Match Play

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Match Play Guidelines

Setting Up Your Match
You can play your match where ever you would like to as long as you complete it by the deadline.
YOU are responsible for ensuring you play your match by the designated deadlines. If you do not complete your match by the deadline then the match play captain in concert with the committee reserves the right to designate who advances to the next round.

Championship Flight (Gross 18 Hole Match)
Gross 18-hole match play; winner advances to next round.

A, B  Flights (Net 18 Hole Match)
Net 18 Hole Match play; winner advances to the next round.   To determine how many strokes to give, figure out who has the lowest handicap; subtract it from the other player.   This is the number of strokes to give the player with the higher handicap.  (Make sure to use the Course Handicap, not your Index), strokes are to be taken on lowest handicap holes starting with 1 (one).

Extra Holes required?
Agree before you tee off how your match will be determined in the case of a tie after 18 holes.   It's up to you to either play additional holes (check with starter); have a putt off; flip a coin; or what ever you want.   The recommendation is to let the starter know you are playing a match that you may require extra holes.   Agree to play off #1 or #10.

Avoid matching cards
the committee recommends you play your match together in the same group; only match cards as a last resort.   Match play rules are different from stroke play; therefore, please try to get together with your fellow competitor.

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