Sunday, June 30, 2013

Challenge match

Many thanks go out to everyone involved in the Currie-Hon-E-Kor Challenge! The event was a blast and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! We are planning a revenge match @ The "National" and are working on a date sometime in August. So keep checking back here for more info.
P.S. Most matches were very close, with Hon-E-Kor winning 20-1/2 to 16-1/2. As always "hit'em straight and keep your balls clean" PREZ

Friday, June 28, 2013

Currie- Hon-E-Kor Challenge

For those of you playing in the Challenge on Saturday, registration will be in the downstairs bar. That is also where you will pay the entry fee and green fees. Those of you who have already paid the entry fee to the club will still have to pay the greens fee and cart if you ride.
Hon-E-Kor is a fun track and a pretty easy walk so this should be a great time. Anyone with a National shirt should wear them, color is up to you. Looks like the weather will cooperate (hope I didn't jinx it). See you at the course!!! PREZ

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hon-e-kor Matches

Your Tee Times:

Tee time 1st - Best Ball (Blue)
Hon-E-Kor Currie Park
8:00 Scott Rindt B. Zolandz
8:00 Buck Averill B. Bigus
8:08 Gary Curreri D. Kartz
8:08 Dan Gibbon Sr. J. Camosy
8:16 Brian Ogle B. Pederson
8:16 Rick Averill R. Baker
8:24 Dale Jung J. Bruss
8:24 Jim Kleinke D. Bowring
8:32 Tom Jacubyck D Frenzel
8:32 Mike Korth M. Schreindl
8:40 Michael Volesky Dan Webb
8:40 Jim Korth S. Brandt
8:48 Dan Gibbon Jr. Steve Wolter
8:48 Larry Sterr J. Brandt
8:56 Cale Anderson D. Wozniak
8:56 Alex Bojung P. Levin
9:04 Joe Volesky C. Silkey
9:04 Jim Rohlinger C. Mader
9:12 Jason Jahnke J. Dobroski
9:12 Jay Krueger K. Collins
2nd- Scramble (White)
Hon-E-Kor Currie Park
Buck Averill B. Bigus
Gary Curreri D. Kartz
Scott Rindt B. Zolandz
Dan Gibbon Sr. J. Camosy
Rick Averill R. Baker
Dale Jung J. Bruss
Brian Ogle D. Bowring
Jim Kleinke B. Pederson
Mike Korth M. Schreindl
Michael Volesky Dan Webb
Tom Jacubyck D Frenzel
Jim Korth S. Brandt
Dan Gibbon Jr. Steve Wolter
Alex Bojung P. Levin
Larry Sterr J. Brandt
Cale Anderson D. Wozniak
Joe Volesky C. Silkey
Jay Krueger K. Collins
Jim Rohlinger C. Mader
Jason Jahnke J. Dobroski
3rd- Head to Head (Red)
Hon-E-Kor Currie Park
Buck Averill B. Bigus
Scott Rindt B. Zolandz
Dan Gibbon Sr. J. Camosy
Gary Curreri D. Kartz
Rick Averill R. Baker
Brian Ogle B. Pederson
Jim Kleinke J. Bruss
Dale Jung M. Schreindl
Mike Korth D. Bowring
Tom Jacubyck D Frenzel
Jim Korth S. Brandt
Michael Volesky Dan Webb
Larry Sterr J. Brandt
Dan Gibbon Jr. Steve Wolter
Alex Bojung P. Levin
Cale Anderson D. Wozniak
Jim Rohlinger C. Mader
Joe Volesky C. Silkey
Jay Krueger K. Collins
Jason Jahnke J. Dobroski
Check your foursome for the last round with Kate.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

TOC @ Dretzka Results

Jack Bruss shot 79 (-5 to target score) to win this event, second Mark Cuthbert 80 (-3) third Bill Zolandz 91 (E), also cashing were Lee Gardner 77 (+2) and Rich Saks 84 (+2).

Skins were won by Mark Cuthbert on #8 and #15, Jack Bruss on #12, and Bob Ferguson for his Eagle on #11.  Skins were cut on #5 and #14.

The Blue Golf site only contains Gross Scores and Skins.    DETAILED RESULTS

You will need to post your own score for this round, we did not post them for you via BlueGolf.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

TOC Live - unofficial

Name Target Score Difference
Bruss, Jack 12.4 82 84 85 84 79 -5
Cuthbert, Mark 11.5 81 83 84 83 80 -3
Zolandz, William 20.7 91 93 94 91 91 0
Gardner, Lee 3.0 72 74 75 75 77 2
Saks, Richard 12.0 82 84 85 82 84 2
Amble, Steve 14.0 84 86 87 86 89 3
Mader, Corey 7.3 77 79 80 79 83 4
Suess, Wayne 7.9 78 79 81 79 83 4
Ferguson, Bob  85 91 6
Collins, Ken 4.2 74 75 77 77 84 7
Dahlgren, Derek 9.1 79 81 82 82 89 7
McArdle, John 24.8 95 97 99 95 102 7
Condella, Tom 10.9 81 82 84 82 90 8
Cywinski, Brian 20.9 91 93 94 91 100 9
Camosy, Jeff 18.2 88 90 92 88 97 9
Pederson, Brian 13.0 83 85 86 85 94 9
Baker, Richard 16.2 86 88 89 86 96 10
Bowring, Douglas 11.1 81 83 84 81 92 11
Kosharek, James 15.1 85 87 88 87 100 13
Nowotny, Michael 18.6 89 91 92 89 107 18
Bigus, Bill 22.4 93 95 96 95 119 24

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TOC @ Dretzka 06.22.2013


Tee Time Name Index White Blue Black

BlueGolf Information

Bruss, Jack 12.4 82 84 85
Collins, Ken 4.2 74 75 77
Dahlgren, Derek 9.1 79 81 82
Kosharek, James 15.1 85 87 88

Amble, Steve 14.0 84 86 87
Condella, Tom 10.9 81 82 84
Cywinski, Brian 20.9 91 93 94
Gardner, Lee 3.0 72 74 75

Binder, Rick 19.6 90 92 93
Frenzel, Darrell 11.1 81 83 84
Mader, Corey 7.3 77 79 80
Saks, Richard 12.0 82 84 85

Camosy, Jeff 18.2 88 90 92
McArdle, John 24.8 95 97 99
Wilkinson, Jim 21.5 92 94 95
Zolandz, William 20.7 91 93 94

Cuthbert, Mark 11.5 81 83 84
Nowotny, Michael 18.6 89 91 92
Wozniak, Damian 7.5 77 79 80

Baker, Richard 16.2 86 88 89
Bowring, Douglas 11.1 81 83 84
Jaeger, Steve 9.0 79 80 82

Bigus, Bill 22.4 93 95 96
Pederson, Brian 13.0 83 85 86
Suess, Wayne 7.9 78 79 81

Monday, June 17, 2013

What is your Attitude?

Check your attitude? Why are you golfing today; what brings to the golf course; are you here to enjoy a round of golf while playing competitively against fellow golfers? Leave the attitude at home or office. Golfing is a place, I like to call paradise. A place to get outside (in God's country) away from the everyday noise and BS of other life challenges. 

There are four characteristics to consider that make up the attitude of your foursome: 

CONSIDERATION - so, if you are that person the enters the expressway and moves your vehicle into the "fast lane" only to set the cruise at 55; MOVE your butt the hack over. You are NOT showing much consideration to others. On the golf course, it is not much different. There are golfers beyond looking to move a bit quicker than your "cruise control" setting of meandering around for 5 hours. Show some consideration for the other players on the golf course. 

ORGANIZATON - so, you don't like someone in your foursome; thinking…"I am never taking the flag out". Hey, you should just go home now! You are about to spend at least 4 hours with this person, so figure it out. Get your foursome organized early in the round by communicating. If someone is not helping do their part, then teach them. For example: ready golf for foursome, hit if you are ready; and closest to the hole take the flag out; first in pick up the flag to replace it after the last person has putt. Drop a player off if you are in a motorized cart. Don't be like those geese on the course taking a dump all over the course. Get organized early in the round. 

EFFORT - so, it does not take that much effort to "enjoy yourself" while you are on the course. Put some effort into moving your foursome along. There are some golfers which are still learning, put some effort into sharing your knowledge. Dude, they are not going to get it unless you tell them and teach them. This leads to TACK. 

TACK - so, be tactful about teaching them. For those of you who NOT SLOW GOLFERS; guess what, you likely don't have any tack, so just go home now! Those of you willing to demonstrate by example and being tactful about communicating to your foursome that you are out of position; keep up that great work! 

Applying consideration, getting organized, putting a little effort tactfully can prove to creating great attitude for everyone on the golf course getting around in recommended time or even faster! 

"Ultimately, pace of play boils down to ATTITUDE. It requires CONSIDERATION, ORGANIZATION, EFFORT, and TACK." 

Do you have any of these characteristics?

2nd Team Line-up @Dretzka

Gentlemen – the roster has been set for the third Second Team match, which will be held at Dretzka on Sunday, June 30.  More details, including pairings will follow, but for now, if your name is on the list below, please reply to this message letting me know that you did get it, you have marked your calendar, and you will be at Dretzka on June 30.  Do it now please, so I don’t have to keep bugging you.



Corey Mader
Phil Levin
Gerry McGrath
Steve Jaeger
Doug Bowring
Darrell Frenzel
Mark Schreindl
Mark Cuthbert
Rich Saks
Jack Bruss
Bernie Mattheis
Brian Pedersen
Jeff Camosy
Mike Nowotney
Bill Zolandz
Bill Bigus


Wanaki / Currie Challenge Results

"Baggers get beat down by chops"; all we heard was baggers and high handicaps... The story was played out an if morning at Currie Park.  A light drizzle of rain and the threat of heavy was in forecast.   In the end, the day turned out to be fabulous with the sun coming out toward the end of the rounds.  Great job on pace of play with most teams finishing under 4 1/2 hours.   The first group was finished in 3 3/4, so we have a little work to do with walking quicker, stop grinding so much, and "while I'm young".   Nonetheless, good job Currie guys with helping to keep play moving along.

Results were not in our favor, "SHOCKING"!   Baggers, we are not!   Chops simply out played us at the National on June 15th.   No worries, it's only the first half of play.   Get some rest and practice to prepare for perhaps a Kessler sighting at the match at Wanaki.


Results from beat down:

Currie:     15 1/2
Wanaki:   20 1/2

1st Team @Oakwood


Thanks again for playing today at Oakwood. Please see scores from event. Make sure to click on the June 16th Oakwood tab. Congrats to Eric Schreindl who got 17 points and myself who got 16.   Jake for a birdie on #9.

Our next Match is Saturday July 18th at Dretzka.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Wanaki Challenge Tee Times @Currie

Wanaki is finalizing their teams.   Here are our teams and tee times for you start planning your Saturday.   Once the final pairings are finalized, this will be updated. 


Format is 2 man bestball match with handicap.   Handicaps will be updated from tomorrows update, so make sure you are getting all your scores posted.   Matches consist of FRONT nine; BACK nine; and TOTAL.   Please take the lead and demonstrate to our guests.

There is a chance of weather on Saturday.   We will monitor the skies and hope to get the round in, so plan for a potential delay, if we happen to get some lightening.

See you on the links.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

1st Team @Oakwood June 16th


Hello! Our Currie Team is now put together for our 1st Team Match on Sunday - June 16th at Oakwood Park. Here is the line-up and tee times:

Ryan Knox - 6:30 am
Chuck Silkey - 6:48 am
Ken Collins- 6:57 am
Jim Fossett - 7:15 am
Jake Boulware - 7:24 am
Eric Schreindl - 7:42 am
Jeff Kapp - 7:51 am
Steve Wolter - 8:09 am
Phil Levin - 8:18 am
Gerry McGrath - 8:36 am

Please email me back to confirm you got this and that you are indeed able to play. I will send final line-up to Oakwood captain this coming Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2nd Team @Currie


Well, the Currie Second Team rebounded nicely today from our loss at Grant last month. On a cool, windy day with wet sloppy fairways and US open style rough, our guys slogged and ground our way to 261 points, besting Whitnall by 56. Oakwood was third with 200, Brown Deer fourth with 192, Grant had 176, Greenfield 166, and Dretzka 138. For the season we are back in first place with a 9 point lead over Brown Deer, 18 over

Grant, and 28 over Whitnall.

Ten guys took 19 or more points with Mark Cuthbert, Mark Schreindl, and Rick Reiter all taking the max 24. Ken Collins was 1 off at 23 and Rich Saks and Rick Binder each took 22. Collins was our medalist for the day with a fine 76, the second best score of the day for the whole group. Cuthbert and Schreindl carded 79.

Tom Condella won a skin with a birdie on 16. I believe Mark Schreindl won a flag event, but I do not have those results right now.

Many thanks to Eric Gitter for setting the course up well and providing the event flags. Thanks also to Ken Collins for entering most of the scores into the laptop and to Steve Wolter for writing all the results on to the big board, enabling yours truly to stand around and look important.  

Thanks also go to 3 non playing helpers who came out early on this damp day, Tom Jardanowski, and Glen Jaeger who handling starting duties, and Jim Wilkinson, who spotted out on the course and did his best to keep guys moving along. Their help was very much needed and appreciated. Thanks also go to Second Team Director for the MCPLA, Brian Pederson for all his work in helping this event and all the others come off.  

And lastly thanks to all the guys who helped retrieve the event flags from the course, which was made difficult by the fact that all the carts were locked up. So, Pederson, Wolter, Jeff Camosy, Reiter, Bruss, and Collins all teamed up and fanned out over the course to bring the flags in. While parked on Highway 100 with my flashers going, I had the pleasure of watching Reiter sprint (I use the term loosely) across the 14th tee to grab the 13th hole flag. He still hadn’t recovered his breath when we got back to the clubhouse.

Today’s results and season standings are listed below and LINK TO SPEADSHEET for those of you who want all the numbers.

Next up is Dretzka on Sunday, June 30. I’ll be recruiting players for that match soon, but if you think you can do well there, feel free to let me know.



Sunday, June 2, 2013

200 Seconds?

After getting the opportunity to play 2nd team this weekend, I started to think about some of the information shared in the book Mr. Thomas Frank Jardanowski shared. Thank you Tom for sharing the book to keep me thinking about how much time I might be wasting during a round of golf. 

First, "NO GOLFER THINKS HE IS SLOW! IT IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE!" This is what I thought until I started reading and learning about time I waste on the golf course. 

Looking at the numbers - the slow round takes shape when each of the players in your foursome wastes 15 (fifteen) SECONDS [yes, just 15 seconds…close your eyes and count to 15]. It does not seem too long does it? On the golf course think about putting your club away after a shot, by walking to the back of the golf cart; or you walk next to your playing partner talking stop and chat before walking across the fairway to your ball; it does not take much to waste 15 seconds per hole. 

Let's do the math! Four players times 15 seconds is 60 seconds per hole or 1 minute. Do you know there are 18 holes? So, that makes a total of 18 minutes which you are behind the targeted pace of play. This is before anyone in your foursome has the misfortune of losing a ball in long grass or trees.

Hey! What is targeted pace of play? Think about this way… Par 4 holes take 12 minutes; Par 5 holes take 18 minutes; Par 3 holes take 9 minutes; on a par 72 course the total time estimated for 18 holes is 228 minutes or 3 hours 48 minutes. Oh my! No way could we play that fast…or could you? 

Does your foursome waste 15 seconds a hole each?  If so, the round would take your foursome only 4 hours 6 minutes. What the heck is going on during a 4 hour 45 minute round…How much time is being wasted?  Where do those 60 extra minutes come from? Divide 60 minutes by 18 holes is 200 seconds or 50 seconds per player. 

Start your stop watch to see how much time you waste per hole?   50 SECONDS?

"Ultimately, pace of play boils down to ATTITUDE. It requires CONSIDERATION, ORGANIZATION, EFFORT, and TACK."

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fire Ridge results

Results from Fire Ridge. We ended up doing everything by hand. Sorry for the Blue Golf issues. We are trying to work things out.

-20          Kapp, Scott Brandt, Pederson, Garbers
-16          Collins, Cuthbert, Condella, Breul
-14          Eric Schreindl, Levin, Bruss, Zolandz
-13          Mader, Wolter, Reiter, Wilkinson
-8            Silkey, Mark Schreindl, Stella, Kamel
-8            Ullenberg, Jaeger, Camosy, Binder
-7            Boulware, Frenzel, Mattheis, Bigus
-4            Fossett, Globig, Amble, Jardanowski

We will pay the top 2 teams. 1st place $120/team, 2nd place $80/team

$35  Skins were won by Tom Condella (Hole 10), Brian Pederson (Hole 14),
Steve Wolter (Hole 18)