Sunday, August 19, 2018

Club Championship Results

Club Championship - Click here for FULL RESULTS

(Congrats to Lee, Scott, Mark and John!)
Lee Gardner - Club Champion

Scott Brandt - A Flight Champ

Mark Cuthbert - B Flight Champ

John Hirsch - C Flight Champ

All Club Members,

We were greeted with a fantastic weather weekend for our Club Championship.  I hope everybody enjoyed the competition and comradery as much as I did.  The results and payout's are detailed below.  Congratulations to all the victors in their respective flights.  Lee Gardner is our Club Champion for the second year in a row.  Scott Brandt won the A Flight, Mark Cuthbert the B Flight, and John Hirsch the C Flight.  There was keen competition in each flight, so it took some low scores to come out on top.  Nice playing to all!  

A few thanks are in order for helping make this such a successful weekend.  First of all, thanks to head pro Dave Labinski for presenting us with a challenging, but fair, course set up.  The course itself was also in very nice shape.  Thanks also to Dave for the score keeping and coordinating the tee times with me.  Thanks to President Jeff Brandt and Treasurer Brian Pederson for allowing the club to pick up the tab both days for beer and soda.  This was much appreciated and aggressively taken advantage of by our "thirsty" crew.  Thanks to Jeff Camosy for his continued assistance with our tournament set up's and Blue Golf expertise.  Thanks to everybody who participated.  I hope to see you all at our final event and club meeting on September 29th.  The deadline for signing up is September 24th.  

Phil Levin

Championship Flight                Gross             $$'s Payouts

1st         Lee Gardner                      +1                     $70
2nd        Dave Ullenberg                  +4                      50
3rd         Steve Wolter                     +15                     30
4th         Jake Boulware                  +16                     10
              Bob Cristan                       +16                     10

A Flight

1st         Scott Brandt                       +11                   $70
2nd        Larry Dake                         +17                     50
3rd         Brian Waldera                    +19                     30               
4th         Chris Glinski                       +21                      7                 
              Jeff Brandt                          +21                      7
              Tom Condella                     +21                      7

B Flight

1st         Mark Cuthbert                      +20                  $70
2nd        Glen Barkow                        +23                    50
3rd         Mark Schreindl                     +24                   30
4th         Gary Zwirlein                        +28                   10
              Ruben Rivas                         +28                   10           

C Flight                                             Net

1st        John Hirsch                              -5                   $70
2nd       Jeff Camosy                             -4                     50
3rd        Bill Zolandz                              -3                     30
4th         Rick Reiter                              -2                     20

Skins/Day 1

Dave Ullenberg        #'s 1 & 5
Brian Waldera          #4
Skins/Day 2

Scott Brandt           #'s 5 & 6
Chuck Garbers       #14
Dominic Carini        #18
Jeff Kapp                 #4
Bob Cristan             #2
Jake Boulware        #7

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