Sunday, September 25, 2022

Club Event at Kettle Moraine Golf Club - Results

Hello boys,

What a day!! Weather got to be a bit iffy at the end of the round. Wind and rain became an issue!! But the course played tough and was in great shape!!

2 golfers broke 80. Tyler Burns shot 75 and Jeff Kapp shot 76. Great rounds in some tough conditions.

Results of the Low Net event:

Jeff Kapp          -1      $60
Doug Bowring     Even    $35  
Rich Saks         Even    $35 
Larry Dake               Even    $35     
Rob Sweeney           Even        $35
Pete Lapp         +1            $15
Mark Cuthbert         +2            $5
Rick Reiter       +2            $5

Congrats to all!!

We also had 11 skins . . . yes 11 skins!!!

Tyler Burns had 3 skins, Jeff Kapp and Jack Bruss had 2 skins each and Larry Dake, Rob Sweeney, Dominic Carini and Jesse Alba each had one.

Link to Full Results

Take care,

Steve Wolter

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Club Event at Johnson Park Golf Course - Results

Hello gents,

Turned out to be a great day. The course got an inch of rain the night before. I think it all ended up in the bunkers!!! Needless to say the course was soft and played tough.

Three golfers broke 80. Jeff Brandt, Mark Cuthbert and Dominic Carini all shot 79!! And nobody broke par net. Steve Amble and Pete Tarantino both shot even pars 72 net!!

The event was a Net Partners and your event winners are as follows:

Steve Amble/Jeff Brandt          108 pts.   $80/team
Chuck Garbers/Steve Wolter      104 pts.   $60/team
Steve Jaeger/Pete Tarantino          103 pts.   $35/team
Jeff Camosy/Mark Cuthbert          103 pts.      $35/team
Phil Levin/Steve Satula          102 pts.   $20/team

There were 5 skins worth $22 each:
Jeff Brandt had 2 skins and Steve Satula, Mark Cuthbert and Steve Wolter all had one skin!!  

Link to Full Results

Have a great day,

Event Coordinator

Stevie the Eel

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Club Event at West Bend Lakes Golf Club - Results

Hello boys,

Turned out to be a nice day and the course was in fine shape!!

The back nine played almost 5 shots harder than the front nine!!!! And you could not blame it on wind or weather!!!

Dave Ullenberg had great round of even par 72!! Pretty good shooting!!

The results of the individual net event:

Bill Zolandz -2    $60
Jeff Camosy -1    $45 
Gary Zwirlein -1    $45
Rick Reiter even  $21
Larry Dake even  $21
Dave Ullenberg even  $21
Steve Amble      +1    $5
Mark Cuthbert +1 $5

Link to Full Results

There were 5 skins worth $18 each.

Dave Ullenberg had 2 skins, Phil Levin, Jeff Camosy and Brian Pederson had one skin each.

Congrats to all!!!!

Thanks boys,

Tourney Director

Stevie the Eel