say on Trophies and Plaques

Asterisk (*) denotes position on “Champions Trophy”
Club Championship A Flight Low Gross - Mike O’Neil (Championship Flight*)
Club Championship B Flight Low Gross - Tom Condella (B Flight*)
Club Championship A Flight Low Net - Doug Bowring (A Flight*)
Club Championship B Flight Low Net - Jim Seamandel (C Flight*)
Tour of the County Co-Champions - Brian Pederson
Tour of the County Co-Champions - Rayfield Johnson
Match Play Champion Championship Flight – Mike O’Neil
Match Play Champion A Flight – Damian Wozniak
Match Play Champion B Flight – Glen Jaeger
Match Play Champion C Flight – Rayfield Johnson
Player of the Year - TBD
First Team Most Points Scored - TBD
Second Team Most Points Scored – Corey Mader & Jeff Camosy

·         Dues for 2013 ($100) – further discussion in January likely moving to $110
·         What worked, what didn't
Number of Events run provide opportunities to golf
Curries Course Conditions
PGA Professional (Eric Gitter) great help
Matt superintendent communication was good
Off season sign-up weak
Ask 1st year members for some feedback
Continue to monitor slow play and ways to improve
<Actionable> Mike Kessler to put questionnaire for Banquet to share thoughts.

·         Start talking about off season agenda starting In January 2013
·         Winter trips? (potential trip to Florida this Winter and/or Early Spring)
·         2013 schedule (we have a DRAFT version which will get published after the October meeting and final approval of events from Milwaukee County)

Upcoming Events Explored
Season nearing close – Naga-Waukee (Wolter and Jaeger need to get results to Condella)
Banquet – Election at Banquet; if you want Nominate someone for President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary please call or email Dan Webb.
Abbey Springs, The Bull  - talk up events to get them filled up.

1st Team Report (Jim Fossett)  - last match at Currie 9/15
2nd Team Report (Jack Bruss)
Tour of the County (Bill Zolandz) – no GreenField
Currie Match Play (Michael O’Neil) – Completed
MCPLA (Bob Freuck) –NIMAGA
WPLA (Steve Jaeger) – State @Naga-Waukee & Wanaki
Membership Report (Rich Saks) –
Treasury Report (Tom Condella) –
Handicap Report (Mark Cuthbert) –

New Business

Proposals for Changes should be submitted in writing to Dan Webb prior to Banquet
-          One proposal is to remove the discounted rate for Juniors
-          Another proposal / idea was to add a referral program to our club
-          Other proposals to consider are any changes to MCPLA which can be submitted via any of the officers or directly to John Haeflinger

Next meeting for Scheduling TBD in October <actionable> Jack Bruss find a free night.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Currie National is on the move!

Congrats to Mark Schreindl for winning the WPLA flight C championship 9/9 at Wanaki. Mark shot a nice 80 to overtake day 1 leader Mark Ebert. Jack Bruss couldn't keep up, shooting 84 and taking 4th place. The results for event are likely to be posted at some time. Great work Currie Men!   

Rumor was WPLA pace of play was not up to Currie Park pace of play; Gentlemen, don't accept slow play, take to the players in your group to their pre-shot routine shorten and walk with a purpose.   Observing a foursome with 2 Currie members, they were able to leave the tee box in less than 2 minutes after the first ball was struck.  BE READY TO PLAY and stop watching the Golf Channel.  Bring back the days when under 4 hours was a blast and the scores were better.

Great work Currie Players; lots of names near the tops of the leader boards.

Click to view the results

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Currie National Strikes again

The 28th annual Wisconsin State Senior Open with a field of ninety golfers played, with both amateurs and professionals trying to tackle one of the toughest tests of golf in Wisconsin, The Bull at Pinehurst Farms.

Several players had quality scores to show for their play including our own Currie Park Men's Club member Dave Ullenberg was very successful in the NET Division.

Wisconsin State Senior Open Results

Milwaukee County Scheduling meeting

Pulse survey as the Milwaukee County Scheduling meeting is Thursday.   Please comment on thoughts about 9am start times vs. 6am start times for Currie Events at County Courses?   If we don't need/want any early start times, Dan Webb's job at MCPLA scheduling meeting will take five minutes.   Dan Webb and Ken Collins will be attending to meeting to setup up the dates for golf being played in 2013 at County Courses.

Think about Club Championship, Two Currie Events at Currie.

Note: this is only Golf played at Milwaukee County Parks Golf Courses.   We will have additional information later in the year to discuss Currie Events at other courses.

Comment by text, e-mail, post on Facebook, post a comment at bottom of this post, or pick up the phone and call.

It's your club, help make it work for you by voicing your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 Match Play Champions

All matches have been completed and the Champions are:

Championship Flight  -  Mike O’Neil

A Flight  -  Damien Wozniak

B Flight  -  Glen Jaeger

C Flight  -  Rayfield Johnson

Congrats to all!
Check out how the matches progressed

Friday, August 31, 2012

Currie Cup is coming home

The Currie Cup for the past 5 years has been played away from Currie Park Golf Course.   This year the Currie Cup is coming home.

Gentlemen GAME ON!     Go get that trophy and put some ice cold beer in it!

Are those the Red tees?

Golf 015Not sure if the Currie Cup is ready for this skill level; Team Lawson has some short hitters.   I am just not sure if they are this short.   Captain Webb is likely not going to be able to share his strategy in making “Danland pars” to all 20 of his chops.  For all we know the ball this guy is hitting may explode into dust.   BEWARE of golf balls hit short of red tee markers.   Team Lawson, I predicted will be all over the yard left, right, and down the middle.  Captain Collins has shared a strategy with his chops thanks to first time motivational speaker last year PGA Professional Eric Gitter.  “Go hit the ball, find it and hit it again; oh have some fun too.  Now let’s play some golf!”

Thursday, August 30, 2012

currie cup morning session tee times


tee time


Dickinson Airliners

Lawson Liners

Wilkinson / Dobroski

Seamandel / O'Neil

Cristan / Breul

Gitter / Mattheis

Wozniak / Pederson

Fossett / Ferguson

Wolter / Zolandz

McGrath / Binder

Globig / Mader

J Brandt / Barkow

Bruss / Dahlgren

S Brandt / Bowring

Jardanowski / Silkey

Kessler / McIrvin

Condella / Freuck

Kartz / Levin

Gardner / Camosy

Collins / Stella

Webb / Frenzel

Jaeger / Suess

Session 1 total

Foursomes (alt shot)  

Wilkinson / Dobroski

Seamandel / O'Neil

Cristan / Breul

Gitter / Mattheis

Wozniak / Pederson

Fossett / Ferguson

Wolter / Zolandz

McGrath / Binder

Globig / Mader

J Brandt / Barkow

Bruss / Dahlgren

S Brandt / Bowring

Jardanowski / Silkey

Kessler / McIrvin

Condella / Freuck

Kartz / Levin

Gardner / Camosy

Collins / Stella

Webb / Frenzel

Jaeger / Suess

Session 2 total

Morning Session Total