Saturday, June 25, 2022

MCPLA Club Ryder Cup Challenge at Oakwood Park Golf Course - Results

Currie Park Men's Club competed Saturday, June 25 in the inaugural MCPLA Ryder Cup Challenge Match against the other Milwaukee County clubs at Oakwood golf course. In a very tight race that came down to the final groups, Currie put up a very strong challenge finishing 2nd with 11.5 points, finishing just a point behind 1st place Oakwood. The Phil Levin/Jeff Kapp team took all 3 points, followed by the Brian Pederson/Doug Bowring team which earned us 2.5 points. Full results are in the screenshot below, and the final standings were:

Oakwood: 12.5 points
Currie: 11.5
Brown Deer: 11
Whitnall: 9
Greenfield: 7.5
Grant: 7
Dretzka: 4.5

Thanks to all who participated, and hopefully the travelling trophy can find its way to the Currie club house next year.

Rich Saks

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