Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Kick off meeting 3/5/2012

Welcome NEW MEMBERS:   Corey, Ben, Eric, Mark, Gary, John
New Superintendent:  Matt (not present) – welcome
Events Pairings for Currie events will be A, B, C, D players – just sign up with your name pairings will be determined for the event.
Treasurer Report:  $300 in account; $100 membership fees; $50 TOC fees
Handicap per player: $25
MCPLA Fee: $7.50
There will be a monthly meeting @Currie MONTHLY
·         1st Wednesday of every month
·         Submit topics to Dan Webb for discussion/ideas/thoughts
·         Financial report
Handicap Chair:
·         WSGA Administrates the Handicap
·         Club is responsible for members
·         1st and 15th new index is calculated (make sure you post your scores before the new indexes are calculated)
·         Explanation of Handicap scoring; it’s your responsibility
·         Timely posting of scores; before 1st & 15th, if you have played a round
1st Team – Jim Fossett
·         12 player teams
·         Tee times (handicappers with 0-10); sign up if you are near 10 in the case we run short
·         Format is Match Play
·         No Handicap
·         Club vs. Club
·         Sign up on Website if interested or email Jim
·         Priority for playing will be lowest handicap to higher
·         Watch for communication about potential team shirts
·         No Shotgun start (also you need to pre-pay)
·         No Food or Drink  (optionally, the club can purchase $2 tickets from Chet)
2nd Team – Jack Bruss
·         24 points (2,2,2,2) per match vs. other clubs
·         16 players
·         Brian Pederson (Assistant Director for 2nd Team)
·         Handicap 6.5 and higher (using full handicap during matches)
·         You will play someone near your handicap
·         Cross-over tee times starting at 6am (First match will be 6:30am)
·         Send email to Jack if interested; or sign up on website
·         Pay is pre-pay; need to send money to Tom Condella
·         No Food or Drink
Tour of the County (TOC) – Bill Zolandz
·         Steve Jager (Pioneer of event)
·         7 events at all the county course
·         $50 fee / 100% payout
·         NEW!  10 day sign up deadline
·         Sign up on Website
·         Defending Champion:  Bill Zolandz
·         Target score: based on TEE BOX (relative to target score)
·         9:04 is first tee time
·         Last year we had 32 people
MCPLA – Bob Freuck
·         Events to Attend – the Mid-Am (25-54)/Senior (55 & up)
o   Net and Gross
o   $75 Fee – entry deadline is Friday, May 4th – Get signed up!
·         Pace of play important – PLAY READY GOLF!
·         Arnold Walker (August 25-26) watch for entries sometime in May
·         If you see guys in trouble; self-police your foursome
·         Send email to Bob optionally for application; or watch website
PACE of Play
·         4 hrs. 15 minutes @Currie – Good job in Currie outings – keep it up!
·         If you fall behind; work hard as a foursome to catch up
Golf Galaxy – Del [Manager at Greenfield Store]
·         Shafts – “Fitting your Golf Shafts”
·         Differences:  $100, $300, Stock – construction, launch & spin
·         You might not be hitting the ball to high – you might be spinning the ball too much
·         Elements to consider:  Stiffness (Staff Flex); Torque – How it feels; does not help spin.
·         How to schedule?  Call Dan Webb or call store
·         Putter Fittings - $20
·         Quick fit - $30 (20 minutes)
·         Driver $80 (40 minutes)
·         Platinum $150 (1.5-2 hours) – ball, driver, putter, wedges, gaps with irons
Currie Cup
·         @Currie
·         $110 – 36 holes (open to entire club)
·         Watch of sign up online
Wanaki Challenge in the works – only 2 open dates; this is work in progess – stay tuned
ESPN Challenges at Currie – get signed up (we are going to have a Currie Event the same day)
·         We need 30 teams to help our PGA Pro (Eric Gitter)

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