Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Currie Park Men's Club Player of the Year - Steve Jaeger

Congratulations Steve, You Had a Great Golf Season!

Currie Club Accomplishments
Cashed in 5 of 13 Currie club events (winning 2, and placing 2nd in the club championship’s A flight).
Made it to the semifinals of the season long Match Play bracket (A-Flight)
Cashed in 3 of 7 Tour of the County events, winning one, and finishing in 6th place overall.
MCPLA Accomplishments
Point contributor to both 1st and 2nd team competitions (most points earned for 2nd team!)
Cashed at the MCPLA county championship (Arnold Walker event)
WSGA Accomplishments
Won a WSGA Net Partners event (Brian Pederson partner) and also finished in the top 18 at the Net Partners championship at Wild Rock (T11 but earning the 12th flag due to a card roll back)

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