Monday, May 14, 2012

1st Team Results - Whitnall

First of all, thanks to everyone who played today in our 1st Team Match. Congrat's to Dave Ullenberg who got had the most points of the Currie National Team with 13. Here are the Team Results and the Points for each Currie player. I am very happy with the start to our season. I hope everyone had a good time and if anyone has/had issues please let me know. Also, if you are interested in playing any/all of the remaining 4 matches, please sign up on the website or let me know and I will write you down on the list on the website. I will continue to take the lowest by handicap 12 players, if we end up having more than 12 who want to play.
Thanks again!

Captain Jim

Currie Player Points for Match (Possible 18):
Dave Ullenberg - 13
Dan Webb - 12
Jeff Kapp - 12
Bob Cristan - 11
Ken Collins - 10
Eric Schreindl - 10
Jim Fossett - 8
Phil Levin - 7
Zac Zuba - 6
Jake Boulware - 4
Gerry McGrath - 3
Damian Wozniak - 3
Team Results: After Match 1     

Greenfield              139
Oakwood 99
Brown Deer99

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