Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Registration Deadline Approaching: CURRIE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP

Currie Men,
The registration deadline for our premier event of the season is approaching…the coveted two day, 36 hole, CURRIE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP at our home course; Currie Park “The National!” (winners of each flight get there name on the club championship trophy and bragging rights for a full year!). The registration deadline is 8/1 at 9am, if you haven’t registered please get out there and do so: Club Championship Registration Page

Please know our first tee time traditionally starts at 6am on both Saturday and Sunday (low handicaps going out first on Sat and highs going out first on Sun). However, due to a scheduling screw-up on the county’s behalf we have to start our first tee time for the Saturday round at 11am. That being said, in the rare case that someone absolutely could not play in the two-day event without starting earlier on Saturday morning we are offering up a couple tee times earlier (not exactly sure when yet but they would be between 6am and 8am at some point, Dave Labinski will squeeze them in). Dave will also ensure that any golfer going off early is accompanied by another person (not necessarily a golfer) to attest the round. …….AGAIN, THIS EARLY SATURDAY TEE TIME OFFER IS ONLY VALID AS A NECCESSITY AND CAN NOT BE USED IF YOU SIMPLY WOULD JUST LIKE AN EARLIER TEE TIME (please don’t game the system with this offer).

That being said, Chet (Milwaukee County Parks: Golf Services Manager) is donating a ½ barrel of beer to the club on Saturday as an apology for over booking Saturday morning and therefore requiring us to go off at 11am. 

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