Monday, April 22, 2013

Opening Weekend 2013

Perhaps some of you may have seen some snow recently or perhaps some rain and flooding at your favorite golf course.   Never mind the snow and rain; it's time to get out on the golf course and play a round or two.  For some it may be the first; for others perhaps the tenth or eleventh.  Bumped into a few at recent Evergreen event.  I even saw a few at Broadlands in 37 degree cold windy ugly day.

Here we go with the new system leveraging BlueGolf 100% this year.  We are doing so to reduce some of the administrative work and make things a little nicer for scoring.   We used BlueGolf last year with the help of Gitter and Kessler.   This year we have added the sign up process as well.   Steve Wolter and Eric Gitter will be working on putting together the pairings and tee times for the events.  Some events require different handicap levels to play together while other events will allow you to pick your own team.

Exceptions are allowed for those who desire or require a tee time early or late; also exceptions to play with someone can be request.  Send an email to Steve or Eric regarding your request.  

Member/Guest event on Saturday, April 27th -  see details

MOBILEVIEW - Hawks View Member/Guest Tee Times

The Bog Individual Flights Event on Sunday, April 28th - see details

MOBILEVIEW - The Bog Individual Flights Tee Times

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