Monday, October 2, 2017

10/7 - Season Ending Club Event at Currie - Format, Pairings, Payouts, etc..

Click here to see all the detail you need for the upcoming ONE MAN SCRAMBLE at Currie.

Please know this is our season ending event and after the round we'll take care of club business, such as; distribute winnings, hand out some awards, vote on next year's club officers, etc...

Please know this is a an unusual format so please make sure you know what flight you are in (Champ and A play from the Blues and B flight plays from the Whites), what hole you are starting on (this is a Shotgun start) and HOW THE FORMAT WORKS....Read below for format description and recommended strategy.

Format: One-Man Scramble - Each player gets two extra shots per hole but must pick up at boggie. Can only use one extra shot per shot (example; cannot take three shots at birdie putt if on par 4 green in regulation without using any extra shots). If extra shot is taken then you can chose the better of the two shots to hit your next ball from (aka SCRAMBLE)
Recommended strategy: Hit tee ball in fairway! If you miss the fairway and it is in the trees, walk to your ball and hit a second shot (save your scramble shots) - get the second shot close to the green or back into play! Use your first scramble shot (one of the two extra shots) to hit your second or third shot close to the pin, Use your second scramble shot (two of the two extra shots) on taking two putts at making par or birdie, Key is to attempt to hit fairway on your tee shot or at least give yourself a shot at hitting it near the green.

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