Saturday, August 31, 2013

TOC @ Brown Deer Results

Lee Gardner shot 76 (-2 to target score) to win this event, second Rick Reiter 87 (E) and Rich Saks 83 (E), cashing at (+1); Ken Collins 80, Steve Amble 89 and Bill Zolandz 95.

Skins were won by 
Tom Condella on #3 and #11, Lee Gardner on #6 and #17, Wayne Suess on #12, Jeff Camosy on #13 and Brian Pederson on #18. Skins were cut on #4, #7 and #9.

See below for YTD standings.  High score to drop is highlighted in orange.

The Blue Golf site only contains Gross Scores and Skins.

You will need to post your own score for this round, we did not post them for you via BlueGolf.

The next TOC event is Saturday September 14th at New Berlin Hills.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Currie Cup Pairings and Tee Times

Captains have finished pairings for the Currie Cup.   Dan Webb will be at the golf course on Friday after work to hand out shirts to those who want their shirt early.

Good luck to all who will be playing... PLEASE PLAY QUICKLY.

Morning rounds are Scramble and Alternate Shot

Afternoon Rounds are Best Ball NET and Individual NET (because Webb's chops are so choppy!)

Please share all complaints with Darrell Frenzel   (Director of the Complaint Department)

Morning Rounds Tee Time Team Webb Team Collins
(1) - (9) Scramble 6:56 Jardo Binder
Bernie Bruel
(10) - (18) Alternate 7:04 Webb Gardner
Both Tee off pick one and alternate shot to finish hole O'Neil Damian
7:12 Baker Stella
Suess Ferguson
7:20 Frenzel Zwerlian
Zolandz Schreindl, M
7:28 Christan Bruss
Bigus Peterson
7:36 Gitter Collins
Brandt, J Brandt, S
7:44 Schreindl, E Jaeger
Mader McGrath
7:52 Amble Saks
Camosy Kartz
8:00 Wilkenson Bishop
Kapp Bowring
Afternoon Rounds Tee Time Team Webb Team Collins
(1) - (9)  Best Ball Net 12:00 O'Neil Gardner
Gitter Collins
(10) - (18) Individual Net 12:08 Schreindl, E Jaeger
Cristan McGrath
12:16 Kapp Wozniak
Mader Brandt, S
12:24 Webb Bishop
Brandt, J Bowring
12:32 Frenzel Saks
Amble Schreindl, M
12:40 Bernie Zwerlien
Baker Peterson
12:48 Camosy Stella
Zolandz Ferguson
12:56 Wilkenson Kartz
Jardo Bruel
1:04 Suess Bruss
Bigus Binder

Monday, August 19, 2013

Arnold Walker County Championship Tee Times for Saturday August 24th

2013 Arnold Walker County Championship
Saturday, August 24th Tee Times
1st Tee
6:00am                 Steve Gruszynski             Mark Casper                      Ron Hayek
6:09                        Pat Boyle                             Lloyd Tindal                        Bob Romans
6:18                        Eric Olson                            Jim Ignatowki                    Al Sherman                         Bruce Henning
6:27                        John Bechard                     George Elleseg                  Brent Wong                        Dave Ullenberg
6:36                        Jeff Corcoran                     Jeremy Brown                   Frank Showers                 
6:45                        Paul Koszarek                    Jim Humbert                      Brandon Johnsen             Rocky Sperka
6:54                        Dave Church                      Gerry McGrath                 Rob Martin                         Richard Clark
7:03                        Jerry Gitlewski                  Jake Boulware                   Jan Dyke                              Phil Levin
7:12                        Hoana Bui                            Damian Wozniak              Richard Bartman               James Schubert
7:21                        Steve Wolter                     Gene Haas                          Ted Krotts                           Daryl Flemion
7:30                        Jeffory Klak                        Bill Condon                         Randy Koktowski             Darrell Frenzel
7:39                        Larry Henry                         Steve Jaeger                      Tom Wanta                         Mark Best

1Oth Tee
6:00AM                                Bob Cohn                            Bob Hebl                              Brian Pederson
6:09                        Mark Nelson                      Jeff Camosy                       John Haeflinger                                Russ Hinz
6:18                        Bruce Myslis                       Rick Reiter                           Bryan Olen                          Jon Kappes
6:27                        Jim Fergal                            Bernie Mattheis                               Charles Cottrill                   Wayne Wagner
6:36                        Tom Theilman                   Rich Luczkowski                                Robert Riordan                 Robert Knoop
6:45                        Phil Nero                             Roger Abel                          Rick Palmtag                       Dale Somers
6:54                        Ray Ruper                           Bob Salzer                           Mike Reister                      Tom Herron

7:03                        Mark Ebert                         Steve Amble                      Brian Grossman
7:12                        Dave Holt                            Greg Gebhard                   Tom Condella                    Rich Saks
7:21                        Barry Brookes                    Paul Markowski                                Greg DiSalvo                      Thomas Zellmer
7:30                        Craig Muschinski              Drew Martin                      Andy Schmitt                     Paul Grau
7:39                        Mark Cuthbert                  Dwight Beatovic               Dan Gitlewski                    Alex Helin
7:48                        Jason Kappes                     Joe Jurkowski                    Mark Schreindl                  Mark McQuide


Saturday, August 17, 2013

TOC @ Oakwood Results

Damian Wozniak shot 76 (-4 to target score) to win this event, second Dick Baker 88 (-2), third Tom Condella 84 (-1), fourth Brian Pederson 86 (E), cashing at (+1); Doug Bowring 84 and Tom Jardanowski 97.

Skins were won by Mark Cuthbert on #1, Corey Mader on #2, Steve Jaeger on #5, Tom Condella on #8, 
Tom Jardanowski on #14 and Bob Ferguson on #16. Skins were cut on #4.

See below for YTD standing.

The Blue Golf site only contains Gross Scores and Skins.

You will need to post your own score for this round, we did not post them for you via BlueGolf.

The next TOC event is Saturday August 31st at Brown Deer Golf Course.

Club Championship Results

Congrat to this years Club Champion

Dave Ullenberg

We will pay the top three spots in each flight. The payout is $75, $50, $25 for first 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Results in Championship Flight:

1Dave Ullenberg+8F+57476150
2Damian Wozniak+13F+48075155
T3John Dobroski+15F+58176157
T3Jake Boulware+15F+68077157
T3Darin Bunkers+15F+87879157
6Jim Fossett+16F+87979158
7Gerry McGrath+17F+88079159
8Ken Collins+20F+118082162
9Chuck Silkey+21F+118182163
10Jeff Kapp+22F+48975164
11Phil Levin+24F+158086166

A Flight - Tie was broken on the first playoff hole with Dan Webb beating Scott Brandt

T1Scott Brandt+19F+147685161
T1Dan Webb+19F+98180161
3Steve Wolter+20F+108181162
4wang sues Suess+21F+108281163
5Jeff Brandt+22F+138084164
6Darrell Frenzel+23F+118382165
7Dan Globig+24F+138284166
8Steve Jaeger+26F+138484168
9Robert Bishop+27F+138584169

B Flight

1Douglas Bowring+13F+77778155
2Terry Stella+17F+127683159
3Mark Schreindl+18F+68377160
4Jack Bruss+19F+98180161
5Bob Freuck, Jr.+20F+108181162
6Brian Pederson+21F+137984163
7Tom Condella+25F+88879167
8Robert Ferguson+26F+158286168
9Steve Amble+33F+188689175
10Gary Zwirlein+37F+179188179
11Bernhard Mattheis+43F+219392185

C Flight

1st      Rick Binder        138.4
2nd     Jim Kosharek     138.8
3rd     Bob Breul           139.8

Skins from Saturday for a $48 payout:

Jim Kosharek (Hole 4), Scott Brandt (Hole 5) and Dan Webb (Hole 10)

Skins from Sunday for a $41 payout:

Gary Zwirlein (Hole 4), Wayne Suess (Hole 3), John Dobroski (Hole 1), and Jim Fossett (Eagle, Hole 17)

Thanks to all that played.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Currie Cup Draft complete

September 1st Currie Cup teams have been draft.  

Draft Order Team Collins Draft Order Team Webb
1 Bruss 2 Cristan
4 Brandt, S 3 Mader
5 Pederson 6 Brandt, J
8 Bishop 7 Frenzel
9 Wozinak 10 Jaeger
12 Saks 11 Schreindl, E
13 Stella 14 Zolandz
16 Kapp 15 Amble
17 Bowring 18 Mattheis
20 Schreindl, M 19 Jardo
21 Ferguson 22 Camosy
24 Kartz 23 Freuck
25 Zwirlein 26 Bigus
28 Breul 27 Wilkinson
29 Binder 30 Baker
C Collins C Webb
31 Silkey 32 Gardner
34 Gitter 33 McGrath

Remembering Last year 2012

Club Championship Day 2

Tee Times - click to see

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Pairings for Club Championship

The pairings for Club Championship are posted on Blue Golf. They are also attached to this post for those of you who do not use Blue Golf.   Championship Flight, A-Flight, B-Flight, C-Flight