Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4/25 (Hawthorn Hills) & 4/26 (Silver Spring) Event REGISTRATION DEADLINE Quickly Approaching!

Please know the registration deadline for the first two club events is approaching: REGISTRATION DEADLINE = 4/20 at 9:00am
  •      We will release any unfilled tee times shortly following the registration deadline. At that point there is no guarantee that last minute entries will be able to be accommodated.
  •      I will honor special requests as possible. In other words, if you need a specific tee time or would like to be partnered with specific individuals please let me know via email (you can see this detail reflected on the event’s information page shortly following each request).
  •      After the registration deadline I’ll fill remaining teams and tee times via an equitable handicap methodology as much as reasonably possible.

Please visit the event information pages linked to below to register and/or see detail regarding fees, required tees, formats, event payouts, optional events and scoring.

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