Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can't Keep up? 11 Ways to Help

So, it's a Saturday or Sunday morning event at the golf course. You are playing in a foursome with guys you know or maybe guys you don't know. Are you in one of those foursome's having trouble keeping up with the group in front of you?  
Here are 11 ways to help you around:  
  1. Think positive thoughts, REALLY!
  2. Share positive thoughts with others in your foursome
  3. Walk with a purpose, no strolling along
  4. Hit your golf ball first; then worry about others in your foursome
  5. Have your ball and tee in your hand on the tee box, be ready
  6. Have your golf glove on before it's your time to hit, be ready
  7. In a cart, drop off your riding companion first
  8. Help out your foursome by grabbing the flag stick, if you have holed out
  9. Putt out if you are not in someone's line, you will make more than you miss
  10. Put your cell phone away and play golf
  11. Encourage the guys in your foursome to figure it out; let's get moving - DON'T LOOK BACK!
These seem all pretty straight forward, right? Well, maybe not for everyone. Maybe you are that guy who says, "I paid my money, I will do what I want!"? Hopefully, these guys are getting weeded out and are playing miniature golf.   
Let's look at the #1 way in the list to help your foursome keep up. Even though this crazy game has hacklers, you can still harass your competition while staying positive. A foursome with some strong positive talk (with some hackling in between) will help keep your foursome in position throughout the round. The #1 reason a group plays well and quickly is the positive energy in the group. 
Hey, you say "I am 20 handicapper, I suck!" Guess what? You think that way (you'll suck) you will continue to play bad, feel bad, and slow down your foursome with the entire golf course. You are a golfer, right?! Then, get out there and golf walk with a purpose, hit your ball first, be ready to play, and think positive thoughts. Be part of the foursome by engaging in some light conversation to keep your thoughts in check. Enjoy the game we call golf which is played in what I like to call God's Country which is paradise.
#11 DON'T LOOK BACK! - no one cares where the group is behind you; please keep up with group in front of you.
Enjoy your round!

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