Thursday, May 30, 2013

Note From the President

Note From The Pres--- Calling all chops. we have 2 Challenge Matches coming up on June 15th and the 29th. Let's get going on these signups!! These matches are competitive and a lot of fun. Don't miss out!! Questions? Talk to any of the officers or members who have played in the past. This year we Host Wanaki, they want revenge, and we don't want them to get it.The more players the more fun!! Hit'em straight and keep your balls clean. PRES.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Message from Captain Jack

Gentlemen: The pairings for our match Sunday, June 2 at The National. Our roster for the day is listed immediately below.  

Collins, Wolter, Jaeger, Frenzel, Bowring, Condella, Cuthbert, Schreindl (Mark), Saks, Pederson, Mattheis, Bruss, Ferguson, Reiter, Camosy, Binder

A few Notes:

1. This is not a shotgun start. We are doing straight tee times from the 1st and 10th tees starting at 6:00 with a crossover. Make sure you report to the correct tee at least 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time.  

2. The cost is $26, but you will not pay at the desk. Currie will prepay for the team. That means you need to pay our club Treasurer, Tom Condella. He will be playing, so you can find him and pay him there on the 2nd or you can mail him a check at 8111 W Wright St, Wauwatosa, 53213. You can also pay me at Currie or at Fire Ridge on Saturday if you prefer, but you will have to find me to do so. I will not be trying to find you to collect. Just to be clear – it is not Toms responsibility to collect from you, it is your responsibility to pay Tom (or me).   

3. There will be no food or drink tickets this year. Your $26 covers green fees only.

4. We could use some volunteers to help out at the match, that is guys who are not playing. We could use 2 or 3 spotters on the course to help keep things moving, we could use someone to help on the 1st or 10th tee starting, and maybe someone to help out with the hole event flags and maybe a few other things. If you’d like to volunteer to help, let me know.

As you can see from the pairings most of us will be giving up strokes, in fact 14 of our 16 guys will be giving up more strokes than they are getting from their opponents. As we’ve discussed before, the way the handicap system works, this is definitely to our advantage. So, revel in the fact that you are playing someone with a higher handicap and go out and beat him. As always, we don’t care (much) what your score is or how many fairways you hit, or bad bounces you may have gotten, or how many putts you make, but we do care about how many points you win. That is the only measure that counts. No matter how well or how badly things may be going for you, keep grinding for any point you can win. They all count, whether you win 1 or 24.  

We got off to a bad start at Grant last month, so let’s use our home court advantage Sunday and move back up to the top of the heap.  

See you there,

Monday, May 27, 2013

TOC @ Currie Results

Rick Reiter shot 86 (Even to target score) to win this event, second Wayne Suess 79 (+1) and Jack Bruss 86 (+1), also cashing were Doug Bowring 83 (+2), Darrell Frenzel 83 (+2) and Rich Saks 85 (+2).

Skins were won by Wayne Suess on #1, Darrell Frenzel on #3, Jack Bruss on #5, Derek Dahlgren on #15 & #18 and Doug Bowring on #17.  Skins were cut on #9 and #12.
Interesting notes; Rick Reiter was the only one to par #10, and Jack Bruss to par #11.  There were no pars on #2.

The default Skins setting for TOC is birdie or better,  The tie breaker system (actual to target score) has been removed, tied scores will split the prize pool.  The Blue Golf site only contains gross scores and Skins.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Fire Ridge pairings posted

We have filled the Fire Ridge event for June 1st. The tee times and pairings are now posted.

Check Blue Golf

Saturday, May 18, 2013

TOC @Currie 05/26

 9:04 AM  1   »Bill Bigus, Ken Collins, Robert Ferguson, Douglas Bowring 

 9:12 AM  1   »Lee Gardner, Derek Dahlgren, Rick Reiter, Tom Jardanowski 

 9:20 AM  1   »Darrell Frenzel, Richard Baker, Damian Wozniak, Brian Cywinski 

 9:28 AM  1   »dr Suess, William Zolandz, Tom Condella, Jack Bruss 

 9:36 AM  1   »Steve Jaeger, Shark Kosharek, Rick Binder, Mark Cuthbert 

 9:44 AM  1   »Brian Pederson, Jeff A. Camosy, Steve Amble, Richard Saks

See BlueGolf for more

Name Hdc White Blue
Collins, Ken 5.7 75 76
Bowring, Douglas 10.6 80 81
Ferguson, Robert 14.7 84 86
Bigus, Bill 22.0 91 93
Gardner, Lee 2.3 71 73
Dahlgren, Derek 9.2 78 80
Reiter, Rick 15.0 84 86
Jardanowski, Tom 23.3 93 95
Wozniak, Damian 6.9 76 78
Frenzel, Darrell 10.4 79 81
Baker, Richard 14.6 84 86
Cywinski, Brian 21.2 90 92
Suess, Wayne 7.6 77 78
Condella, Tom 11.2 80 82
Bruss, Jack 14.5 84 85
Zolandz, Bill 21.4 91 93
Jaeger, Steve 8.0 77 79
Cuthbert, Mark 11.7 81 83
Kosharek, James 13.9 83 85
Binder, Rick 19.1 88 90
Saks, Rich 12.2 81 83
Pederson, Brian 12.6 82 83
Amble, Steve 12.7 82 84
Camosy, Jeff 17.7 87 89

Friday, May 17, 2013

1st Team @Whitnall


Hello! Our Currie Team is now put together for our 1st Team Match on Saturday - May 25th at Whitnall Park. Here is the line-up and tee times:

Ryan Knox - 7:00 am
John Dobroski - 7:09 am
Bob Cristan - 7:27 am
Ken Collins - 7:36 am
Jim Fossett - 7:54 am
Darin Bunkers - 8:03 am
Dave Ullenberg - 8:21 am
Phil Levin - 8:30 am
Steve Wolter - 8:48 am
Gerry McGrath - 8:57 am

Please email me back to confirm you got this and that you are indeed able to play. I need to send our Final Line-up in by Thursday - May 23rd.

Also, please send cash/check Payable to Currie Men's Club for $30 to Tom Condella by Friday - May 24th. His address is listed below:

Tom Condella

8111 W. Wright Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

If you want to want a cart, that is extra and can be paid for at the desk at Whitnall.

Any questions, please let me know!


Jim Fossett

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fire Ridge event the final days

Only a few more days left before you can sign up for the next event at Fire Ridge.

Should be a fun event. We will divide the field up so the foursomes have one player from each handicap group. Champ, A, B and C.

It will be a net event but everyone will play their own ball.

We will take the 3 low net scores on the par 5's, 2 low net scores on the par 4's and 1 low net score on the par 3's. And combine those into the total team score. And guess what the low scores win!!

The event is something new and it is called 3-2-1.

Make sure you sign up by May 21st.  click here

Monday, May 13, 2013

Need your help MCPLA @Grant

Bob is looking for some help at the MCPLA.

Also, here are the tee times.

Looking for volunteers to act as Marshalls, scorers, and starters for both days. If anyone
can help, please call Bob at 414-587-1126 or email Bob to let him know your availability.

Thanks,   Bob

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Let the Match Play Begin

The entire club is eligible to play in the match play.   There are four brackets.   Check out your bracket to see who you play.   Set up the matches a an agreed course to play your match.   If you wish not to compete, then go ahead and forfeit your match.   Match play is something different for everyone to play; enjoy your match.   Any questions how to proceed; give a call or send an email to Brian Pederson the Director of the Match play.

1.  Find out who you play by looking at the brackets
2.  Call the person you are to play; phone and emails members tab of website
3.  Pick a time and golf course to play your match
4.  A, B, C Flight matches figure out the number strokes to give and which holes to give them
5.  Play your match
6.  Winner of the match email Eric Gitter the results

Check out the brackets:

Championship Flight




Good Luck to all!

2 Man BB @ Currie RESULTS

A cool damp morning at Currie 36 brave golfers played in just over 4 hours.   Course was long and wet; however, the greens were in great shape.  

Amble / Suess shot 64 for 1st place; Garbers / Kartz shot 65 for 2nd place.  There is a 6-way tie for 3rd place at 66.

5 Skins out paying $32 each.   #1, #5, #8, #12, #15.

View the Results - click for Mobile View

Friday, May 10, 2013

Course Condition Alert!


Everyone who is playing in the 2Man BB on Saturday @Currie Park Golf Course.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Monthly Meeting Cancelled

Message from President Webb - the May monthly meeting has been cancelled this evening.  

See you on the links at the 2-Man BB Saturday.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1st @Brown Deer


Here are the results from our first match for 1st Team at Brown Deer Park this past Sunday. I appreciate you all playing and slogging thru the golf course.
Congrat's to Jeff Kapp for shooting a 79 and earning 16 points. Also, if you have not turned in your $45 for Green Fees for the match to Tom Condella as of yet, please send as soon as possible.

Here are the scores and points earned for our Team:    view details

Jeff Kapp - 79 - 16 Points
Phil Levin - 82 - 12 Points
John Dobroski - 79 - 9 Points
Ken Collins - 85 - 8 Points
Jim Fossett - 89 - 8 Points
Lee Gardner - 81 - 4 Points
Bob Cristan - 85 - 2 Points
Gerry McGrath - 88 - 1 Points
Darin Bunkers - 89 - 0 Points
Robert Bishop - 92 - 0 Points

Team Results:

Greenfield - 146 Points
Brown Deer - 120 Points
Whitnall - 105 Points
Oakwood - 69 Points
Currie - 60 Points
Dretzka - 40 Points

Also, our 2nd Match of the year is on Saturday - May 25th at Whitnall Park. Please let me know if you are able to play in that match as well as soon as possible since I am going toart putting our team together! The Green Fees for Whitnall will be $30.

Have a great week!

Jim Fossett

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

2nd Team Grant

Gentlemen –

It was a rough day for the National team down at Grant yesterday. We’ve dug ourselves a bit of a hole that we’ll have to climb out of in order to win our 5th straight championship. We took just 172 points, finishing 6th in the event, and losing out to winner Grant by 67 points. More importantly, we finished 60 points behind Brown Deer, who took second place. We had just 2 guys, Mark Cuthbert and Doug Bowring, who took 20 or more points. Rich Saks and Bill Zolandz chipped in with 18 each, and Rick Binder and Bernie Mattheis added 17 and 16 respectively. Saks was our team medalist with 75, Cuthbert shot 76, and Bowring 77. 

Rick Reiter won a skin on the 11th in the high handicap bracket. Mattheis won a jacket in a raffle, and yours truly won a dozen Taylor Made Lethal golf balls in the same raffle, although I had to fight off Bernie and Phil Nero for the Lethals.

A summary of the results is listed below and the full report with hole by hole scores. 

So, we’ve got our work cut out for us in the next 4 events, but it’s nothing we can’t handle, as we’ve proven over the last 4 years. And we’ve got the home field advantage at the next event, which is at the National on Sunday, June 2. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be recruiting players and volunteers for spotting and other duties.


Grant 05 04 2013