Sunday, July 17, 2022

MCPLA 5th Annual Two-Man Best Ball at Whitnall Park Golf Course - Results

Perfect weather along with good course conditions lead to a very competitive tournament today at Whitnall Park. This was another good field with 92 players competing on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing a nice big field at the Arnold Walker Tournament this year. Congratulations to John Bechard and Rick Rutter in the gross division. The Tournament went off very well thanks to PGA Professional James Grogan, his awesome staff and Jason, the maintenance guru at Whitnall. These guys make my job much easier with their hard work. I would also like to thank Rich Saks for his help making everything go smoothly.

Congrats to all of the Net and Gross flight winners. Gift cards will be mailed to everyone as soon as possible.


1st John Bechard / Rick Rutter 64 $200 / team & Trophies
2nd Adam Hadrian / Joe Hafermann 65 $160
3rd Mike Kehoe / Bob Yurasovich 68 $120
4th George Elleseg / Bill Condon 69 $80
5th Abul Azad / Doug Pedersen 70 $40
5th Steve Gruszynski / Tom Komassa 71 $20


2 Man BB Net Flight Winners:
As you know, the MCPLA 2-Man Best Ball was our inaugural tournament using the new Blue Golf TM software to score our events and post scores directly to the WSGA handicap system. We learned afterwards post-event that approximately half the field had their scores posted as being played from the blue tees rather than the white tees. That was corrected by a mass edit, but as it turns out, that mass edit also corrected the handicap strokes each team's participants received for the event and thus, slightly altered the Net event results, causing a shuffle amongst the leaderboard. The corrected scores are posted on the MCPLA Tournament BlueGolf website, which is available at: 

Accordingly, we have concluded that this “administrative error” should be corrected for the Net division and the correct results adopted by the MCPLA and winnings adjusted accordingly on the gift cards you already received in the mail. The correct top of the leaderboard is as follows:

Net Flight:
1st Brian Pederson/Scott Brandt 62* $180 + trophy by tie breaker (+$40)
1st Tim Bartz/Charlies Hansen 62* $180 (+$100)
3rd Luke Whitlow/Ward Koenig 63 $80 (-$120)
3rd John Quinlan/Jim Dobrzynski 63 $80 (-$60)
3rd Bryan Olen/Jeff Kapp 63 $80 (+$50)
6th Greg Herker/Matt Uy 64 $20 (-$10)

*Tiebreaker: To decide who gets the trophy, we used the USGA tie-breaking rules for non-playoff formats, going first to the back nine, then last six, then last three, and then final hole. The Pederson/Brandt team tied all the way down the line with the Bartz/Hansen team (both were -3/-2/-
1/E). We then went to the number one handicap hole, the 7th hole par 5, to determine the winner,
and Pederson/Brandt had a net 3 to the Bartz/Hansen 4.

On a final note, we apologize for any confusion this may have caused, but we know that you as
participants and us as sponsors of the event are most concerned about preserving the integrity of the
event and ensuring that we get the results right and correct.

Bob Freuck, Tournament Director
Rich Saks, Prez

Tournament Director
Bob Freuck

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