Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Currie Sanctioned Events To Be Entered As T-Scores

Currie Men,
WSGA handicap reps presented at the MCPLA monthly meeting on 6/3/2014. Mark, Bill, Jack, Dan, Brian and others were present. John Haeflinger, MCPLA president, has charged officers from all county clubs with assisting him in making sure all clubs enter scores as T-scores in a similar manner going into the 2015 golf season. There is often some grey areas where T-scores are concerned and this effort is meant to limit the risk of a wide variation in how different clubs are making the decision to enter scores.

To ensure we’re doing things uniformly across all of our (Currie) members and so we can inform Mr. Heflinger how Currie is doing it any scores entered for Currie sanctioned events via BlueGolf will be entered as T-scores. Any exceptions to this rule will need to come from our own golf committee or in the form of a directive from the MCPLA.  


Jeff (VP and Tournament Director)

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