Monday, September 26, 2016

End of Season Event on 10/8: 1 Man Scramble - REGISTRATION DEADLINE APPROACHING

Currie Men,
Our final event of the 2016 golf season, as always, is our 1-Man Scramble. The deadline for registering is 9am on 10/3: REGISTRATION PAGE
That being said, if you can’t make it to play we do encourage you to join us after the round in the Currie club house for our season closing meeting where we hand out awards, give some performance accolades, discuss a little club business and then vote on officers for the 2017 season.
We will not have food but you can purchase the typical offerings at the Currie Bar!
Also, the golfing will be an 8am SHOTGUN start so we can all roughly get back to the clubhouse around the same time so no one has to wait too long for the club business to begin.

-----------------------HERE’S OUR DESCRIPTION OF THE EVENT---------------------------
Format: One-Man Scramble - Each player gets two extra shots per hole but must pick up at boggie. Can only use one extra shot per shot (example; cannot take three shots at birdie putt if on par 4 green in regulation without using any extra shots). If extra shot is taken then you can chose the better of the two shots to hit your next ball from (aka SCRAMBLE)
Recommended strategy: Hit tee ball in fairway! If you miss the fairway and it is in the trees, walk to your ball and hit a second shot (save your scramble shots) - get the second shot close to the green or back into play! Use your first scramble shot (one of the two extra shots) to hit your second or third shot close to the pin, Use your second scramble shot (two of the two extra shots) on taking two putts at making par or birdie, Key is to attempt to hit fairway on your tee shot or at least give yourself a shot at hitting it near the green.
Flights and Payouts: TBA
Score Cards: Score cards will be provided, Please hand the cards in to Dave Labinski after completing your round. This is a flighted GROSS event so you don't have to worry about any handicaps. 

No skins game will be offered since it does not make sense in this format. 

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