Monday, February 18, 2013

02.13.2013 Meeting

Golf is sneaking up quickly, still some work to do with getting some courses secured.   The schedule is near completion.   There are some fun events scheduled this year.   There was some good feedback from the Wanaka Challenge and the Currie Cup.  Therefore, you will find a number of opportunities to compete in a Ryder Cup type formats in 2013.

Mark your calendar for the Currie Park Men's Club Kick-off Meeting
Wednesday, March 13th 6:30pm @Currie Park

$110 Club Membership Fee
$50 additional Fee for those interested in the Tour of the Country (TOC)
-two new golf courses have been added Edgewood and New Berlin Hills

  • Board members reviewed the event schedule
  • 1st team matches are set (potentially going shrink number of players from 12 to 10 per team)
  • 2nd team matches are set and Jack Bruss is already checking handicaps and the dome for guys practicing
  • MCPLA events are directed by one of Currie's members Bob Freuck; the Senior / Mid-Am is entertaining changing the eligibility requirements next year and potentially moving the date
  • Wanaka challenge details are still being worked out
  • Hon-E-Kor challenge details are set thanks to President Webb letting Kate from Hon-E-Kor do all the work.
  • The Greater Milwaukee Golf Show is March 1, 2, 3.   MCPLA is looking for volunteers to promote golf in the county.   You can email John Haeflinger is you are interested.
  • A reminder pace of play is always on our minds.   Read about Zen of golfing in 4 hours.

Check out the schedule as of this posting.

See you at the Spring Meeting

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