Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dan Webb save check for 2013

Well Guys YOU Did It.

MCPLA     64 1/2 points
NIMAGA    49 1/2 points

I want to thank everyone who participated. The breakdown of clubs is:

        Brown Deer (15)
        Grant (9)
        Currie (8)
        Oakwood (5)
        Greenfield (1)

Dan Webb was injured prior to the match and was unable to play (I was able to work it out with Evergreen that we were not charged for Dan) I want to thank Joe Jurkowski from Oakwood who stepped up and played his opponent as well as Dan's and did quite well. Dan this just means you can save your check for next year. You are first on my 2013 List. The 2013 NIMAGA will be Saturday September 21 at Evergreen. I hope to see you all there to defend.

A special thanks to Terry Winiarski from Oakwood who has offered to get the Trophy engraved and hopefully have it at the October MCPLA meeting. This year the Trophy will be displayed at Brown Deer as the had the most participants(Thanks Ray). Future years I will try to Rotate it.

Best Regards

John/NIMAGA Chairman/MCPLA President

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