Saturday, July 21, 2018

MCPLA Event at Currie Park Golf Course - Results


PGA Professional Dave Labinski and his staff did an excellent job providing great conditions despite the challenging conditions. Their assistance was incredible in making this past weekend a success. Many thanks to starter Glen Jaeger for his great job keeping the tee times precise. Also a huge thank you to rules officials Arnold Walker for his on-course help. At age 95, he still does a great job!!!

Finally a huge thank you for scoring help from Jay Anosov. He kept the scoreboard rolling even with the new scoring system. Many thanks to Sports writer Gary D’Amato for coming out and interviewing Arnold for over one hour. He will be writing an article on his career.

Congratulations to Mike Scott and Chris Richards on their impressive score of 60. Scores were low and competition was tight. Those who cashed will be mailed their merchandise gift cards. They are redeemable at any of the County courses. In light of this year’s successful tournament, I am going to recommend that next year’s event be held at Currie Park again. The course seems perfect for this competition and participation was better than I anticipated. I am committed to continuing and improving the MCPLA Tournaments, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know.

Mike Scott / Chris Richards 60 $350/team & trophy
Dave Malson / Jon Malson 61 $200
Kevin Reidy / Wayne Wagner 61 $200
Steve Amble / Kenny Collins 61 $200
Jeff Brandt / Steve Wolter 62 $80
Murteza Erman / Jon Kappes 62 $80
Doug Bowring / Brian Waldera 62 $80
Glen Barkow / Bob Cristan 62 $80
Jeff Kapp / Phil Levin 62 $80
Steve Boehme / Chris Boehme 63 $50

Bob Freuck

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