Monday, March 26, 2012

County Applications available

Posted the mcpla apps on the Currie Websites. Note to all of our members Bob expects about 30 entries from the National Members.   Bob County Tournamnent Director.

MCPLA Senior Application
MCPLA Mid-Am Application

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Kick off meeting 3/5/2012

Welcome NEW MEMBERS:   Corey, Ben, Eric, Mark, Gary, John
New Superintendent:  Matt (not present) – welcome
Events Pairings for Currie events will be A, B, C, D players – just sign up with your name pairings will be determined for the event.
Treasurer Report:  $300 in account; $100 membership fees; $50 TOC fees
Handicap per player: $25
MCPLA Fee: $7.50
There will be a monthly meeting @Currie MONTHLY
·         1st Wednesday of every month
·         Submit topics to Dan Webb for discussion/ideas/thoughts
·         Financial report
Handicap Chair:
·         WSGA Administrates the Handicap
·         Club is responsible for members
·         1st and 15th new index is calculated (make sure you post your scores before the new indexes are calculated)
·         Explanation of Handicap scoring; it’s your responsibility
·         Timely posting of scores; before 1st & 15th, if you have played a round
1st Team – Jim Fossett
·         12 player teams
·         Tee times (handicappers with 0-10); sign up if you are near 10 in the case we run short
·         Format is Match Play
·         No Handicap
·         Club vs. Club
·         Sign up on Website if interested or email Jim
·         Priority for playing will be lowest handicap to higher
·         Watch for communication about potential team shirts
·         No Shotgun start (also you need to pre-pay)
·         No Food or Drink  (optionally, the club can purchase $2 tickets from Chet)
2nd Team – Jack Bruss
·         24 points (2,2,2,2) per match vs. other clubs
·         16 players
·         Brian Pederson (Assistant Director for 2nd Team)
·         Handicap 6.5 and higher (using full handicap during matches)
·         You will play someone near your handicap
·         Cross-over tee times starting at 6am (First match will be 6:30am)
·         Send email to Jack if interested; or sign up on website
·         Pay is pre-pay; need to send money to Tom Condella
·         No Food or Drink
Tour of the County (TOC) – Bill Zolandz
·         Steve Jager (Pioneer of event)
·         7 events at all the county course
·         $50 fee / 100% payout
·         NEW!  10 day sign up deadline
·         Sign up on Website
·         Defending Champion:  Bill Zolandz
·         Target score: based on TEE BOX (relative to target score)
·         9:04 is first tee time
·         Last year we had 32 people
MCPLA – Bob Freuck
·         Events to Attend – the Mid-Am (25-54)/Senior (55 & up)
o   Net and Gross
o   $75 Fee – entry deadline is Friday, May 4th – Get signed up!
·         Pace of play important – PLAY READY GOLF!
·         Arnold Walker (August 25-26) watch for entries sometime in May
·         If you see guys in trouble; self-police your foursome
·         Send email to Bob optionally for application; or watch website
PACE of Play
·         4 hrs. 15 minutes @Currie – Good job in Currie outings – keep it up!
·         If you fall behind; work hard as a foursome to catch up
Golf Galaxy – Del [Manager at Greenfield Store]
·         Shafts – “Fitting your Golf Shafts”
·         Differences:  $100, $300, Stock – construction, launch & spin
·         You might not be hitting the ball to high – you might be spinning the ball too much
·         Elements to consider:  Stiffness (Staff Flex); Torque – How it feels; does not help spin.
·         How to schedule?  Call Dan Webb or call store
·         Putter Fittings - $20
·         Quick fit - $30 (20 minutes)
·         Driver $80 (40 minutes)
·         Platinum $150 (1.5-2 hours) – ball, driver, putter, wedges, gaps with irons
Currie Cup
·         @Currie
·         $110 – 36 holes (open to entire club)
·         Watch of sign up online
Wanaki Challenge in the works – only 2 open dates; this is work in progess – stay tuned
ESPN Challenges at Currie – get signed up (we are going to have a Currie Event the same day)
·         We need 30 teams to help our PGA Pro (Eric Gitter)