Monday, September 25, 2017

First Team at Currie Results

1st Team All-Stars:

Thanks to all of you who participated throughout the season.  I appreciate the spirited effort and particularly the great showing defending our home court. For the match, we finished in 3rd place, 6 points behind  2nd place Whitnall.  I originally thought we finished second, but, in reviewing the scoring matrix I noticed some problems with the totaling and did my own calculation, manually.  The Currie match and the season was won by Greenfield with 653 points for the 5 matches.  This averages out to be 130 points per match or 13 points per man for the season.  Something for us to target for next year.  I revised the totals summary for the season and we finished in 4th place, only 27 points behind Oakwood.  Considering that we didn't always have our lowest handicap players available I think this is a pretty outstanding accomplishment for Team Currie.  Thanks to Dave Labinski and his staff for all the help with scoring and the challenging course setup.   

Match Highlights:

John Dobroski shot an outstanding 1 under par 70 and got 15 points.  Congrats, John, for that amazing round!  Not far behind was Dave Ullenberg with a 74 and 14 points, Steve Wolter with a 75 and 15 points, Ken Collins with a 77 and 13 points, and Dominic Carini with a 77 and 12 points.  

Other leaders in the points column were the ever reliable Rich Saks with an 82 and 12 points and yours truly with an 85 and 14 points.

Ken Collins got a skin on #6 with a birdie and Dave Ullenberg got a skin on #11 with a birdie.  

Thanks to everybody who played and grinded out every point you could get.  We represented ourselves well and we can take this competitive spirit into next season.

Phil Levin
Captain, 1st Team

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