Sunday, May 20, 2018

MCPLA Event at Greenfield Park Golf Course - Results

Geenfield Park Golf Course, May 19 & 20, 2018

PGA Professional Ben Popies and Superintendent Tim did an excellent job providing great conditions despite the challenging conditions. Their assistance was incredible in making this past weekend a success. Many thanks to starters Brian McKinley, Jack Fleming, Bob Bandkowski, and Dale Somers for their great job keeping the tee times precise. Spotters Bob and Brian where a great help in keeping the pace of play good. Also a huge thank you to rules officials Arnold Walker for his on-course help. At age 95, he still does a great job!!! Finally a huge thank you for scoring help from Rich Luczkowski, John Haeflinger, Jay Anosov, and Terry Teskie. They kept the scoreboard rolling even with the very soggy scorecards Sunday!!!

Congratulations to Mid-Am Champion Jim Schubert, Sr Champion, Bill Condon, Sr “A” flight
Champion Jon Kappes, and Sr “B” flight Champion Harry Markos.

Whitnall Park retained the Memorial Cup trophy by having the best 5 net scores each day
versus the other clubs.

Mid-Am Flight - 13 players
Low Net Jim Schubert 136.9 $110 & Plaque
2nd Kenton Kappes 141.6 $80
3rd Eric Olson 143.0 $60
4th Ike Bradley 144.6 $50
Low Gross Bill Kujawa 143 $90

Sr. Championship Flight - 13 players
Low Net Bill Condon 145.2 $110 & Plaque
2nd Steve Broadwell 145.8 $80
3rd Lou Luedtke 146.4 $60
4th Dave Church 147.0 $50
Low Gross Mike Fischbach 152 $90

Sr. “A” Flight - 18 players
Low Net Jon Kappes 133.2 $110 & Plaque
2nd Jack Walfoort 139.4 $80
3rd Doug Bowring 141.8 $60
4th Murteza Erman 144.0 $50
5th Jack Bruss 148.4 $20
5th Pete Tarantino 148.4 $20
Low Gross Tom Wanta 160 $90
2nd Greg DiSalvo 168 $75

Sr. “B” Flight - 22 players
Low Net Harry Markos 140.4 $110 & Plaque
2nd Bill Shamburek 141.6 $80
3rd Mark Sell 143.8 $60
4th Jim Sauceda 144.6 $50
5th Rich Luczkowski 144.8 $40
6th John Sullivan 147.4 $30
Low Gross John Becker 178 $90
2nd Rick Reiter 180 $75

2nd Annual “Memorial” Team Event
1. Whitnall 704.8
2. Brown Deer 708.6
3. Currie Park 725.4
4. Greenfield Park 726.8
5. Oakwood Park 730.2
6. Grant Park, Dretzka DNF

There were several scoring “errors” during sunday’s round. Please remember, golf is a game
of honor and scoring “errors” will always be caught and questioned. No one likes confrontation
(including me!!), so please play, score and treat each other with honor!!!
Bob Freuck

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