Saturday, April 30, 2022

Club Event at Ives Grove Golf Links - Results

Well it was an ugly day!!!!

26 guys signed up. 20 guys showed up. 2 guys left before the round even started. 6 guys quit in the middle of the round. So that left 12 Currie boys on the course!!!! And all 12 finished!!! And I do not think there were that many others on the course!!!

Results of the individual net event:

Rich Saks ($60) Net 73
Rick Reiter ($50) Net 74
Jeff Camosy ($35) Net 76
Steve Jaeger ($35) Net 76
Mark Cuthbert ($20) Net 77
Steve Amble ($12.50) Net 79
Jake Boulware ($12.50) Net 79

Jake Boulware won the only skin for a $60 payday.

Link to Full Results

Good day,

Steve Wolter

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Club Event at Meadowbrook Country Club - Results

 Hello gents,

We had a beautiful day, but the course was just a bit soggy!!! Any way it sure was fun getting the season started!

Top three teams in the event were:
  1.  Mark Cuthbert, Tyler Burns, Tom Pfeiffer and Jesse Alba (Team wins $100)                -15
  2. Paul Ihn, John Dobroski, Doug Schafer and Jack Bruss (Team wins $60)                        -11
  3. Jeff Camosy, Pete Tarantino, Rob Sweeney and Steve Wolter (Team wins $40)            -7
Skins were $15 each. And there were 10 skins. 

Winners were:

Paul Ihn had 2 skins, Tyler Burns had 2 skins, Brian Pederson had 2 skins and Tom Pfeiffer, Jack Bruss, Dave Ullenberg and Steve Wolter each had 1 skin.

Next events are Saturday April 30 at Ives Grove and Scenic View on May 1st. See you there!!!

Good day,
Steve Wolter