Saturday, May 11, 2019

First Team at Greenfield Park - Results


Here are the results from the first-team match on Saturday:

Greenfield-6,6,6,5 total-23 pts.
Oakwood-6,4,3,6 total-19 pts.
Dretzka—5,2,1,0 total-8 pts.                             
Whitnall—1,0,5,0 total-6 pts.
Currie—-0,0,3,1 total-4 pts.

Each 2-man best ball match was worth a total of 6 points, meaning each team could earn a maximum of 24 points.  We were up against some tough competition, and the outcome reflects that.  Two of our teams played against Greenfield and two of our teams played against Oakwood.   

Christopher M. Glinski

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