Sunday, October 3, 2021

End of 2021 Season Notes

End of 2021 Season Notes

Club Championship Plaques awarded to:
Dave Ullenber - Championship Flight
Scott Brandt - A-Flight
Tom Condella - B-Flight
Jeff Camosy - C-Flight

Player of the Year Plaque:
Mark Cuthbert

Election of 2022 officers:

Mark Cuthbert - President
Steve Wolter - Vice President
Brian Pederson - Treasurer
Bill Zolandz - Secretary

Glen Barkow accepted the position of Handicap Chair
Corey Mader will continue to run Tour of the County (TOC)
Jack Bruss will continue to Captain MCPLA Second Team

Tour of the County (TOC) Corey Mader - Season won by Mark Cuthbert and Darrell Frenzel. Shepherd's Crook Golf Course and Naga-Waukee Golf Course will be on the 2022 schedule.

MCPLA Second Team Jack Bruss - Final standings; Greenfield 592, Currie 591, Oakwood 572, Grant 563, Whitnall 509, Brown Deer  498, Dretzka 455.

MCPLA Update Rich Saks - 2022 Second Team will remain 5 events with 12 players per team.  There will not be a First Team.  CAP funds were used to install the new hitting bay at Currie Park with many positive reviews.

Treasurer's Report Brian Pederson - $7,667.59 ending checking account balance, of which $4,151.09 is left in by members for 2022 season.

Match Play Winners - Steve Wolter Championship Flight, Rob Sweeney A-Flight, Gary Zwirlein B-Flight.

Miscellaneous - Planning to have more club events in 2022 (increasing from 11 events to 14 or 15 events).  Event format will be evenly split; singles, doubles and team.  Agreed that events would be within 100 miles of Currie Park.  There is interest in a Thursday Night league, just need someone to step up and run it.

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