Sunday, October 2, 2022

Club Event at Wanaki Golf Course - Results

Sundays event at Wanaki was a 2 man scramble and everyone seemed to like the format. So this might be our event format for our end of the year event from here out!!

Winners on Sunday were:

Zolandz/Gorski     Net 63      $65/team
Collins/Olen       Net 64      $55/team
Hirsch/Cuthbert    Net 66      $35/team
C. Mader/Ferrera   Net 66      $35/team
Sweeney/Tarantino  Net 66      $35/team

Congrats to all this weekend!!!

It has been a pleasure serving the CPMC and as Jack stated Sunday "The best men's club in the county and the best group of guys"!!!!

Hoping all of you will return to join us again next year.

And just one more time I would like to thank Phil Levin and Jeff Camosy for helping me out during the season!!!

Steve Wolter

VP and Tournament Director

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