Saturday, June 5, 2021

Club Event at Johnson Park Golf Course - Results

Currie Men's Club,

Johnson Park was in beautiful condition today as was the weather. Although it was hot and sunny, a steady breeze seemed to keep it a little cooler than it might have been. The A and B Flight net results and payouts are detailed below with Tom Condella toping the A Flight and Doug Schafer running away with the B Flight. Congrats to all the winners! Gross honor scores go out to Chris Glinski shooting an outstanding 76 and Tom Condella, Larry Dake, and Phil Levin all shooting a very commendable 80. Skins of $18 were won by Brian Pederson #5 and #9, Darrell Frenzel #4, Dominic Carini #18 and Darin Bunkers #14. Thanks to all of you that helped out with the scoring and skins. I hope everybody had a good time.

Our next club event is at Sheboygan Town & Country Club on Sunday, June 27th.

Link to Full Results

Indy Net A Flight
1 Tom Condella, $50 -2, 70
2 Chris Glinski, $30 -1, 71
T3 Steve Jaeger, $10 E, 72
T3 Phil Levin, $10 E, 72

Indy Net B Flight
1 Doug Schafer, $50 -5, 67
2 Richard Saks, $30 -1, 71
3 Dom Ferrera, $20 E, 72

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