Monday, April 30, 2012

Message from Second Team Captain Jack

There are a couple of new wrinkles this year.  To speed up play the following was written into the Second Team rules:

In an effort to speed up play if there is doubt as to the likelihood of finding a ball or as to whether a ball is in a hazard the player may hit a provisional ball under Rule 27-2.  In addition the competitors may suggest the player hit a provisional ball without being in violation of offering advice.  If the original ball is found or is determined to be in a hazard the provisional ball is out of play under Rule 27-2c and you must proceed under the Rules of Golf.  Each player is responsible for knowing the rules, or asking the competitors if in doubt. 

This means A. You are allowed to suggest to an opponent that he hit a provisional if you think he should, and B. you can hit a provisional even if you are unsure if your ball went into a hazard.  Make sure you understand these changes and their intent.

Also new this year is a provision that each foursome turn in one official neat, clean scorecard with only the player scores, the point totals, and 4 signatures on it.  No slashes, dashes, dots, no hole by hole match results, etc.; just a clean scorecard so the person entering the results in the computer can read it easily.  And remember, it needs 4 signatures.  Therefore on the first tee, decide in your foursome who will be keeping this clean card.  One of you must take responsibility for that.  If you are the one keeping the clean card, I suggest you also keep a second card to keep track of your matches, but that is up to you.  I think it is helpful to know where you stand in each match.  And please don’t leave the grounds until you are certain the official scorecard has been signed and turned in.

Your opponents should all know about these new changes this year, but likely some won’t have gotten the message, so make sure you communicate with them, especially about the clean scorecard.

Don’t forget about the dress code, which hasn’t changed – shirts with collars are required and no denim is allowed.  Cell phones must be turned off, but you can use a range finder on a Smartphone or equivalent, as long as the phone function is turned off, and the device measures distance only.

Lastly, as always, every point counts, so hang in there and battle on every hole. 

Captain Jack

WPLA Applications Posted

There are applications for the WPLA posted with links the Schedule page.   For you studs with low handicaps, the Fischer and Billy Sixty are avaialble for printing and submitting.   Also, the other state events which have NET divisions are open to everyone, please see the schedule page for links to the applicaitions.  Courses include traditionaly Janesville Riverside, Whitnall, Glen Erin, and Naga-Waukee & Wanaki Golf Courses for the WPLA events.  

The forms may also be accessed on the WPLA website.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

scores from hawks view

Good turn out today at the Hawk.   Cold, rainy, and a little breezy at times but not enough to get Mr J Brandt to cover up those legs, well played sir.  There was no event today nor were there pin events, but please send me your scores from today.  We are going to create a results page for all of our events starting with today.   With the Currie events we will be collecting score cards after all the rounds with proper scoring and signature's required.    Thanks again to all who made the trip, tomorrow at the Bog should be like paradise compared to today.  55 and sunny.  See you there.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Questions about Hawks View Event

Is it possible the Event could be cancelled at Hawks View?
When will the course or Board Members make the call to cancel event?
Do we golf in the rain?
What happens if someone does not show and the course is open?

For those new members and existing members who are unclear, we golf unless the course is closed. Therefore, everyone should plan on at least making the trip to the course. Bring your rain gear and plan on planning. If the course does happen to close, we will make a post on this web site as quickly as we know. Because, it is a trip for many of us. We will all likely already be in route to the course. So, pack up the clubs, the rain suit, and some extra towels and don't forget the cart cover and umbrella. We will see you at Hawks View.

see Section X

Article X - Club Events
Section 8 . All events will be conducted, rain or shine, unless the course is closed. Questionable weather will not be accepted as a reason for a "no-show."
Section 9 . During any event, regardless of the weather, play shall continue except for the following reasons: the committee/course has suspended play or the player(s) feel that there is danger from lightening. Heavy rain is not considered an appropriate reason for stoppage of play (ref. USGA rule 6-8).


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tee Time Information April 28 & 29

Here are the pairings sent to the golf courses for this weekends events.

Hawks View

The Bog

REMINDER as per by-laws:  Article X Section 2.

Article X - Club Events
Section 1. Club events are open to all paid members.
Section 2. Any member who signs up for an event is liable for the green fees for that event. All sign-up sheets for club events will be considered finalized ten (10) days prior to the event, unless otherwise specified for the course being played. After this time, if a member is unable to play, he must find a substitute or pay the associated event fees.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

May, June, & July Sign-ups available

Calling all golfers to sign-up for May, June, and July events; BrownDeer event will be posted soon.  The links to each event are here for you to quickly follow to sign up.

Several awesome tracks to play include our on “Currie National”; thank you Jack Bruss for lining up the courses this year.  If anyone sees Jack, shot him a Currie salute.  Courses which everyone should find in pretty good shape include: 

Currie Park – a special event for ESPN 2 Man Bestball Challenge

The Oaks – a windy breeze generally blowing over this layout 

Currie Park – on the schedule to help get your club matches played

Hawthorne Hills – the land where Silkey and the Eel stake their claims

Whispering Springs – a short drive to Fond u lac to find a little hidden treasure

New Berlin Hills - Established in 1907, is continually recognized as one of the premier course

Thursday, April 19, 2012

1st Team Information

The First Team form for this year will be back to the old format except that we will not have the Medal Play as  part of the scoring.  Within each group, you will be playing 3 matches versus the other club’s member.  The scoring in each match will be for 6 total points versus each competitor for a possible total point scored of 18. 

2 points for the front nine, 2 points for the back nine and 2 points for the 18hole match.  

The schedule is as follows.

Match #1                     May 12th                      Whitnall
Match #2                     June 17th                      Greenfield
Match #3                     July 7th                       Brown Deer
Match #4                     August 12th                 Oakwood       
Match #5                     September 15th            Currie

We will be going off the first tee for all matches and players will be assigned a tee-time starting at 7 am.  No more shotgun starts.  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hawks View April 28th

Hawks View is our first scheduled event as a Member-Guest gathering to kick off the season.  There are a few tee times available to get your guest signed up.  Get on the list so you don't miss out on a very nice golf course with greens that have some interesting undulations.  Here is a linkto connect you directly to the sign-up sheet.  The cost is going to be $45 + tax.  You will pay at the counter at the course.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The BOG - updated with Two additional tee times

Because of the full field we have added two additional tee times for those who may be late to getting signed up.  Also, we want to allow for some new members who are finding their way around yet.  Come on veteran members help out a fellow member with getting to the BOG!  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4th Meeting

Time:  6:30pm Place: Currie Park
Topics for the meeting include:
·         We are need of some volunteers to help with some work around the course.  What can you do to make our club’s course a better place to play golf?  President Webb will explain.
·         Signups for the Events
o   The Bog is nearly full
o   Hawks View has a few openings
o   If you are signing up a guest, please get the name of the player and share an email address.  We would like to see if the guest may want to join the club
·         Sign up for events; web master is working to get the remaining events created on the website
o   Next Currie event after member-guest is May 27th (ESPN 2-man BB)
·         Scoreboard at Currie National – what do you think about the idea?
·         Season is open – post your scores beginning April 1st
o   Make sure you are posting the rounds played in the south
·         1st Team & 2nd Team updates on format & rule changes; prepay schedule; and sign ups
·         Website’s (Which website do I need to pay attention to and what is the purpose?)
o   Public website ( ) – looking to retired as this costs money, difficult to manage content
o   Blog website ( ) -  open public community to help share information quickly to members and others, mobile friendly
o   Facebook website (!/groups/35132292660/ ) – private group on facebook to socialize have some fun sharing pictures tossing out some sarcastic jabs
o   Google website ( ) - secured website where all sign up for events is done.
o   Bookmark the BLOG website and you will informed and will be able to easily navigate to our private and secure websites.
o   If you can’t get to the private or secure websites, please send an email to to get verified for access.
·         Open forum to gather topics for the next meeting in May
o   What are your questions?
o   What are your concerns?
o   What is working for you?
o   Recommend new members to attack to our club