Tuesday, September 12, 2017

9/17 Club Event at New Berlin Hills: Format, Pairings, Payouts, etc...

Currie Men,
All you need to know about the 9/17 Club Event at New Berlin Hills can be found here: New Berlin Hills Event Page

In celebration of the Wisconsin State Golf Association's NET PARTNERS Championship on 9/20 we will be playing a NET PARTNERS (WSGA Stableford Format) on 9/17 to GET IN THE SPIRIT for Currie to represent at the championship.

All teams, pairings and important details are on the event page.

Back 9 Bunker Issue

Please know that I spoke with the course today and there are some bunkers on the back nine that are not playable and therefore we'll have a special rule to allow a drop outside of the bunkers but no closer to the hole (regarding those particular bunkers). They are repairing/filling some of the bunkers between now and Sunday and we will find out, on Sunday morning, which ones we will allow a drop from. 

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