Sunday, April 30, 2023

Club Event at Shepherd's Crook Golf Course - Results

Hello boys,

Well it turned out to be a pretty nice day!! I was not real keen on playing but it turned out to be a nice day. A tad windy but all went well and the course was in great shape.

No real highlights for the day so we will get in to the winners for the day.

Individual low net was the event for the day:

1st place
Bob Cristan and Brian Pederson                  +2    $55 each

3rd place
Jim Sauceda                                  +3    $40

4th place
Pete Tarantino and Jeff Kapp                              +4    $25 each

6th place
Gerry McGrath, Jeff Camosy, Mark Cuthbert    +5    $8 each

There were 2 skins for the day!!
Rob Sweeney with a birdie on the 2nd hole and Mark Cuthbert with a birdie on hole #7.

Link to Full Results

Thanks and enjoy,

Steve Wolter

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Club Event at Meadowbrook Country Club - Results

Hello boys,

Well it was quite a day!! We endured sleet, snow and rain all in one round of golf!!

Thanks to the 20 die hard members who showed up and stuck it out!! Shows the grit of CPMC golfers!!! Or maybe the craziness!!!

Anyway, we had a Net 2 Man Best Ball event.

Team event leaderboard:

Fenzl/Hirsch            -8    $40 each
Barkow/Cuthbert        -6    $30 each
Bowring/Pederson      -5     $20 each
Camosy/Lucas          -4    $15 each   
Mayer/Sweeney        -3    $5 each
Garber/Wolter         -3     $5 each    

We did have one golfer play a great round of golf!!! Gary Fenzl shot a round of 76 in those wonderful conditions!!!

Besides Gary, there were only 2 other golfers with under par net scores!! They were Glen Barkow and Jeff Camosy!!

There were 6 skins, Gery Fenzl had 2 and Mark Lucas, Phil Levin, Gerry McGrath and Doug Bowring had one each.

Link to Full Results

Thanks and enjoy,

Steve Wolter