Saturday, August 19, 2017

First Team at Brown Deer Results

1st Teamers:

Here are the results from our 1st Team match at Brown Deer on Saturday.  I want to thank you all for participating and boldly taking on the challenge that was, as Corey Mader remarked, "A Behemoth of a Course".  That was indeed the case!  It was a beautiful day to play golf, the course was tipped out to the max, and the pins were in some pretty dicey positions.  That all made for a pretty "adventurous" round for many of us.  All things considered we were able to get 72 points which was 4th place behind Greenfield, Whitnall, and Brown Deer.  For the season we are only 50 points behind Oakwood going into our last match at Currie National.  With a good performance 3rd place is still within reach.  I think that would be a pretty satisfying accomplishment.

Jack Bruss led the team with 13 points, followed by Dave Ullenberg and Brian Waldera with 11, and Rich Saks with 10.  Dave also had the low score with an 82, followed by John Dobroski with an 83 and Corey Mader with an 84.  Dave Ullenberg also had a skin on #4 with a birdie.

Our final match is at Currie National on September 23rd.

Thanks again to all who played.  Regardless of how your matches played out, I know you all gave it your best and I appreciate the effort.

Phil Levin
1st Team Captain

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