Monday, April 28, 2014


Well, the 2014 golf season is off and running for the Currie Men’s Club. Or after the weather we had for our initial weekend of events, perhaps I should say “we’re blowing in the wind”.

With temperatures barely above 50 degrees and winds blowing 20-40 mph this weekend, we had an excellent turnout for the conditions. Saturday at The Bog we had 28 members & 8 guests participate in the Member/Guest outing, and Sunday at Washington County we had 25 intrepid souls that tackled the conditions for our first competitive event.

Making their Currie club debuts as new members were Jesse Alba, Tom Beatty, Chris Brock, Quentin Hart-Slater and Tim Rave. Other new members that I’d like to welcome, but who’ve not yet made their initial club appearance are Tim Hoy and Jim Sauceda. I’d also like to welcome back to the club, after a brief 1 season absence, Jerry Loche and Mike O’Neil (Mike celebrated his return with a smooth 72 at Washington County in very challenging conditions).

Looking forward at our next event at Whispering Springs, I’d like to make everyone aware of a change in format for this outing. Rather than playing a Net Partners format, we’ve opted to instead have the competition be individual medal play (net). After receiving feedback from a number of members we’ve decided that when we do hold a Net Partner format we will provide everyone with the opportunity to select their own partners. Most likely we will conduct the Net Partner event at either Currie (June 14th) or Hartford (June 21st).

Additionally I wanted to share an update on the Match Play format. Typically this event has been held in 4 flights (single elimination). However, in consideration of our membership size (looks like 54 members), we’ve been considering going to 8-man flights and double elimination. The reason for considering the change is to avoid the need for having (10) 1st-round byes, and trying to determine who would benefit from those byes in each flight. If we did go to the smaller flights we’d only have (2) 1st-round byes needed. There are drawbacks to the smaller flights, and so we are continuing to consider our options over the next week. If you’d like to comment on this topic, please do so via e-mail to Brian Pederson, Jeff Camosy, and myself.

Lastly, I’d like to congratulate Jeff Camosy for his role in a successful kick-off to the 2014 season. This is Jeff’s first go-around as Tournament Director/ Vice President, and from everything that I observed (as well as comments from participants this weekend) our scoring process and pairings both went very smoothly.

Aside from hoping for warmer, calmer weather, that’s all I’ve got for now. See everyone on the links next weekend.


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