Sunday, August 18, 2019

Club Championship Results

Club Championship Competitors,

The 2019 Currie Men's Club Championship is in the books. Although we did have about a 90 minute weather delay this morning and a bit of a breeze today, the course setup and generally mild conditions brought out the best of the best in each flight. The C flight was won by our club Secretary, the ever improving Bill Zolandz. At the top of the B Flight was Rich Saks, one of the clubs grittiest competitors, winning the flight by 7 shots. Taking 1st in the A Flight was Dominic Carini putting together consistent stellar rounds of 74 and 78. Saving the best for last, our 2019 Club Champion is Lee Gardner. This is the 5th time Lee has won the Club Championship. This year might be his most impressive victory posting 2 under par and lapping the field by 10 shots. Congratulations to the winners and to the other top performers in each flight. We are paying out the top 4 spots. Skins results are available on the web event page and have been paid by Scott and Marcus. A summary of the flight results follow. A big thanks to Head Pro Scott Walecki and assistant Marcus Suelflow for making this an enjoyable and successful weekend for all the competitors. We appreciate it.

Phil Levin
Championship Flight:

1st       Lee Gardner              -2               $70       
2nd      Steve Wolter             +8                 50
3rd       Eric Schreindl           +12               30
4th       Dave Ullenberg        +13                20

A Flight

1st        Dominic Carini         +10              $70
2nd       Jeff Brandt               +13                50
3rd        Steve Jaeger            +16               30
4th        Tom Condella            +20               20

B Flight

1st        Rich Saks                   +20              $70
T2nd     Gary Zwirlein              +27               40
             Harry Markos              +27               40
4th        Dan Webb                   +29               20

C Flight (Net)

1st       Bill Zolandz                    -10              $70
2nd      Jeff Camosy                    -7                 50
3rd       Dick Baker                      -6                 30
T4th     Jordan Seflow                 -5                 10
            Jim Sauceda                   -5                 10

Lee Gardner - Club Champion

Dominic Carini - A Flight Champ

Richard Saks - B Flight Champ
Bill Zolandz - C Flight Champ

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Club Event at Ives Grove Golf Links - Results

All Currie National Competitors and Ives Grove Participants,

On my way to the course this morning I was fantasizing about the prospects for a hole in one. I did indeed get one, but unfortunately it was before I got to the course...a hole in one tire! Thanks to everybody for helping me get back on the road after the round. You guys are the best. Thank you Jeff Camosy and Bill Zolandz for taking over the scoring duties. I appreciate that.

First place honors go to the duo of Bernie Mattheis and Brad Romanowski at -15, $50ea. Great performance guys. Nice to see new names at the top. In second place at -12 were Jeff Camosy and Bryan Olen, $30ea. Tied for third at -9 were teams Brandt/Collins, Jaeger/Zolandz, and Baker/Gardner, $15ea. Low gross scores were posted by Lee Gardner 71, Ken Collins 74, Chris Glinski 75, and Steve Wolter 79.

$10 Skins were won by Ken Collins, getting 3 skins, Lee Gardner 2, and Steve Wolter, Brian Pederson, Chris Glinski, and myself all getting 1.

I hope everybody had fun. See you all at the Club Championship.

Link to full results

Phil Levin


Saturday, August 3, 2019

Club Event at Edgewood (Oaks) Golf Course - Results

Edgewood Combatants,

Pleasantly the $48 fee that I was quoted Friday afternoon was incorrect and we actually wound up paying only $37. The best was saved for last as the final foursome of the day won this Irish 4 Ball event. The winners were team Cristan/Hirsch/Schreindl/Schreindl at -17, each getting $30. In 2nd place was team Camosy/Collins/Jaeger/Pederson -12, $20Ea. and in 3rd place was team Condella/Fossett/Glinski/Wolter -10, $10ea. Very impressive playing to the winners.

Honorable mentions go out to Dave Ullenberg with a gross 74, Eric Schreindl 77 and Lee Gardner 78. Net scores of note were Jeff Camosy with a 67, Scott Brandt shooting a 68 and Tom Condella with a 69. On a roll with some recent exceptional play is Dick Baker with a net 70 including deuces on #'s 11 and 14 and a net score of 32 on the back 9. Way to go Richard!!

Skins of $17 ea. were won by Eric Schreindl #3, Brian Pederson #'s 7 and 16, Tom Condella #8, Jim Fossett #10, Lee Gardner #12, and Steve Jaeger #15.

Thanks to Gerry McGrath for helping out with the score-keeping after the round. Appreciate that.

Link to full results

Phil Levin,