Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great job setting this up Kenny.   This should be a fun day of golf on the SLIPPERY greens of Wanaki.   Greens are extremely quick and rolling wonderful.   Might be a little soft with the cooler and wet weather these past couple days but I doubt it.   Good luck, have fun, and make some putts.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Results TOC at Dretzka Park

Brian Pederson shot 81 (-4 to target score) to win this event, second Bob Ferguson 83 (-1), third Steve Jaeger 82 (E), fourth Mike Kessler 76 (E), and fifth Darrell Frenzel 81 (+1).

Skins were won by Jim Kosharek on #6, Mike Kessler on #7 and #8, Steve Jager on #12, Bob Ferguson on #13, Darrell Frenzel on #14 and Mark Cuthbert on #17.

Skins were cut on #5. Honorable mention to Ken Collins for the only par on #1, and to Bob Ferguson for the only par on #9.

Here's the link to sign up for future TOC events, please enter your name then select "yes" or "no" if you plan on attending that event.

Tour of County Director

Monday, May 28, 2012

May 27th Currie Event Results

Low Net Event
1st Place:  Kessler/Collins (62)   $27.50 per player
2nd Place:  Webb/Pederson (63) $20 per player
2nd Place:  Dahlgren/Bruss (63)  $15 per player
4th Place:   seamandel/mcgrath (64) $10 per player

Flag Events  ($7.50)
closest to pin #5 webb
longest putt #8 collins
closest to pin #13 zolandz
longest putt #16 freuck

Skins  ($12.00)
mcgrath #2 (3)
webb #5 (2)
o’neil #6 (3)
collins #8 (2)
kessler #10 (3) & #12 (4)
schreindl #16 (2)
suess #18 (3)

See Details

Results 2 MAN BEST BALL / ESPN National Challenge

First want to thank Eric Gitter and Greg Miller for their help and support.   Thanks again guys.

The course was in great shape compared to Friday and Dretzka (for those who played TOC on Saturday CAN atttest).   Pace of play was great.  First tee time finished at around 3:50 followed closely by the next couple groups.   Last group finished in about 4:20.   We had 24 participants (12 teams) along with two teams from the public.   We had two events going on, Currie 2-man Best Ball and ESPN 2-man Best Ball Challenge.

The Currie event was a net partners best ball only while the The ESPN had three divisions, a gross, net and Seniors net division.  The Currie event was won by the team of Collins and Kessler posting a net best ball of 62.  The Sr's division was won by the team of Gerry McGrath and Jim Seamandel.

The net division had to be decided by a sudden death playoff on the first hole between the teams of Webb / Pederson and Dahlgren / Bruss.   Both teams finished with net 63's.  With a good gallery and playing for a trip to the regional round at Brown Deer Park and potentially Las Vegas, Brian Pederson finished out the day sinking a 7 footer for a 4 net 3 moving Webb / Pederson to the next round.   The gross division was won by Collins and Kessler.   All three teams will play later this August at Brown Deer for a chance to play in the finals in Las Vegas.   Good to luck to all.   Thanks to all who played in the event and stayed after to watch the playoff.   Flag events were won by Dan Webb -closest to pin on #5 and Bill Zolandz on #13 while Ken Collins won longest putt on #8 and Bob Freuck on 16.  

Final results / scores will be posted later. -- Here is the scoreboard.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ESPN Challenge Tee Times

Tee Times

Michael Kessler 
Ken Collins 

Jim Fossett 
Tom Condella
Bob Freuck
Steve Jaeger 

Mark Schreindl 
Gary Zwirlein 
Darrell Frenzel 
Bill Zolandz 

Brian Pederson 
Dan Webb 
Jim Seamandel 
Gerry McGrath 

Rich Kurz (Public)
Tyler Koskey (Public)
Richard Wm. Reiter 
Wayne Suess 

Rick Binder 
Sean McIrvin 
Joe Arvai (Public)
Bruce Krueger (Public)

Bob Ferguson 
Jeff Camosy 
Mike ONeil 
Lee Gardner 

Derek Dahlgren
Jack Bruss 

Friday, May 18, 2012

New Sprinkler Head Markers

Just in time for the MCPLA Sr/Mid Am at Currie National.  The yard markers are installed and ready to assist you with your distance to the middle of the greens.   Special thanks needs to go out to Dan Webb, Jack Bruss, Ken Collins, and Gitter for helping get them installed.

See Jack Bruss for the special key required for the yard along the left side of the fairways on the back nine.  Rumor was that Jack was trying to work on getting an advantage over fellow competitors by make some minor adjustments.   So, don't forget to see Jack on Saturday before you tee off to thank him.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A lot of golf gonna be played this weekend with the MCPLA Sr & Mid-Am, Hon-e-kor 2-man best ball, and Badgerland Invitational to name a few.   Weather is starting to come around and green up those courses but remember to replace your divots / fill em in, repair your ball marks plus any others you see, rake those traps (both of them at Currie), have fun, and of course stay on track.

Job well done to the team of Webb and Frenzel for qualifying for the net partners shooting a blistering -7 at Brown Deer and taking runner up on the day.   another congrats to Dave Ullenberg and his partner Dave Mack (currie member? if not why not?) on qualifying for the net partners finals as well with a +1 finish up at the courses of Lawsonia..

Don't forget to sign up for the ESPN / Currie event on May 27th.   You don't have to play in the ESPN event if you would only like to play the Currie event ($25 for just the Currie event).   If you know of non members please tell them about it as this is also open to the public.  We want to send Gitter to Vegas..needs 50 teams.   This can also be a great time to showcase the mens club with this event so besides on being on your best behavior as we always do, wear your Currie shirts and if you need a Currie shirt, please let us know.  

See you guys on links and good luck to everyone.

Monday, May 14, 2012

1st Team Results - Whitnall

First of all, thanks to everyone who played today in our 1st Team Match. Congrat's to Dave Ullenberg who got had the most points of the Currie National Team with 13. Here are the Team Results and the Points for each Currie player. I am very happy with the start to our season. I hope everyone had a good time and if anyone has/had issues please let me know. Also, if you are interested in playing any/all of the remaining 4 matches, please sign up on the website or let me know and I will write you down on the list on the website. I will continue to take the lowest by handicap 12 players, if we end up having more than 12 who want to play.
Thanks again!

Captain Jim

Currie Player Points for Match (Possible 18):
Dave Ullenberg - 13
Dan Webb - 12
Jeff Kapp - 12
Bob Cristan - 11
Ken Collins - 10
Eric Schreindl - 10
Jim Fossett - 8
Phil Levin - 7
Zac Zuba - 6
Jake Boulware - 4
Gerry McGrath - 3
Damian Wozniak - 3
Team Results: After Match 1     

Greenfield              139
Oakwood 99
Brown Deer99

Friday, May 11, 2012

05/09 Meeting Summary

NEXT MEETING scheduled June 13th @ Currie Park 6:30 pm

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  All meetings will be held at the Currie Park Club House, at 6:30pm.  In the past, Currie used to have meetings to share information and allow for some discussion.  We are attempting to restart those meetings which will be conducted the second Wednesday of each month.

Past Event Summary (Mike Kessler)

Hawks View weather was cold & rainy.  A reminder to club members, we are liable for tee times; therefore, we all need to be accountable.  If you are unable to golf, please find a replacement or notify a board member as soon as possible, otherwise you may be required to pay for your tee time.  We did have 29 of 36 players signed up show up and bear the cold & rain.  The course was forgiving this time, so we did not have to pay for the tee times.  Pace of play, we had on foursome one (1) hour behind the rest of the field.  Remember to play ready golf, hit provisional balls when in doubt, golf & walk with some urgency in order to catch up if you happen to fall behind.  Overall, pace of play was acceptable for the type of weather.  Most groups find in 4 hours or less.

The Bog weather felt much better; however, it was still cool.  There was a full field at The Bog.  We had a take a way (learning) to create a waiting list for popular events.  Thank you Jack Bruss for negotiating two additional tee times.   Pace of play, the early groups was great playing in 4 hours or less.  Some of the later groups fell behind.  Not bad, again remember to play ready golf, hit provisional balls when in doubt, golf & walk with some urgency in order to catch up if you happen to fall behind.

Member-Guest format question to the club…  Do you believe we are getting what we want out of this format?  What are your thoughts?  Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post or email Mike Kessler.

Upcoming Events Explored

ESPN Challenge is a piggy back event with our Currie Two-man best ball.  The cost of the event is $50 walking ($25 is for the ESPN Challenge).  If you for some reason do not want to participate in the ESPN Challenge, please notify Eric Gitter or indicate on the sign-up sheet.  The event is scheduled at Currie on May 27th; the first tee time is 7:04 am.

We are challenging Wanaki Men’s Club on June 2 at Wanaki.  Cost $60 for 18-holes, cart, food, & drink.  We will play a 2 man net best ball.  We need at least 24 players.  The Presidents of the two clubs will assemble the pairings.  Put your name on the list if you are interested in playing.

Currie Cup distilled by Mike Kessler…  Sunday, September 2nd at Currie Park “The Battle at the National” is on.  For $100 entry you get 36-holes, cart, golf shirt, 2-drink tickets & lunch.  The format is playing 4 nine-hole matches (2 man bestball, 2 man alternate, singles, and scramble).  The captains of the two teams are Kenny Collins and Dan Webb.  Michael Kessler is the Director of Currie Cup.  The cut-off for signing up is August 1st.  The draft will be August 5th after the Tour of County event at Currie.  Put your name on the list if you are interested in playing also be sure to select your shirt size.

1st Team Report (Jim Fossett) – Dretzka has enough members, so they will field a team; 12 guys are ready to play at Whitnall, make sure you mail in your money to Tom Condella; Whitnall has offer to loan out 2 lasers per foursome.
2nd Team Report (Jack Bruss) – Winners of first match 299 points; Happy Birthday Captain Jack!
Tour of the County (Bill Zolandz) – Tried to get in 1st event at Grant; rained out after about 9 holes.  The Grant event has been rescheduled for 8/4.  We ended up with 27 players signed up for TOC.
Currie Match Play (Michael O’Neil) – Matches are set and posted; make sure you call your competitor to setup your match.  You can play any time; any course; however, we prefer you play matches at Currie Park.
MCPLA (Bob Freuck) – May 19/20 Senior and Mid-Am at Currie Senior Tee times available and Mid Am Tee times available..

Membership Report (Rich Saks) – 60 paid members; 4 additional members have committed.

Treasury Report (Tom Condella) – Report of actuals to budget was shared at meeting.  Current balance is $5601.15.

Handicap Report (Mark Cuthbert) – If you have questions about handicaps, please give Mark Cuthbert a shout.

Sprinkler head yardage plates installation will be Wednesday (16) or Thursday (17) morning; call Dan Webb, if you are available to help.

New Business

Bylaw clarification regarding number of scores required to establish handicap may be required.  A minimum of 5 scores are required to qualify for prizes and points in a Currie event.  If you have less than 5 scores before the bi-monthly posting the board may allow you to use a trend handicap.  This only affects new players just starting to establish a handicap.  Attention members:  play some golf and post your scores!

Junior membership fee of 50% of dues was asked to be removed from bylaws.  We will present a motion at the year-end meeting to make that adjustment and vote on it.

What is a tournament score?  Some questions have been asked of the WSGA Rob Larson Executive Director of the WSGA.  Dan & Mark are working to get more clarification.

<ACTION ITEM>  Please check to make sure we have your correct contact information

Monday, May 7, 2012

Second Team Results 5/5/2012

The Currie Second Team opened its season today in defense of 3 consecutive championships with a rousing and perhaps record setting performance.  We grabbed an incredible 299 points, an average of almost 19 per player.  The most points we have won in the last 3 years for which I have records was 261 in 2009, so this beats that by 38 points.  We’ll have to try and check back in all the records to see if anyone has ever won 299 points before.  Whitnall was a distant second with 220 points.  Here are the team standings:

Brown Deer

Five of our players won all 24 points, Bowring, Bruss, Frenzel, Camosy, and Seamandel.  Five more won at least 20, Collins, Schreindl Mark, Johnson Rayfield, Zolandz, and Dahlgren.  Three players broke 80, Collins with 76, Bowring 78, and yours truly with 79.  Some team wags suggested that your team captain shot his age on his birthday today, but math not being their strongpoint, they were off by a whopping 12 years.  All the scores and points are listed below, and the file with all the data is attached for the analytical among you.   There was a problem with the skins computations, so those results will be reviewed and sent out later.  Also flag winners are not listed, but will be sent out later.

Next up is Dretzka on Sunday, June 5.  I’ll be recruiting players for that match very soon, but if you think you can do well there, feel free to let me know.

Schreindl, Mark
Johnson, Rayfield
Jaeger, Steve
Stella, Terry

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday, May 9th Monthly Meeting

PLEASE NOTE!!!!  All meetings will be held at the Currie Park Club House, at 6:30pm.  In the past, Currie used to have meetings to share information and allow for some discussion.  We are attempting to restart those meetings which will be conducted the second Wednesday of each month.

Time: 6:30pm
Place: Currie Park

A chance to drop off your dues for this years membership $100 payable to "Currie Park Mens Club"

Topics for the meeting include:
Past event summary: (Mike Kessler)
Hawks View
The Bog

Upcoming Events Explored: 
ESPN Challenge / Currie 2 man best ball (Eric G. & Mike K.)
Wanaki Match (24 players required) (Dan Webb)
Currie Cup distilling the event (Michael Kessler)
1st team matches (Jim Fossett)
2nd team matches (Jack Bruss)
Tour of the County (Bill Zolandz)
MCPLA Tournament (Bob Freuck)

Clarification of Event expectations (working with golf committee)  (Dan Webb)

Currie Members match play pairings and format explained (opting-out clause) – (Mike O’Neal)

County is going to e-Blast their email subscribers (Dan Webb)
What / if anything does Currie what to attach to the e-Blast
Membership Chair email address?

Membership Chairman:  is there one; what is expected? (Dan Webb & Rich Saks)

Membership Count – treasurer and membership chair (Tom Condella & Rich Saks)

Sprinkler head installation of yardage markers along with general pickup sticks volunteers – setting a date likely during the week (potential for some golf afterward).  (Dan Webb)

New Open Discussion to collect topics for next meeting (Everyone)