Saturday, May 30, 2015

1st Team Results - Oakwood G.C. - May 30th


First of all I want to thank every one who played today. Those conditions were brutal and appreciate everyone showing to play and grinding out every point possible. We finished 4th today with 97 Points.  Oakwood was 1st with a total of 121. We currently are still in 2nd Place in the YTD Standings with 213 points. Greenfield is leading with 244 points.  See attached for all the scores and points. Please post your Scores for Handicap as well with it being a T score from the Blue Tees.

Greenfield134119 244
Currie116 97213
Oakwood 90121 211
Browndeer85 61146
Dretzka35 1954

Here are the leading Point Scorers from Currie in today's match:

Jeff Kapp - 80 - 17 points
Tim Haggett - 82 - 14 Points
Mike O'Neil - 79 - 13 Points
Jack Boulware -  84 - 11 Points

No skins were won by any Currie Players today.

Our next Match is on Saturday - June 20th at Dreztka. Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be available and want to play at Dretzka. I will also be sending an email to recruit our 10 guys for the match.

Captain Jim

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