Wednesday, January 25, 2012

01/11 Meeting

General News
  • 68 members last year
    • $100 fee includes entry into Match Play (+$20 for optional Currie Golf Shirt
    • ESPN 2-man Regionals @ Brown Deer Park (August 6th ?)
    • ---qualifer@Currie during one of the Currie events (June 16th or May 27th) – getting 30 teams enables Eric (PGA Pro) an auto bid to go to Las Vegas Pro event
    • Cart Path work on 16,17,18 – they are going to connect all the paths together has one
Spring Meeting Scheduled: March 5th @Currie Park 6:30pm
  • Eric PGA Pro
  • Chet County Golf News
  • Del (from Golf Galaxy) Fittings and Shafts
  • Matt New Superintendent
Scheduling Information for Events
Sign-up for Events as individuals (Eric to help with pairings)
  • Select preference start time (early, mid, late, don't care)
  • Pairs drawn by Eric and Board (to encourage playing with others in the club)
Sign-up on Google site similar to last year; Kessler and Collins going to try to make easier to navigate to the sign-up sheets (if you don't have a computer call someone who does)
Club Information
  • New in 2012 Monthly meetings open to everyone [2nd Tuesday of every month]
    • Topic updates (news about the course)
    • Input/Concerns/Ideas/Updates
    • Score Cards
    • Rules
    • Expectations of posted scores per month
    • T-Scores
    • Rewards for posting on time earning points
    • Understand of conceding of putts in match play
    • Website updates organizing information
      • What information is important?
      • Look at &
    • Match Play Champion [discussion]
      • Opening round @Currie Event
      • Finals? When & Where
      • 18 holes?
    • New First Team Captain (Jim Fossett)
      • Welcome
      • Thank to Michael for his time and effort over the years
      • No show = Out
      • Posting scores importance
      • Expectations of posting scores in a month
      • Calling lowest handicappers first
      • Expect to let him know what weeks you can play
NEXT Meeting - @Rounding Third 630pm February 1st
  • By laws reviewed (version from Rich Saks)
    • Schedule clean up

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