Sunday, June 30, 2019

Club Event at Fairways of Woodside - Results

Currie Grinders and Mudders,

It was a bit of a challenging day at, as I sometimes like to call it, The "Unfair Ways" of Woodside. We started off with a nice, hot, humid day that eventually turned into about a 2 hour rain delay for the last 5 groups. In spite of the delay there was some very impressive golf played. Lee Gardner and Rich Saks won the event at -12, $50ea. Steve Amble and Jessie Weathersby were 2nd at -10, $30ea. Bryan Olen/Jim Sauceda and Mark/Eric Schreindl all tied for 3rd at -9, $17.50ea. In 5th place was Corey Mader with a blind draw as his partner at -8, $10. Individual medalist was John Dobroski with a stellar round of 71, followed by Lee Gardner with a 74 and Rich Saks with an incredible 75, net 62. Also breaking 80 were Steve Wolter and Mark Schreindl shooting 78 and Corey Mader with a 79. Skins are listed below. Great playing to all!

As a side note, to complete the results, I entered hole scores of 9 for any holes that were not able to be completed. These are not the totals that got posted for handicap purposes. Mark Cuthbert went back and adjusted those holes to be net pars and then posted the resulting total scores. Thanks to John Dobroski and Steve Wolter for helping with the scoring and skins and to Mark Cuthbert for manually posting the scores. The next club event is at Old Hickory July 21st.

Skins $25ea.

Rich Saks #3
Gerry McGrath #8
Dan Webb #9
Steve Wolter #13
Steve Amble #17

Link to full results

Thanks to all participants,
Phil Levin

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