Saturday, April 25, 2020

Club Event at Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course - Results

I have displayed the results from Saturday's event at Mee-Kwon below.  Congrats to the Boulware, Kapp, Schafer, Silkey team.  They edged out the Club Officers team by a couple of shots.  In third place was the Baker, Camosy, Carini, Olen team.  1st place team gets $30ea. 2nd place $20ea. and 3rd place $10ea.  Individual honor scores were 69, Lee Gardner, 73, Dominic Carini, and 74's Dave Ullenberg and Chuck Silkey.  Skins are also displayed below each worth $25.  I will pay them out next time I see those individuals.  Thanks to all the participants.

Phil Levin

Irish 4 Ball:

Team Total
Boulware/Kapp/Schafer/Silkey -9
Brandt/Levin/Pederson/Zolandz -7
Baker/Camosy/Carini/Olen -6
Alba/Hirsch/Markos/Ullenberg -5
Amble/Brandt/Cuthbert/Jaeger -3
Bowring/Garbers/Reiter/Saks -1
Frenzel/Gardner/Mattheis/Romanowski 2
Bruss/Collins/Frank/Wolter 5
Dominick/Mader/Satula/Seflow 6

Hole Won
3 Jeff A. Camosy
10 Dominic Carini
11 Brian Pederson
16 Jeff Kapp
17 Jeff Kapp
18 Lee Gardner