Saturday, June 24, 2023

MCPLA Club Ryder Cup Challenge at Oakwood Park Golf Course - Results


Currie came up tied for 3rd place today at the Milwaukee County Ryder Cup Championship sponsored by the MCPLA. The weather was perfect and the course in pristine shape, but Oakwood dominated in defending their home turf.

Below is a photo of the Scoreboard, and here are the results

1. Oakwood -- 15.5 points
2. Greenfield -- 12 points
3T. Brown Deer -- 8 points
3T. Currie -- 8 points
5T. Grant -- 7 points
5T. Dretzka -- 7 points
7. Whitnall -- 5.5 points

Thanks to all of you for participating, and I hope everyone enjoyed the event.

Rich Saks

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