Sunday, July 26, 2020

Club Event at The Club at Lac La Belle - Results

Lac La Belle Survivors,

It was another beautiful, hot, humid, summer day for our event today at The Golf Club of Lac La Belle. I hope that all our members and guests had a great time. I heard a lot of mixed reviews on the golf course layout and conditions. My personal viewpoint was that I was impressed by the dramatic layout and enjoyed the experience overall. I did think that the pin placements pushed the envelope a bit, even at what were relatively slow greens. The course routing gave you some intimidating looks off the tee and into the greens and left you guessing at times on exactly where you could or could not hit the ball. Playing it a second time would definitely be a more comfortable experience.

There were some fine performances turned in, led by team Brian Pederson and Chris Brock, combining to win the best ball competition at 8 under par. Skins of $20ea. were won by Jake Boulware #1 and 16, Jesse Alba #3, Brian Pederson #5, Eric Gitter #8, Scott Brandt #12, and Jack Bruss #14. The winning teams and payouts are listed below. Congrats! Thanks to Brian Pederson for helping out with the scoring and skin payouts...much appreciated.

Phil Levin
2 Man BB
1 Brock/Pederson   $100 -8, 63
T2 Amble/Condella     $50 -4, 67
T2 Loche/Romanowski $50 -4, 67
T4 S. Brandt/Gitter    $8.50. Brandt only -3, 68
T4 J. Brandt/Draw     $8.50, Brandt only -3, 68
T4 Barkow/Cristan   $17 -3, 68

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